T.S.O.L. Give Amerie's '1 Thing' A Punk Makeover As A-Side Graffiti Arrives


T.S.O.L. Give Amerie's '1 Thing' A Punk Makeover As A-Side Graffiti Arrives

(Reybee) Legendary SoCal punks T.S.O.L. have released their ninth studio album A-Side Graffiti today, February 27, 2024 via Kitten Robot Records which was produced by Paul Roessler (The Screamers, Nina Hagan, Josie Cotton). Amid a flurry of resounding reviews and plaudits, A-Side Graffiti stands as a 12-track explosion of force that challenges the listener to the true meaning of "punk."

"Punk Rock means giving the high sign to the rules, and this is most definitely punk rock," underground tome Rest Assured touts about the new record. Subculture bible Wasted Attitude calls "Swimming" (the first single from the album) a "West Coast punk anthem in waiting." Rebel Noise adds, "T.S.O.L. unleashes A-Side Graffiti upon the world. In a landscape cluttered with conformity, T.S.O.L. stands as a beacon of authenticity-a reminder that true art knows no bounds."

Always a band to subvert expectations and preconceived notions, T.S.O.L. remains true to their punk roots by weaving symphonic tracks like a loose cover of Louis Armstrong's "Wonderful World" and a campy and faithful cover of Rocky Horror's "Sweet Transvestite," which features Keith Morris of Circle Jerks/Off fame in the role of "Brad." Elsewhere on the album, their interpretation of David Bowie's "Can You Hear Me?" features some of their musical friends including Frank Agnew from the Adolescents, Chip Hannah of the Trigger Complex, and Murphy from Sugar Ray. "Look, it might be a little too smooth for some of you, but maybe when you feel like being romantic, you can put this on and use it as a backdrop to some adult fun," laughs vocalist Jack Grisham about the track.

Probably most surprising is their cover of R&B chanteuse Amerie's "1 Thing" (the original reached #1 on Billboard's and UK's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts). "Ah, the Amerie track," he says smiling. "I love R&B, soul music, and go-go beats and this one has it all. I was sitting at home, digging the track, singing along-basic 'boy f***s over girl' lyrics, and then I thought. 'Hold up. Maybe it's not a song about a boy. Maybe she's singing to a system of government and they been lying and f***ing her over for years. Maybe the boots she puts on are laced up Doctor M's and she's gonna kick their f***ing asses. This ain't a love song... It's a protest track.' It was an easy sell to my band, and I think we did it justice."

Starting in the Huntington Beach/Long Beach, CA scene in the late '70s, T.S.O.L. (short for "True Sounds of Liberty") is revered in the punk community which celebrates their iconic band logo as well as the band's wealth of punk anthems. Four decades later, the band soldiers on with no less passion or fury. "I've done my share of wiggling to the oldies, but sh*t, it can get boring," concludes Jack. "Maybe we were supposed to do the fair circuit, that when we first got together in 1980, we were only perfect, or at our best for a few days or months, that those players with their styles were never meant to be more than that in that configuration...sh*t, oh well, back to the present." Looking at his new record, he concludes, "Here's this... a few covers, a few requests, a couple what ifs, and a why not. I hope you enjoy it."

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