Sharon Osbourne Slams 'Loser' Opponent In Legal Battle 2018 In Review

Ozzy Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne Slams 'Loser' Opponent In Legal Battle was a top 18 story of September 2018: Sharon Osbourne, wife and manager to legendary metal singer Ozzy Osbourne, slammed AEG founder Philip Anshultz over a statement he issued after Ozzy dropped his lawsuit with the promotion company.

Osbourne launched the legal battle over the concert promoter's block booking policy, which forced artists to stage a concert at a venue that the company represented if they wished to book a show at a venue that the artist wanted to play. In the case of Ozzy, he wished to play the O2 in London and was reportedly told he had to agree to also play the Staples Center in Los Angeles if he wanted the O2 booking.

The end result is that AEG reportedly stopped the block-booking policy regarding those two venues and Osbourne filed paperwork last week to drop the lawsuit. However, Anshulz released a statement which appeared to claim victory in the case, even though Osbourne dropped the suit because he received what he wanted.

On Tuesday, Sharon Osbourne released the following statement in response, "We know Mr. Anshultz (aka 'Daddy Big Bucks') is living in his billionaire bubble, but the fact is that Ozzy sued AEG for the right to perform at the O2 in London. We won the case and Ozzy's show at the O2 went on sale on September 5 for a show next year (February 11, 2019)--so in my world that means we won the case. Ozzy is playing the O2 without having to play the Staples Center, which is all that mattered to us. From the start of this dialogue in February, this has been a battle about respect for the artists and their personal preferences. It wasn't then and isn't now a battle between promoters, which is how this is being portrayed by the recent statement from AEG claiming this as a 'victory.'

"To say that this 'suit was instigated by Azoff and paid for by MSG and Live Nation,' and that 'it was hatched on the back of an artist who we believe had no idea what he was biting off,' is untrue and disrespectful to Ozzy, myself and the entire team working on this tour. Whatever differences you have with Irving Azoff, don't presume you know who instigated the lawsuit or you know anything about Ozzy Osbourne, because you obviously don't know anything about Ozzy's history or mine. So stop with your hubbildy, bubbuldy BULLSH*T and your little pissing contest with Live Nation and MSG.

"Regarding the allegations in the AEG statement that this 'suit was a transparent public relations ploy,' if that was indeed the case, why then did AEG rush out a statement of victory? While we, throughout this process, until now have only made one statement around the initial filing.

"Ozzy's preference was to perform at The Forum, a venue that has been a part of his music history for more than 46 years. From the start, this was not a battle solely for Ozzy, as much as one for other artists who were being forced to abide by these rules and regulations. Let's not all forget why you're here...the artists.

"The only thing remotely interesting in your statement was your pitiful attempt at humor with your quote that Ozzy 'had no idea what he was biting off.' If you're interested, Ozzy and I have got something nice for you bite on...our a**holes...see ya loser!"

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