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    Reviews 09 : Marilyn Manson - The High End of Low

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    Reviews Oct 04 : Marilyn Manson - Lest We Forget (The Best Of)

    Review : Marilyn Manson

    Ozzfest 2001 : Special Coverage interviews, pictures, reviews, news and more

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    Reviews Oct 04 : Marilyn Manson - Lest We Forget (The Best Of)

    Review : Marilyn Manson

    Ozzfest 2001 : Special Coverage interviews, pictures, reviews, news and more

    Hit, Sh*t or Miss?: Marilyn Manson :

    Top 100 Albums of all time :


    News December 2017 : Marilyn Manson Slammed Justin Bieber Over Arrogant Claim 2017 In Review

    News November 2017 : Rob Zombie Narrated Charles Manson Documentary Premiere Set

    News November 2017 : KISS' Paul Stanley Slams Marilyn Manson For Charles Manson Cover

    News November 2017 : Marilyn Manson Shares Cover Of Charles Manson's 'Sick City'

    News November 2017 : Marilyn Manson Releases 'KILL4ME' Video Starring Johnny Depp

    News November 2017 : Marilyn Manson Addresses Fake Gun Controversy

    News October 2017 : Marilyn Manson's Twiggy Ramirez Responds To Rape Claim

    News October 2017 : Marilyn Manson Fires Twiggy Ramirez After Rape Claim

    News October 2017 : Marilyn Manson Reacts To Death Of Daisy Berkowitz

    News October 2017 : Original Marilyn Manson Guitarist Daisy Berkowitz Dead At 49

    News October 2017 : Original Marilyn Manson Guitarist Daisy Berkowitz Dead At 49

    News October 2017 : Marilyn Manson Compares Justin Bieber To A Girl

    News October 2017 : Marilyn Manson Opens Up About His Brutal Stage Accident

    News October 2017 : Marilyn Manson Recruits Johnny Depp For 'Say10' Video

    News October 2017 : Marilyn Manson Suffers Stage Accident and Postpones Tour

    News September 2017 : Marilyn Manson Suggests A Collaboration With Justin Bieber

    News September 2017 : Marilyn Manson Says Trent Reznor Feud In History

    News September 2017 : Marilyn Manson Slams Justin Bieber Over Arrogant Claim

    News September 2017 : Marilyn Manson Shares New Song And Reveals Unusual Influence

    News July 2017 : Marilyn Manson Pays Tribute To His Late Father

    News May 2017 : Marilyn Manson Says He And Charlie Hunnam Are Like Brothers

    News May 2017 : Marilyn Manson Returns To Earlier Sounds With New Album

    News April 2017 : Lil Uzi Vert Spends $220K For Marilyn Manson Chain

    News November 2016 : Marilyn Manson And The Black Goat On Salem Set

    News November 2016 : Marilyn Manson Reveals Inspiration For Say10 Album Title

    News September 2016 : Marilyn Manson Hates Being Branded A Celebrity

    News September 2016 : Marilyn Manson Says People Will Be Surprised With New Album

    News September 2016 : Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love In Marc Jacobs' Video

    News September 2016 : Charles Manson Murder Witnessed By Beach Boys Star?

    News August 2016 : Marilyn Manson's Role In Salem Previewed In New Trailer

    News August 2016 : Marilyn Manson and Shooter Jennings Animated For Bowie Cover Video

    News July 2016 : Justin Bieber Selling $195 Marilyn Manson Shirt

    News July 2016 : Marilyn Manson Stars In New 'Let Me Make You a Martyr' Trailer

    News July 2016 : Marilyn Manson Announces New Album 'Say10'

    News June 2016 : Slipknot's Corey Taylor Freaked Out Marilyn Manson

    News June 2016 : Marilyn Manson's New Film Trailer Goes Online

    News May 2016 : Garbage's Manson Misses 'Hearing From The Weirdos'

    News March 2016 : Justin Bieber and Marilyn Manson Bond Over T-Shirts

    News March 2016 : Slipknot, Marilyn Manson Tour Dates Announced

    News February 2016 : See Slipknot, Manson, Disturbed, Korn, Breaking Benjamin Tours For $50

    News February 2016 : Marilyn Manson and Shooter Jennings Stream David Bowie Cover

