Ozzy Osbourne Names His Choice For All Time Rock God 2021 In Review

Keavin Wiggins | 12-18-2021

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Ozzy Osbourne Names His Choice For All Time Rock God 2021 In Review
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Legendary metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne had a top 21 story from May 2021 after he shared that he considers late Motorhead icon Lemmy Kilmister to be the "All-Time Rock God", during an interview with BBC's Johnnie Walker.

The former Black Sabbath frontman recalled collaborating with Lemmy on one of his biggest solo hits. Ozzy shared, "My rock god is Lemmy Kilmister. Lemmy was a guy - he shot from the hip every time. 'That sucks,' or, 'I like that.'

"I'm good at starting lyrics, but I can't finish them. And he'd go - he'd write a bunch of lyrics for my songs - 'Mama, I'm Coming Home.' So, I'd give him a tape, and I had this book on World War II. I haven't read it and I told him, 'Tell me what you think. And I have a bunch of these lyrics - whenever you can...' I'm thinking, it's gonna be a

"And he says, 'Come back in about four hours.' So I got back, and he goes, 'What do you think about these?' And I go, 'Oh, great.' He then goes, 'What about these?' I go, 'Oh, you got two...?'

"He goes, 'No, I got another one - three.' I go, 'You had written three sets of lyrics?!' He said, 'Yeah, and that book was crap!' I said, 'What book?' He says, 'The book you gave me.'

"He was a speed-reader! He could read really fast. He was amazing! You look at people like Lemmy and you think, 'Oh, he's a yob [a rude, noisy, and aggressive young person].' But he was very well-educated." Check out the interview below:

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