Static-X May Continue Reunion Beyond Death Trip Tour


Static-X launched their Wisconsin Death Trip 20th anniversary tour last month and plan to soon release a brand new album. Bassist Tony Campos says that he is open to the band doing more following the tour if it what fans want.

Campos sat down with Wall Of Sound to discuss the tour and spoke about the new album, the tour and why the band is using a masked singer on the trek and also addressed the idea of the band continuing past the tour.

They reunited for the trek, which launch on June 18th, to celebrate their hit album and also pay tribute to their late singer Wayne Static. Campos had this to here about why the singer on the tour remains masked an anonymous, "We didn't want it to come out and the first thing people say is, 'Oh, here's Static-X moving on with their new singer.'

"That's not what this is about. It's about remembering the original lineup, the original record, the good times we all had together back when we started doing this and remembering Wayne for the guy he was back then, and having a good time remembering the good times.

"Taking away the focus from the new singer, I think it helps in achieving that. We didn't want it to be a Van Hagar situation where it's like, 'Here's Static Hagar.' I think with the mask, and when you come out and see the show and the lights go out and the stage production comes on and you see the four guys up on stage and you get that silhouette of Wayne and trying to bring back the vibes and the visuals as close as possible to the sights and sounds and feelings that you had when you first saw the band, the mask helps accomplish both those things."

Tony also admitted the band has not looked beyond the current tour but he says that he is open to it. He said, "We haven't really thought that far ahead, actually. We're just kind of enjoying the moment, in the now, just trying to do this as best we can and really just enjoy our company again. To be on a bus with these guys again after so long, I'm really looking forward to that and traveling the world with these guys.

"When this is all said and done, we'll see. If it's something the fans want, I'm certainly not opposed to it. I still want to go do other things - I'd love to work with Ministry again; I'd love to do some shows with the Cavalera brothers; I still have another Asesino record to finish... I still want to do other things, but if it's something the fans want, we'll definitely keep it in mind, for sure."

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