    News February 2016 : Slipknot, Marilyn Manson and Of Mice & Men Tour Announced

    News January 2016 : Marilyn Manson Lands Role On Salem TV Series

    News January 2016 : David Bowie's Diamond Dogs Changed Marilyn Manson's Life

    News November 2015 : Marilyn Manson Canceled Paris Concert Following Terrorist Attack

    News October 2015 : Korn's Jonathan Davis Reveals Marilyn Manson Collaboration Plans

    News August 2015 : Marilyn Manson and Billy Corgan Do Unusual Cyndi Lauper Duet

    News June 2015 : Marilyn Manson Reveals More About Project With Korn's Davis

    News June 2015 : Marilyn Manson Says Columbine Accusations Shut Down His Career

    News June 2015 : Marilyn Manson Got The Blues For The Pale Emperor

    News June 2015 : Korn's Jonathan Davis Confirms Marilyn Manson Collaboration

    News June 2015 : Marilyn Manson and Korn's Jonathan Davis May Team Up

    News May 2015 : BMTH, Deftones and Marilyn Manson Added To Guitar Hero Live

    News May 2015 : Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson To Mix Things Up On Tour

    News May 2015 : Marilyn Manson Releases 'The Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles' Video

    News April 2015 : Marilyn Manson's Latest CD Changes Color When Played

    News April 2015 : Marilyn Manson Lands Role As Hitman In Upcoming Movie

    News April 2015 : Marilyn Manson May Sue Over Denny's Sucker Punch

    News April 2015 : Marilyn Manson and The Smashing Pumpkins Announce Summer Tour

    News March 2015 : Shooter Jennings Recruits Marilyn Manson For New Tribute Album

    News February 2015 : Marilyn Manson and Sully Erna Cast In Upcoming Movie

    News February 2015 : Rockstars Slam Kanye West Over Beck Grammy Outburst

    News February 2015 : Marilyn Manson Made Borland Miss Limp Bizkit

    News February 2015 : Marilyn Manson Performs 'The Beautiful People' With 13-Year-Olds

    News January 2015 : Marilyn Manson Ponders Becoming A Parent

    News January 2015 : New Marilyn Manson Album Streaming In Full Online

    News January 2015 : Marilyn Manson Claims to Have Invented the Term 'Grunge'

    News January 2015 : Marilyn Manson Premieres Cupid Carries A Gun

    News December 2014 : Marilyn Manson Releases Surreal Deep Six Video

    News December 2014 : Marilyn Manson Loved And Hated 'Sons of Anarchy' Gig

    News December 2014 : Marilyn Manson Premieres New Song Deep Six

    News December 2014 : Marilyn Manson Speaks Out On Lana Del Rey Video Rape

    News December 2014 : Monkees Charles Manson Audition Rumor Addressed By Mickey Dolenz

    News November 2014 : Lana Del Rey Sexually Assaulted In Marilyn Manson Video

    News November 2014 : Marilyn Manson Announces Hell Not Hallelujah Tour

    News November 2014 : Muse and Marilyn Manson Added As Download Headliners

    News November 2014 : Marilyn Manson Sets Release Of New Album 'The Pale Emperor'

    News November 2014 : Marilyn Manson, Jack Black, Flea In New Die Antwoord Video

    News July 2014 : Alt-Fest Canceled?

    News May 2014 : Marilyn Manson Joining 'Sons of Anarchy' Cast

    News April 2014 : Rixton Inspired By Meatloaf, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Manson

    News January 2014 : Marilyn Manson Working On New Album

    News December 2013 : Marilyn Manson To Headline First Alt-Fest

    News October 2013 : Marilyn Manson Lands TV Role

    News June 2013 : Marilyn Manson Simulates Wrist Slashing After Paris Jackson Dedication

    News June 2013 : Marilyn Manson Has Message For Paris Jackson

    News June 2013 : Alice Cooper Shares His Wisdom With Marilyn Manson

    News June 2013 : Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson Kick Off Shock Therapy Tour

    News May 2013 : Marilyn Manson Helped Avril Lavigne Bring Out Her Naughty Side

    News April 2013 : Courtney Love, Marilyn Manson Lead Saint Laurent Campaign

    News March 2013 : Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson Confirm Tour Plans

    News March 2013 : Garbage's Shirley Manson Excited About Record Store Day

    News March 2013 : Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson Tour

    News February 2013 : Marilyn Manson Collapses On Stage

    News January 2013 : Marilyn Manson Vs Fake Fiance

    News January 2013 : Marilyn Manson Jams With The Doors (Top 12 of Aug 2012)

    News December 2012 : Marilyn Manson Almost Loses Ear In Brawl

    News December 2012 : Marilyn Manson Launching Winter Tour

    News October 2012 : Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson Feud Over?

