Lorne Behrman Shares 'Harlem River Serenade' Video

Keavin Wiggins | 09-16-2022

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Lorne Behrman Album cover art
Album cover art

NYC rocker Lorne Behrman has shared a video for this song, "Harlem River Serenade", to celebrate the release of his new album, "A Little Midnight".

He said of the song, Maybe this is my 'I Will Survive' song? Before I met my wife, I went through a painful breakup. It felt so sudden and so cold, and I spent so much of my time obsessing about it. I would be on the train to pick up my daughter and feel impulses to reach out to this person.

"Everything outside the window felt like metaphorical magical thinking. I would try to find some sign that things would have a fairytale ending. The lyric, "Looking out/to factories as planters/green reaching through bricks/No hope there/we're shattered/like broken bottles on train tracks," for me, meant that an old factory outside the window was a metaphor for the relationship and maybe the green-the plants and such-reclaiming it were showing me a sign that there was some hope after all.

"Suffice to say, there is a good ending, here. I endured the pain, did a lot of self-improvement stuff (read a lot about co-dependence and radical acceptance), and took a year off dating.

"My first date back was with the most loving and badass person ever, my wife. That other person reached to me once more, and I decided to move on. The message here is when you decide not to be involved with people who don't know your worth the Universe sends you better people.

He added, "This album is about struggling to be reborn. Wanting to run back to the arms of toxic people or the patterns of self-destruction. It's about clawing your way to a new existence while acknowledging all the causalities, and all you're letting go. You glimpse a new life, but you don't feel it yet." Watch the video below:

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