Singled Out: Sunroad's Speed Warning No. 1 Feat Rainbow's Ronnie Romero

Keavin Wiggins | 03-01-2023

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Sunroad Sunesthesia album art
Sunesthesia album art

Sunroad recently released a brand new single called "Speed Warning #1", that features guest vocals from Rainbow's Ronnie Romero, and to celebrate we asked Fred Mika to tell us about the track, which comes from their forthcoming album, ""Sunesthesia" (out March 10th). Here is the story:

Back in the late 2021, we already had released Walking The Hemisperes album but we couldn't go for a tour or just to play a simple gig due the pandemic days that stills yet.

Due this, soon after that 2021's album release, we started to compose for the next album. Some weeks after, at early 2022, there were a new good vibes about news about end of pandemic isolation worldwide and me and Steph had a bunch of tracks and then came a faster one, something that reminded me Michael Schenker Group composition style.

We were very happy about the good news and no need more warnings to be in home depicting some people talking like: it's early to go for a normal life. After a lot of those warnings, I made I lyrics based in words like: "Going Down To The South Drive Road" (it was my will to get the highway for the Brazilian beaches) and "No Need Speed Warning #1" (I had to do it faster as I could or instead I will hearing and hearing a lot of warnings everywhere).

This pre chorus in this song resume this all (an isolated beach for resting and having peace): "There's a whole world in there, there's a new day dawning there, there's a pilgrim to be, far beyond things that you see". And then the song chorus: "At next minute I'll be far away, hell to heaven, bye, long gone, at next minute I'll led you astray, no need speed warning #1).

Originally, I was working with "No Need Warning #1" (the 1 number means the main warning during the pandemic days: "stay home", so don't need warning #1, and then I added the word speed, cause this word came fast when you mentioned something as: I got go away.

and due this was one of the faster Sunroad song ever. And, to catch better this Michael Schenker way, Steph gave me the idea to work with Ronnie Romero singer, nowadays the Michael Schenker Group lead singer, to be in a vocal duet with Steph.

This track have a lot of meanings, the speed tempo, as well the speed will to go away from original point, the "road" word association within it , to fix some of our guitar player music influences and of course, the will of searching for new horizons that must be anything for the each listeners reality.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself below and learn more about the album here

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