    News October 2012 : Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie Feud Erupts Onstage

    News October 2012 : Marilyn Manson Releases Cruel World Video

    News September 2012 : Korn Frontman Pulls Out of Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson Tour

    News August 2012 : Marilyn Manson Releases Slo-mo-tion Video

    News August 2012 : Marilyn Manson Jams With The Doors

    News August 2012 : Sunset Strip Music Festival Details Announced

    News August 2012 : Marilyn Manson, Lou Reed and Neil Young Teepee Tale Part Of Billy Corgan Book

    News July 2012 : Rob Zombie, Shinedown, Marilyn Manson Lead Rock Vegas Lineup

    News July 2012 : Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie Tour

    News July 2012 : Charles Manson Prosecutor Hospitalized for Cancer Surgery Complications

    News April 2012 : Marilyn Manson Denies Engagement Reports

    News April 2012 : Johnny Depp Jams With Marylyn Manson

    News April 2012 : Guns N' Roses and Marilyn Manson Headlining New Festival

    News April 2012 : Marilyn Manson Delivers No Reflection Video

    News April 2012 : Marilyn Manson Plans Limited Edition For Record Store Day

    News February 2012 : Marilyn Manson Album and Tour Coming

    News January 2012 : Marilyn Manson Replaces Chris Vrenna

    News January 2012 : Woman Blames Marilyn Manson For Arson

    News Dec 2011 : Ring Belonging To Manson Family Victim Sharon Tate Auctioned

    News Nov 2011 : Chris Vrenna Leaves Marilyn Manson

    News Nov 2011 : Charles Manson Family Murder Auction Item Questioned

    News Nov 2011 : Britney Spears' Marilyn Manson Video Leaks

    News Nov 2011 : Marilyn Manson The Creepiest

    News Sep 2011 : Motley Crue's Mick Mars Taps Marilyn Manson's Twiggy for Solo Album

    News Sep 2011 : Bled Guitarist In Motorcycle Accident- Red Hot Chili Peppers No 1- Runaways Member Dies- Fastway Return- Manson Born Villain- Soulfly Escape Plan- more

    News Sep 2011 : Shia LaBeouf Explains Marilyn Manson Friendship

    News Sep 2011 : Kid Rock for NFL Season Kickoff- Watch New Staind Video- Marilyn Manson Returns- Free Smashing Pumpkins Record Club- Huey Lewis and the Hold Steady- more

    News Aug 2011 : Marilyn Manson Terrified By Blood

    News July 2011 : Shia La Beouf Making Marilyn Manson Movie

    News May 2011 : Staind Lose Member- Bon Scott Play- Zombie and Whitesnake Vs Universal- Darth Metallica- Queens of the Stone Age- Marilyn Manson Tease- Sinister Split- more

    News April 2011 : Rob Zombie Hires Former Marilyn Manson Fish

    News April 2011 : Marilyn Manson and Lindsay Lohan for Charles Manson Movie?

    News April 2011 : Anthony Kiedis, Marilyn Manson, Rob Pattinson Items For Auction For Japan

    News March 2011 : Marilyn Manson Picks His Biographer

    News February 2011 : Marilyn Manson Loses Longest Running Member

    News February 2011 : Guitar Hero: Black Label Society and Marilyn Manson

    News January 2011 : Mary Magdalan Writes Song At The Site of Charles Manson Murders

    News 2010 : Ozzy, Slayer, Marilyn Manson Make Controversial Song List

    News 2010 : Marilyn Manson Goes To Hell, etc

    News 2010 : Marilyn Manson Going Punk

    News 2010 : Bernie Marsden, Laurence Archer and Rodney Branigan Added To The 2010 Manson's Guitar Show

    News 2010 : Genesis Is No More- Guns N' Secretly Unplugged- Linkin Park- Manson Movie Hold- New A Perfect Circle Music- New Pornographers Ban- Jason Mraz Vs Slavery- more

