Pearl Jam Offshoot Painted Shield Share 'Lover Divine' Video


Pearl Jam Offshoot Painted Shield Share 'Lover Divine' Video

(The Syndicate) Earlier this year, Seattle, WA-based Painted Shield announced details of their forthcoming LP, Painted Shield 3, due for release July 26, 2024 via Loosegroove Records. Last week, the band shared "Lover Divine," following on the heels of the album's lead single, "Transector."

The band recently headlined their first show at the iconic Paramount Theatre and curated the first House of LSGRV compilation which came out for 2024 Record Store Day.

Painted Shield combines the talents of Pearl Jam co-founder Stone Gossard, folksinger Mason Jennings, drummer extraordinaire Matt Chamberlain, soul innovator Brittany Davis, and renowned guitarist Jeff Fielder.

Painted Shield was released on Gossard's newly reactivated Loosegroove label, which had famously released the debut Queens of the Stone Age album back in 1998.

Speaking on the new song, the band's Mason Jennings said ""Lover Divine" started as a Stone Gossard guitar riff that producer Josh Evans put through a series of effects. I loved the vibe and was reminded of some conversations Stone and I had had about our love of Egyptology and also our love of the band The Stooges. So I kinda put these two ideas together. The vocal part in the intro was from the bass guitar line I wrote in the chorus. I decided to sing with the bass because I loved how it sounded when Paul McCartney would do that with The Beatles. Then Josh Evans took the bass out and left my vocal bass. Jeff added his bass after that. Brit came up with some killer chords to go with it and Matt brought the punk energy with the drums. The rest is ancient history."

Gossard says "Playing with this incredible group is one of my greatest joys. Three records in and we are still turning over all kinds of new soil. This beast of a song starts first and foremost with the insane lyrical propulsion provided by Matt Chamberlain. Then, one by one, the beauty of hearing Mason, Britt, Jeff and Josh Evans' touch...it makes something wholly original."

While describing their upcoming album, Jennings said: "The evolution of Painted Shield has been very fun and exciting. Each album has pushed the boundaries of genre farther and Painted Shield 3 is our most expansive and collaborative album yet. I feel like this is the sound of a band really finding our legs and emerging. The sky is the limit. Painted Shield 3 is a musical universe unto itself. Very excited to share it!"

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