Neal Fallon Explains Clutch's Name, Working With Leslie West and More


Neal Fallon Explains Clutch's Name, Working With Leslie West and More

Clutch frontman Neal Fallon was the guest on a new episode of The SDR Show and he discusses a variety of topics including the inspiration for the band's name, working with Leslie West and more.

The show sent over a number of highlights including He saw Soundgarden open for VoiVod back in the day and knew they were going to be huge. How the name Clutch was inspired by the band Prong because they liked the mono-syllabic sound and that Prong's Tommy Victor is a big hero.

On recording with Leslie West and not realizing that the song Immortal was a takeoff of a Mountain riff: "We didn't know it was an old song until later. Here's a funny anecdote that I've never told before. We're playing the riff, and he's got these lyrics- he calls the song Fuzzy Peach - and the lyrics are something about I love to eat her peach in the morning, I love the eat her peach at night, and every day there's peach fuzz in my sheets. Ok, Leslie, that's not really Clutch material, but let me see what I can do. I remember writing the lyrics out for Immortal, which have clearly nothing to do with that. He was sitting in the studio reading the lyrics and he looks at me and goes 'Neal, what about that theme we discussed?' And I say 'Leslie, what theme are you talking about.' And he says, 'Neil, you know, eating ******."

On the ire of gamers when they thought Clutch was responsible for Hitman 2 not being released on Steam because of a rumor that they wouldn't give rights for Pure Rock Fury: "It was some corporate nonsense that we had no idea about, but the level of ferocity from the Hitman 2 community was unbelievable." Stream the episode below:

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