    News 2010 : Twilight: Eclipse Preview- Adam Lambert- Michael Jackson Museum- Gary Coleman Controversy- Lady Gaga Has Lupus- 3oh!3 Kiss Ke$ha- Dizzee Manson- more

    News 2010 : The Doors New Singer- Bret Michaels in Apprentice Finals- Dio Planned Reunion- Chickenfoot- Ozzy Reissues- Marilyn Manson Slasher Movie- Torche Robbed- more

    News 2010 : Ozzy's Album Delayed- Bret Michaels Comeback Show- REM Snow Patrol Band- Marilyn Manson Lost- Ace's Memoires- Steven Adler's Book Pushed Back- more

    News 09 : 20 Million Dollar Case Against Manson Settled, With Some Snags

    News 09 : Marilyn Manson Breaks Up With Interscope But Makes Up With Evan Rachel Wood

    News 09 : Pantera Vs NSync- Megadeth Lose Guitarist- Manson Does Manson- Boyband Torture- P.Diddy and J.Lo Arrested- KISS Retiring and more top stories from Jan - March 2000

    News 09 : Marilyn Manson Snuff Film Fantasy Masquerading As A Video

    News 09 : Santana, Marilyn Manson, Billy Idol, and Earth, Wind, & Fire Go Hi-Def

    News 09 : Marilyn Manson Has Swine Flu

    News 09 : Fans Arrested At Marilyn Manson Show

    News 09 : Marilyn Manson Threatens Media With Violence

    News 09 : Lamb of Gwar- Mason Guitar Hero- Charles Manson Hits Up Phil Spector In Prison- AFI Return- Jello's New Band- Fake Problems Face Real Problems-

    News 09 : Marilyn Manson Wants Credit For Murders

    News 09 : Manson Producer Keeping Busy With Other Projects Including Starpacked Love and Rockets Tribute

    News 09 : Trent Reznor Says Manson's a 'Dopey Clown'- Stars To Play Playboy Mansion for Pot Legalization- Nashville Star Sues John Rich- MTV Stage Eminem Borat Stunt and more

    News 09 : Marilyn Manson Popularity Hits New Low

    News 09 : Marilyn Manson Fan Who Shot Himself After Firing At Teacher Dies

    News 09 : Eleven Killed At Concert- Fake Ratt- Vegas Bizkit- The Beastie Boys Hot Sauce- Billy Joel Vs Drummer- New Death Threat and more

    News 09 : Marilyn Manson Murder Suicide Attempt- Singer Kills Jack White Fight Rumor- Blink-182 Reunion Tour- Pearl Jam Attack Video and more top stories from this past week

    News 09 : Student Shoots Himself After Ordering Teacher To Praise Marilyn Manson

    News 09 : Travis Barker Teams Up With Busta Rhymes- Bouncing Souls Vs Volcano- Private Pirates- Ace Frehley Anthrax Jam- Rancid Return- The Strokes Recording and more

    News 09 : Free Marilyn Manson Download

    News 09 : Slayer and Marilyn Manson Confirmed For Mayhem Festival: Dates Announced

    News 09 : Slayer, Marilyn Manson and Bullet For My Valentine Mayhem Tour- Madonna To Assault Europe Again- Colbert and McCartney- Jeff Buckley To Be Butchered and more

    News 09 : Reznor To Testify for Marilyn Manson

    News Oct 08 : Marilyn Manson Returning To Antichrist Sound On New CD

    News Oct 08 : Marilyn Manson Member Found Dead?

    News Sep 08 : Earl Palmer RIP, Natalie Cole Hospitalized, Ne-Yo and Marilyn Manson Team Up, Metallica Still Tops, Krauss and Plant, Def Hockey, Paramore Twilight and more

    News Aug 08 : Metallica Release Another Song, Fall Out Boy Set Release, Lynyrd Manson, Ozzfest Tour 09, VMAs Short A Pop Tart, My Digital Valentine and more

    News Aug 08 : Virgin Vs 30 Seconds to Mars, Limp Manson, Jerry Wexler RIP, Ozzy Not Retiring, Nine Inch Nails More Dates, Oasis Arena Tour and more

    News May 08 : Limp Cube Movie, How Sean Levert Died, Britney's Back Up Plan?, Manson Terminator, Bumbershoot Expands, L.A. Guns Chaos, Liz Adds Dates and more

    News May 08 : Charles Manson Monkee Business

    News March 08 : Goth Murder Convictions

    News March 08 : Goth Murder

    News Feb 08 : Manson Selling Sewage Water

    News Jan 08 : Ours Returns with New CD and Manson Tour

    News Jan 08 : Marilyn and Twiggy Reunite

    News Nov 07 : Manson Buys Human Remains Instead of Paying Band?

