Gilby Opposed Guns N' Roses Guitarists Idea

Keavin Wiggins | 11-06-2020

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Gilby Opposed Guns N' Roses Guitarists Idea

Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke says that he is open to playing with the band again, but also says that he opposed the idea of having three guitarist when it was suggested during his time in the band.

Clarke replaced original rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin during the "Use Your Illusion" era of the band and during a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar he said that the idea was brought up during that period of adding a third guitarist.

He was asked if the door was open for him to play with the band again and he responded, "Oh yeah, always. Always. But you know, no matter what, I have respect for the band. I've always thought that even after I wasn't in the band, I always paid the band their respect. I never took it for what it was or what it wasn't but I always tried to treat those years with respect.

"I never try to put the band down or try to gain from that. But if it ever came up, I'd have to see what the situation is. Just like before when people asked me and I said, yeah I would absolutely be a guest.

"But that situation didn't work out for me at that time. There's also something else that's in the back of my mind. When the band was going through changes and we were in flux, Axl did have that idea of three guitars a long time ago and I think I was maybe the only one who was adamant in saying that was a bad idea. I just thought - you have Slash.

You have a rhythm guitar player that accentuates Slash but Slash is the sound of the band. If you put three in there, you take away one of the great things about that band."

The interviewer then said, "I had heard that was something that was considered and I think you bring up a great point. I think it can really muddy up the waters as far as the guitar tone goes. There are certainly some bands who have been able to make it work..."

Gilby responded, "Absolutely, but not Guns. We all know... I think about this a lot because to me, what I liked about Guns N' Roses when I first saw the band and first heard the record was, No. 1 - the music. I loved the way the band sounded.

"I like the aggressive bluesy guitars with Axl singing over it. Those songs had a sound to them. But I also loved the rebellious spirit of the band, and we really needed that punk rock-esque rebellious spirit at that time when there were a lot of MTV bands that weren't living that rebellious spirit.

"I don't think the band is very rebellious right now. But that's what attracted me to it in the very beginning."

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