Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess Recently Jammed With Mike Portnoy

Jordan Rudess

Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess revealed that he recently got together with former drummer Mike Portnoy to jam and he said that they discussed the idea of a Liquid Tension Experiment reunion.

Metal Wani caught up with Rudess to discuss his new solo album 'Wired For Madness' and during the chat they discuss the likelihood of Liquid Tension Experiment returning.

Jordan answered, "I recently had a little musical experience with my old friend Mike Portnoy and we were talking about it. I hadn't played with him in like, nine years I think. So it was kind of fun getting together and banging out one of the old pieces. I've always gotten along with Mike, really. I mean there was definitely that period of time when it was a little bit rough for everybody just 'cause it was, you know, what was going on.

"But we were talking about that, it'd be something really fun to do. I would love that. It's a matter of scheduling. Everybody's really busy. I mean Mike himself has, how many bands? I've lost count of things he's balancing. And we're so busy, and I'm so busy in our world. I mean there are so many things we want to do. But to get the point, I think that it's gonna happen, but we don't have it in the schedule yet. We just need to figure when the best time to do this really would be and then make it happen."

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