    News Aug 07 : Manson Nazi Lawsuit

    News July 07 : Manson Down Under

    News June 07 : Rock Charts

    News June 07 : My Chemical Romance Slam Manson

    News June 07 : My Chemical Ripoff

    News May 07 : Manson Rejects Eminem Duet

    News May 07 : Marilyn Manson The Movie

    News May 07 : Slayer, Manson Tour Dates

    News May 07 : Manson Considered Suicide

    News April 07 : Manson 3D

    News March 07 : Titanic Manson Video Planned

    News March 07 : Slayer and Manson Summer Tour

    News March 07 : Manson Says Fur Is Garbage

    News February 07 : Slayer, Manson, Wolfmother, Maiden for Download

    News January 07 : Eat Manson

    News January 07 : Manson Cat Fight

    News January 07 : Marilyn Manson Divorced

    News November 06 : Solo Garbage

    News Rocktober 06 : Manson Art Gallery

    News Rocktober 06 : Rocky Horror Manson

    News Rocktober 06 : Manson To Do Leno for Halloween

    News September 06 : Manson Recording on Absinthe

    News July 06 : Burn Like an Eagle

    News July 06 : Manson Rejects TV Show

    News March 06 : Keanu Manson

    News Feb 06 : Manson in Wonderland

    News Jan 06 : Manson & Punkers

    News Dec 05 : Manson Weds

    News Nov 05 : Manson Movie

    News Nov 05 : Smell Like Manson

    News Oct 05 : Manson Cartoon

    News Oct 05 : Manson Perfume

    News Sept 05 : Manson Vs INXS

    News Aug 05 : Manson's Holy Support

    News July 05 : Manson Movies

    News May 05 : Another Nutty Jackson

    News March 05 : Rob Zombie Recruits Manson Guitarist for Ozzfest

    News Jan 05 : Marilyn Manson To Invade Europe

    News Aug 04 : Marilyn Manson Plots Greatest Hits Collection

    News April 2004 : John 5 Leaves Marilyn Manson, Plots Solo CD

    News Nov 2003 : Jane’s Addiction Team With Marilyn Manson for Tour

    News Nov 2003 : Mini-Riot at Marilyn Manson Show

    News Sept 2003 : Marilyn Manson’s Crotch Not a Weapon

    News Aug 2003 : Manson’s Golden Age of Headlining

    News May 2003 : Staind Top The Deftones, Manson Nosedives.

    News May 2003 : Marilyn Manson Goes To No. 1

    News April 2003 : Marilyn Manson Plans A Grotesque May

    News Feb 2003 : Marilyn Manson’s Grotesque Return

    News Feb 2003 : Ozzfest 2003 Announced with Korn, Distrubed, Marilyn Manson and more.

    News Feb 2003 : Update: Ozzfest to Feature Korn, Disturbed, Marilyn Manson and Chevelle?

    News Feb 2003 : Ozzfest to Feature Korn, Disturbed, Marilyn Manson and Chevelle?

    News Oct 2002 : Spend Halloween with the New Marilyn Manson

    News June 2002 : Manson Fined $4000 for Crotch Incident.

    News June 2002 : Musical Chairs for Manson and Bush

    News April 2002 : Manson Addresses “Wrongful Death” Lawsuit.

    News April 2002 : Marilyn Manson Charged with Wrongful-Death.

    News Dec 2001 : Manson Crotch Assault reduced to Misdemeanor

    News Dec 2001 : Manson and Eminem Face More Questionable Lawsuits

    News Sept 2001 : Kerrang! Awards Manson & Slipknot

    News Aug 2001 : Marilyn Manson wanted for sex crime.

    News June 2001 : Marilyn Manson adds headlining dates to summer tour plans.

