Horizon Theory Cover Flobots Classic 'Handlebars'


Horizon Theory Cover Flobots Classic 'Handlebars'

(CGZ) Michigan rockers Horizon Theory have revealed their unique take on the Flobots classic "Handlebars". The band, inspired by the relevance of the song's lyrics to today's world, decided to put their modern twist on it.

"Handlebars" has an angrier, harder-rock, angst presentation. Possibly one could even write as they listen... the emotional power is taking hold of the throat and uttering we mean what we are playing.

Josh Harrington's lead vocals slashes to the quick, his expressive and edgy articulation cuts a sharper force than the original vocal sound. Collectively, Horizon Theory has taken "Handlebars" and made it definitively their own.

"We were all fans of this song years ago when it came out and after rediscovering it recently, we realized how relevant the song is to today and wanted to bring light to these lyrics once again. We thought it would be fun to put our twist on this song with some modern touches and create a new visualization to go with the lyrics." - Chris Black, Lead Guitarist

Through Horizon Theory's collaborative and creative vision, they have rendered a new visualization to accompany their new spin

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