Midtown Cover Pavement's 'Cut Your Hair'


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Midtown Single art
Single art

(Big Picture Media) Midtown are back with another brand new tribute to one of their favorite bands for their forthcoming EP, We're Too Old To Write New Songs, So Here's Some Old Songs We Didn't Write. Today, they've shared their take on Pavement's "Cut Your Hair".

Shares frontman Gabe Saporta: "Our goal in making this EP was to give people insight into the different music we listened to growing up that ultimately led us into doing Midtown. Believe it or not, Rob Hitt and I butted heads when we met as 14-year-olds. He teased me for wearing striped socks-which he considered "grunge" and clearly not as cool as the ska revival argyle socks he was donning.

A few years later we would make up and start Midtown, but in those days I was taking the bus into the city every weekend to see bands like Superchunk, Sonic Youth, and one of my favorites, Pavement. I remember being at the Pavement show at the Roseland, looking around, and realizing that I was probably the only 14 year old kid in a crowd that was mostly college kids. And as much as I loved Crooked Rain, I was just a little twerp and something inside of me wanted to break sh*t. When I discovered that there were hardcore shows happening in VFW halls 15 minutes from me, I stopped taking the bus into the city every weekend and started immersing myself in the world that eventually spawned Midtown. But still, the records I listened to when I was first falling in love with music must have shaped my journey because I keep going back to them year after year. "Cut Your Hair" was the first song I heard from Pavement, which turned me on to an album that became one of my all time favorites- thanks for letting us share it with you."

"Cut Your Hair" serves as a follow up to Midtown's cover of Lagwagon's "Know It All". Both tracks can be found on their forthcoming EP We're Too Old To Write New Songs, So Here's Some Old Songs We Didn't Write, set to be released on May 26th. The four song collection features Midtown's take on influential songs from their past.

Fans can expect more to soon, though what exactly that'll be...they'll just have to wait and see. Catch Midtown this May at Adjacent Festival in Atlantic City, NJ.

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