    News May 2001 : Eminem and Marilyn Manson the duet.

    antiMUSIC News October 2000 : Marilyn Manson: The Blair Witch, Holy Wood and M.A.S.H

    antiMUSIC News Aug 2000 : Marilyn Manson previews new CD online.

    Rock n World News Feb 2000 : Manson covers Manson

    Rock n World News : Marilyn Manson speaks out about Colorado tragedy

    Rock n World News : Marilyn Manson injured, while Hole cancels tour.

    News Oct 98 : Marilyn Manson Launches Tour in Late October.

    Rock n World News Sep 98 : Marilyn Manson invades Hollywood.

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    Day In Rock 11/18/04 : Ja Rule's Manager Arrested- Jack White Snubs Lohan- Feds Investigate Dylan Song- Ashlee Not 'Dishonest'- Priest Vs The Damned- Cannibal Corpse Hospitalized- Exhumed Drummer- Bad Metal- Iommi/Hughes Pt 2?- Flaming Lips Docu- Infinity Drop Indies- Trapt DualDisc- (hed)pe + Drowning Pool Tour- All-Star Maiden Tribute- Rare Stereolab- Vandals Settle With Variety- Top Songs of All Time- Depeche Mode Plan New CD- Manson Tour Expands- Jacko Sued- Exodus Anniversary Plans- Dark Tranquillity Tracks- TEODM Tour- Butch Walker Vs. American Hi-Fi: Round 2- Life Aquatic Soundtrack- AHC Do Hellfest, UK- Punk on a Rock- ODB Show on Hold- Our Lady of Cheese- Busted Gets Busted By Greenmuse

    Day In Rock 10/26/04 : Ozzy Vs Cowell- Van Halen Breaking Up- Sum 41 Illness- Rollins Rocks Shatner- Lohan Hospitalized- Doherty Trashes Art- Simon and Garfunkel CD/DVD- U2 X 4- Ashlee Lip Sync Excuse- Zep Bio To Air- KISS Rock School- Slayer Blood Dates- LA Guns Demos- BOD On Hold- Metallica DVD Confirmed- South Park Korn- Zutons Axe Tour- Charlatans New Voice- Stillborn Fest- Morphine Box- Wilco To Drop The Ball- DualDiscs Hit Stores- Linkin Park Award- Royalty Services- Rod No 1?- Local H Alive- Soilwork Nearly Done Recording- Live Best of Plans- Stig Sewell RIP- Clash Influences- Bad Religion Thesis- Roxy Saint DVD- Fear Factory Keep Busy- Manson' Next Wife- Riddlin' Kids- Scum of the Earth Tour

    Day In Rock 10/21/04 : Love Pleads Guilty - Misfit Joins Marines- Nirvana Reunion- New Manson Band?- Aerosmith Hot Sauce- Ozzy Box Tracks- KISS 'Ozzy is Sad'- Something Corporate DVD Tour- Green Day Not Worried Over Lost Tapes- Trail of Dead Tour- CD Shipments Up- Strait Top 10- Slipknot Tribute- MCR Support TBS- Slayer DVD Delay- Outkast Movie Problems- Memory Card Albums- KROQ Costume Ball Books Manson- NOFX Singles Club- Tsunami Bomb Lose Mike- Aldo Nova Dion Hitmaker- Grateful DVD- Floyd Snubbed McCartney- Coldplay, Darkness, Travis Band Aid- Blur Reunion?- Lit Tour/DVD- POTUSA Daly Show- Ray Charles Goes Platinum- Kool & The Gang (of friends)- AHC Dates- Strung Out CD Release- Metal Blade Release Schedule- Gorerotted Not Replacing Gore- Black Dahlia Murder UK

    Day In Rock 10/11/04 : Governor Courtney Love?- Silly News: Xtina Breakdown- Beanie Sigel Sentenced- Manson In Wonderland- Weiland Ok With Judge- Durst's New Job- Chimaira Xmas Show- Cold Plan New CD - Ozzy Box To Include Covers- NOFX Hits- SOAD Set Title/Date- Kerry King's Guitar Abuse- Good Charlotte Ditch PopPunk- Fans Imagine Lennon at 64- Senate Kills P2P Bill- Love Hearing Date Set- Wilson's Smile Hit- 12 Stones Drop Megadeth Tour- Coheed & Cambria CD Details- 40 Below Summer Lose Guitarist- Overkill Ink New Deal- Hirax Lead Metal Fest- In Stores: Red Hot Bio- Scissor Sisters Club Tour- Gwyneth No Yoko- Worst Riffs Of All time- Anti Racism Gigs- Hammered At Xmas- Afghan Whigs Singer Launched Tour with Twilight Singers- Switchfoot on AOL- Jem on Kimmel- Life of Agony Sign to Sony

