Singled Out: A Pale Horse Named Death's Vultures

A Pale Horse Named Death

A Pale Horse Named Death are gearing up to release their new album "When The World Becomes Undone" this Friday (Jan 18) and to celebrate we asked Sal Abruscato to tell us about the song "Vultures." Here is the story:

I started sketching the music to the song "Vultures" as far back as 2014 but never really had a solid arrangement or lyrics. A year ago it all fell together after having so many friends and family betray me or use me over the years, kinda touches on how when your riding high everyone is there for the taking, they tell you they love and support you until things don't go their way then they turn on you. A form of vampirism sucking you dry and when your down stand by and watch and wait like vultures.

Last year I had a lot of bad things going on in my life and close friends did not care to understand the feelings I had and why I was not feeling happy. That further fueled the lyrics to come together, I had been involved in a family feud for years and that fueled the song as well.

The music has some of my favorite riffs and it is one of the more driving upbeat songs on the album. We took a dirty approach with the recording and wanted the song to have grit and body. At first I was unsure of the results but after seeing everyone's reactions looks like it might do ok with listeners.

The title came to me also because where I live in Upstate NY I always see large Black Vultures and Turkey Vultures flying around my house, sometimes landing on the property, they always fascinate me and they are very important to our echo system.

Thank you and hope you enjoy the song.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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