Thomas Rhett Details New Album 'About A Woman'


Thomas Rhett Details New Album 'About A Woman'

(The GreenRoom) Already crowned as one of country's most consistent-yet-dynamic modern superstars, Thomas Rhett's seventh studio album ABOUT A WOMAN set for release Aug. 23 via The Valory Music Co., captures what he does best while going out on a creative limb. Because for artists like him, that's where the thrill comes from. Pairing his laid-back perspective with a vocal drenched in casual country soul, Thomas Rhett has spent just over 10 years gathering 22 Number Ones, 16 billion streams and armfuls of awards and through that time, he's never remained static. With both songwriting prowess and charisma, his career has been fueled by equal parts energy and emotion, to continually keep fans on their toes...and with ABOUT A WOMAN, he wants to put them on their feet.

"From top to bottom, I wanted to exude joy and fun with this project - and really just make people move," Thomas Rhett says, describing a set which takes timeless romantic nostalgia to country's progressive cutting edge. "I went into making this record with a fearless attitude, put my blinders on and my head down to try and make really fun music."

Fourteen anthemic instant classics were the result, all but one co-written by Thomas Rhett, diverse in style but connected by a sense of movement. The tempos were kept high and the melodies tight, and while organic country makes up the foundation, layers of retro '80s sounds and thumping beats help him find new ways to do what he does so well - tribute a woman's love. Now enjoying a life chapter that allows he and wife Lauren a little space to tend their romantic flame - the muse for so much of his work - the famous family man shines with renewed excitement.

"I feel like if you were to ask me what this record is about, the answer would be it's about one woman, my wife, and it gave me an opportunity to say 'I love you' in a lot of different ways," he adds.

Produced primarily by Dann Huff and Julian Bunetta, the set begins with the lighthearted "Fool," fusing whistled hooks to a hip-shaking rhythm, and opening the kinetic-country floodgates before its already Top-30-bound lead single "Beautiful As You" explodes like a chain reaction of heart-pounding modern country. Emotions run hot in the thumping, chill-country standout "Overdrive," while Thomas Rhett rides a romantic buzz until the sun comes up in the velvet smooth "After All The Bars Are Closed." Tunes like "Gone Country" pair irresistible beats and a slow-burning acoustic groove for a tribute to the timeless attraction of country life, and with the smoldering "Something 'Bout A Woman," he takes an approach he's never before considered, exploring the soulful spot where Stevie Wonder meets The Rolling Stones. Likewise, the star-crossed sway of "Back To Blue" seems to build on the story laid out in roots classics like "Fishin' In The Dark" - both melodically and lyrically - and while Thomas Rhett calls "What Could Go Right" his favorite track on the album, tracks like "Country For California" offer a rare-for-him look at heartbreak.

Thomas Rhett doesn't do much heartbreak, but even so, with a howling monster of a sing-along chorus, "Don't Wanna Dance" is as epic as heartbreakers get. Built around an interpolation of the Whitney Houston mega hit "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)," it turns the iconic song's joyful desire upside down. The set closes on its only ballad, "I Could Spend Forever Loving You," as Thomas Rhett signs off with a promise as genuine as it is tender - and so spacious it's almost exposed.

1. Fool
2. Overdrive
3. Gone Country
4. Beautiful As You
5. Can't Love You Anymore
6. After All The Bars Are Closed
7. Church
8. Back To Blue
9. Country For California
10. Somethin' 'Bout A Woman
11. What Could Go Right
12. Boots
13. Don't Wanna Dance
14. I Could Spend Forever Loving You

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