Scott Stapp Talks Possible New Music From Creed

Keavin Wiggins | 01-13-2024

Scott Stapp Talks Possible New Music From CreedPhoto by antiMusic's Debbie Seagle

Creed frontman Scott Stapp revealed during an appearance on SiriusXM's Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk last week that he has hope that the reunited band will write some new music together.

He said, "Well, yeah, Mark [Tremonti] and I were together a couple days ago doing some secret, secret thing I can't share, but we were hanging out for a couple days. And as we were hanging out, we just began talking about how we wrote 'Human Clay' . And we wrote 'Human Clay' while on the road touring 'My Own Prison'. And we wrote it during soundchecks - 80, 90 percent of that record was written on stage during soundcheck. And you know what we'd do? We'd write a song and we'd get it tight and play it within three or four days of writing it because we didn't have enough material with just that one record to be a headliner, but we were headlining shows.

"So we didn't wanna fill our set with covers, so we were writing on the fly and just playing new songs as we as we wrote them. And so we were talking, like, 'You know what? That was a really good experience.' Those were good times and both of us connected.

"And I could see in his eye, and I was feeling it too, that I think there's gonna be some writing happening, and it's gonna be organic. And I think it's gonna be beautiful, man. If we get back to that place and that chemistry, which I think we're gonna fall right back into once we start playing these songs together and we reconnect, through our relationships, through the songs that we created together, I think it's only natural for us that during soundchecks, sometimes in the dressing room, wherever and whenever we're together, that songs are gonna be born.

"I mean, it happened on the 'Full Circle' tour. We wrote a bunch of songs during soundcheck during that tour, and so we're sitting on those. But I think we're all in a fresh space and I definitely think the creative juices are gonna flow. And so I definitely think there's hope for some new music."

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