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Kamelot News Reissue promo August 14, 2023
Reissue promo

(Freeman) On November 17, 2023, in partnership with Knife Fight Media, Napalm Records will proudly reissue various editions of seminal Kamelot albums 'Ghost Opera', 'Poetry For The Poisoned' and 'One Cold Winter's Night'. 2-CD Digipacks will be released of the 'Ghost Opera' 2008 reissue 'Ghost Opera: The Second Coming' and the 'Poetry For The Poisoned' 2011 reissue (also featuring tracks recorded live at Wacken Open Air 2010), as well as of the original live album 'One Cold Winter's Night'. Napalm special edition vinyl of 'Ghost Opera', 'Poetry For The Poisoned' and 'One Cold Winter's Night' will also be released in retail black and Napalm Mail Order exclusive marbled editions.

KAMELOT's sophomore live album, 'One Cold Winter's Night', was originally released in 2006 and features the debut of current keyboardist Oliver Palotai, with guest appearances by Epica's Simone Simons! Now, for the first time ever - fans can experience the album on vinyl!

Recorded during the band's touring cycle following their The Black Halo album release, 'One Cold Winter's Night' is an undoubted top-tier performance that should be part of any avid KAMELOT fan's well-curated collection! Upon release, AllMusic praised the band's talent showcased on the album, saying, "you get the feeling that they could probably play all their songs note-for-note while blindfolded, walking a tightrope, and reciting the alphabet (in reverse)."

The album is available for pre-order now in 2-CD Digipak, 2-LP Black Gatefold vinyl and 2-LP Marbled White/Blue Gatefold vinyl formats (the latter format is limited to 300 copies worldwide, and only available via the Napalm Records mail order/webstore)!
CD & LP 1
1. Intro: Un Assasino Molto Silenzioso
2. The Black Halo
3. Soul Society
4. The Edge of Paradise
5. Center of the Universe (feat. Mari Youngblood)
6. Nights of Arabia (feat. Elisabeth Kjærnes)
7. Abandoned (feat. Mari Youngblood)
8. Forever
9. Keyboard Solo
10. The Haunting (feat. Simone Simons)
11. Moonlight

CD & LP 2
12. When the Lights are Down
13. Elizabeth Part I: Mirror Mirror (feat. Elizabeth Bathory)
Elizabeth Part II: Requiem for the Innocent (feat. Elizabeth Bathory)
Elizabeth Part III: Fall from Grace (feat. Elizabeth Bathory)
14. March Of Mephisto (feat. Elisabeth Kjaernes, Shagrath)
15. Karma
16. Drum Solo
17. Farewell
18. Outro
19. Epilogue (Bonus Track)

'Ghost Opera: The Second Coming' - the official double-disc reissue of KAMELOT's widely-lauded eighth full-length and fan favorite, Ghost Opera - originally became available in 2008 and has since completely sold out, leaving KAMELOT fans clamoring for more. Recognized by followers as an exciting catalog must-have, the reissue not only featured Ghost Opera in its entirety (which charted Top 20 on the US Billboard Top Heatseekers chart upon release), but an entire second disc of 10 live tracks recorded in Belgrade, Serbia, in addition to live music videos, bonus tracks and a remix of "Rule The World". Now, KAMELOT fans around the world can experience re-enchantment once again with a second official reissue of 'Ghost Opera: The Second Coming'!

This must-have benchmark of the KAMELOT canon can be pre-ordered now in 2-CD Digipak! A reissue of Ghost Opera itself is also now available for pre-order in 1-LP Black Gatefold and 1-LP Marbled Orange/Black vinyl formats (the latter format is limited to 300 copies worldwide, and only available via the Napalm Records mail order/webstore). As Sea of Tranquility stated upon the set's release in 2008, "Prepare yourself once again for the glory and majesty of the mighty KAMELOT."
CD 1 & LP
2.Rule The World
3.Ghost Opera
4.The Human Stain
5.Blücher (feat. Simone Simons)
6.Love You to Death
7.Up Through the Ashes
8.Mourning Star
9.Silence of the Darkness
11.Eden Echo

CD 2
1. Solitaire (live)
2. Ghost Opera (live)
3. The Human Stain (live)
4. Mourning Star (live)
5. When the Lights are Down (live)
6. Abandoned (live)
7. The Haunting (Somewhere in Time) (live, feat. Simone Simons)
8. Memento Mori (live)
9. Epilogue (live)
10. March of Mephisto (live)
11. Season's End (Japanese Edition Bonus Track)
12. The Pendulous Fall (Limited Edition Bonus Track)
13. Epilogue (The Black Halo Japanese Bonus Track)
14. Rule the World (Remix)

Originally released in 2010, 'Poetry For The Poisoned' - KAMELOT's celebrated ninth studio album - ushered in the next generation of the band's catalog, debuting at #6 on the US Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart and #15 on the US Billboard Independent Albums chart.

Now, the album can be experienced again in 2-CD Digipak format alongside eight KAMELOT favorites recorded at Wacken Open Air in 2010, and as the standalone album (plus a bonus track!) in 2-LP Black Gatefold and 2-LP Marbled Red/Black Gatefold vinyl formats (the latter format is limited to 300 copies worldwide, and only available via the Napalm Records mail order/webstore)! Featuring unforgettable guest appearances by Soilwork's Bjorn "Speed" Strid, Epica's Simone Simons, Gus G and others, experience the album BraveWords called, "full up with sonic wonder" once again!
CD 1 & LP
1. The Great Pandemonium (feat. Bjorn "Speed" Strid)
2. If Tomorrow Came
3. Dear Editor
4. The Zodiac (feat. Jon Oliva)
5. Hunter's Season (feat. Gus G)
6. House on a Hill (feat. Simone Simons)
7. Necropolis
8. My Train of Thoughts
9. Seal of Woven Years
10. Poetry for the Poisoned, Pt. I: Incubus
11. Poetry for the Poisoned, Pt. II: So Long (feat. Simone Simons)
12. Poetry for the Poisoned, Pt. III: All Is Over (feat. Simone Simons)
13. Poetry for the Poisoned, Pt. IV: Dissection
14. Once Upon a Time
15. House on a Hill (Uncut Version feat. Simone Simons) - only on LP reissue editions

CD 2 (Live From Wacken Open Air 2010)
1. The Great Pandemonium
2. The Human Stain
3. Center of the Universe
4. Pendulous Fall
5. Hunter's Season
6. Karma
7. Forever
8. March of Mephisto

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