Blue Oyster Cult's Albert Bouchard Announces Final Installment Of The Imaginos Trilogy


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Albert Bouchard News Cover art June 12, 2023
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(Chipster) Albert Bouchard is best known as a founding member of Blue Oyster Cult, along with his brother and bassist Joe Bouchard. Albert Bouchard is back with Imaginos III - Mutant Reformation, wrapping up the trilogy of Imaginos. Bouchard has shepherded the concept of Imaginos through its many incarnations over the years, translating Sandy Pearlman's feverish visions into sonic resonance.

As Bouchard states, "Sandy's not being here to feel the long-awaited culmination is perhaps the greatest irony of this epic journey through the invisibility of conspiracy, the shape-shifting, and eternal light that is Desdinova. But legend lives on, as will tales told 'round the fire of when Man still walked the Earth, and the carnage had yet to begin. Hear the final chapter in this monumental saga when the record is released on July 7, 2023."

Deko Entertainment president, Bruce Pucciarello, is a fan. He states, "This third and final installment of the Imaginos trilogy is the ending we all hoped for. The Imaginos story is once again driven by Albert's carefully orchestrated chronology and a passioned telling of the stories and songs. He was on a mission. Mission complete, Albert!"

The first single is Bouchard's take on the Blue Oyster Cult fan favorite "E.T.I.," featuring brother Joe Bouchard on lead vocal, Isabella Kosal on background vocals, and R.J. Ronquillo on lead guitar.

Additionally, Bouchard muses about his inspiration to create a video, "Necessity is the mother of invention, so they say. There are things in life that don't work out as we plan. Man plans, God laughs is another saying. Be that as it is, I did my best to create a lighthearted and unusual lyric video. Yes, we could have just had the song with the static album cover like everybody else, but Ian Hunter would never go for that and I'd rather not either. The official music video will come out sometime in the future."

The album is available now for preorder and features guests "Ross the Boss" Friedman and Andy Shernoff (Dictators); Joe Cerisano (Silver Condor, TSO); Kenny Aaronson (Billy Idol, Bob Dylan); and Kasim Sulton (Utopia, Meat Loaf). It reunites original Blue Oyster Cult members Eric Bloom and Joe Bouchard, as well as current BOC member Richie Castellano, who all contribute to this latest installment. The album also features reworks of classics like "E.T.I.," "Godzilla," and "Sole Survivor." There will be limited-edition bundles, including a very limited colored-vinyl option (only 250 copies).

Imaginos III - Mutant Reformation Tracklist:
"Welcome To Desdanovaland"
"Flaming Telepaths"
"The Queen's Graveyard"
"Career of Evil"
"St. Cecilia"
"Curse of the Hidden Mirrors"
"Mountain of Madness"
"Mothra & Starfish"
"R.U. Red D. 2"
"Sole Survivor"
"Aldebaran Alien Take Me Away"
"Arianna of Earth"
"Heavy Metal/Black and Silver"
"Buddha's Knee"

Albert Bouchard's Imaginos Show features the trilogy of the Imaginos saga performed in concert live:
July 5 -- Daryl's House, Pawling, NY
July 9 -- Tally Ho Theatre, Leesburg, VA
July 11-- Ram's Head on Stage, Annapolis, MD
July 12 -- Sony Hall, NYC, NY

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