Singled Out: HONEY's HELP ME!

Keavin Wiggins | 09-26-2021

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HONEY (singer-songwriter Honey Ribar) just premiered her latest single "HELP ME!" and to celebrate she tells us about the song, along with her previous single "stable", which were both inspired by her recovery. Here is the story:

HELP ME!: I wrote HELP ME! so listeners could understand the darkness I experienced while living a life fulfilling addictions.

"Used to like myself, used to feel what I felt" were only a few thoughts running through my mind while on a drinking binge. Most of the time I drank to numb my discomfort, whether it was guilt, boredom, sadness... I'd wash it away every night with poison. In the morning, I'd make the same promise that I'd stay sober that day, only to find myself right back to where I was the night before.

I want listeners to fully submerge themselves into my experience, my pain. I want all of the music I have released this year to be a clear exemplification of the life I am now living, because of the life I once chose to have. I will never forget the dark places I have been, because of them, I now see and live in the light.

The purpose of this song is to connect with anyone out there living in darkness. I hear you, I see you, you are not alone, and I love you.

stable: Have you ever felt absolutely incredible?! Not because of the clothes you're wearing or the plans you have later that night, but because of something deeper? You can't necessarily explain it, it's a feeling that sweeps over your entire being. Something within you is aligned, fulfilled, and you just feel... "stable".

I wrote this song in March 2021 with the incredibly talented artist/songwriter, Andreas Moss. This song is an expression of how I felt when I began finding balance in my life. Once I began my journey of self-discovery, I was able to pin point areas in my life which had been neglected for so long. This helped me find my deepest passions and rejoice in the rediscovery of my soul's highest purpose.

I decided to use air quotes in the title as a conversation starter and way to personalize the meaning of the word. "Stability"... what does it mean to you? What does it feel like? How do internal and external forces sway stability in your life? Are we ever truly stable? These are all questions and topics I want to shed light on. With more action behind self-awareness we are able to obtain pieces of happiness and joy that can not be obtained from any other source but within.

Also... it's ok to be confident and to celebrate your wins! Rejoicing is not only a form of self care, but an expression of gratitude. And that's exactly what "stable" invokes... CELEBRATION!!!

Hearing is believing. Listen and watch "Help Me!" for yourself below and watch the official video for "stable" here and stream both track via Spotify here.

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