    Day In Rock 10/07/04 : Paris Booed- Pink Floyd Reunion?- Stern Uncensored- Manson Settles Crotch Rub Case- Weir is Dead Tired- Disney Tops Charts- Dylan Nobel Prize Debate- Motley Surgery- Oliveri's New Gig- Hatebreed Tour- Record Biz Myths- Breaking Korn- Poison Tops Worst List- Flava Chino?- Exodus Megadeth Guests- Ozzfest TV- Paradise Lost - DVD Orgy- Jacques Levy RIP- Everclear Return- Tom Waits Sellout- Rare Darkness- Quiet Riot Reunion- Avion Radio Hit, Launch Tour- Maiden DVD- Fireball Ministry Bus Crash- Polar Express Soundtrack

    Day In Rock 10/06/04 : Rodney Dangerfield RIP- Lennon Killer Denied Parole- Rapper Vs NYPD- Jack White Single Again- Van Halen Trouble?- Di'Anno Wants Final Maiden Tour- KISS DVDs- Poison Country Hit- Satyricon Enlist Slipknot Drummer- Endo Cover Prince- Dying Fetus Lose Singer- Manson Mask- Skindred, Chevelle Korn Support- Beach Beatle CD?- Corgan Book Tour- Bon Jovi Box- Beatles Photos Stolen- Big Day Out Lineup- Melvins Cancel Tour Due To Illness- Mushroomhead Find Voice- Dio on Lineup Changes- Kelly Osbourne Moves To Canada- 2 Crap CDs & U2's Out- McCartney Auction- Setzer Reissue- Slayer's Wall of Blood- Fireball Ministry Tour with Dio/Anthrax- Denver Harbor Gets Lit- Dog The Bounty Hunter / Lynyrd Skynyrd Chat

    Day In Rock 10/04/04 : Bassist Arrested For Fan Assault- Vince Neil Injured On Stage By Girl - Bonham on Led Zep Reunion- B.I.G. Trial Delay- Watts Beats Cancer- Taking Back Warner- A Static Lullaby Recording- NIN Surround Sound- Manson Recruits NIN Drummer- Korn Instore / Secret Gig- Soulfly DVD- Good Charlotte Take New York- Pixies, Aerosmith Win- New Strummer on Comp CD- New Motown Boss- AC/DC Lane Open- Eminem's Biggest Hit- Dark Tranquillity/Kreator Tour- Hypocrisy Plan Next CD- Billy Joel Gets Hitched- Stones Live CD- Metal Blade Release Dates- As I Lay Dying Team With Lamb of God for Euro Dates- Butch Walker Added to Avril Tour- New CD from Original AC/DC Vocalist- Rammstein Eye Release

    Day In Rock 9/28/04 : Avril Sponge Bob- Phil Spector Indicted- In Flames Nix CBGB Gig- Cliff Burton Remembered- Ringo Vs Royals- AC/DC Lane Debuts Roctober 1st- Medical Crisis- Slayer Silenced in Germany- Saves The Day Recording Plans- Manson Tour Plans- Full Blown Chaos Delay- Tommy Lee Book Tour- Camp Freddy Get A Little Help From Their Friends- Costello Anti-FBI Warning- Fender Allstars- Senate Ponders P2P Bill- Waits One Night Stand- Good Charlotte Toys- Dead Milkmen Reunite for Charity- Cure Debut Expanded Reissue- Gibb Tribute- U2 Tour Dublin Kick Off- Chaka Khan Kin Murder Rap- Flaming Lips Plot New CD- Green Day @ Aol- Anthrax Two Evils- Blood Brothers Hit the Road- Launched- Mellencamp Hits- Eddie From Ohio's 9th

    Day In Rock 9/27/04 : Bootleg Law Axed- Manson Injury- Damageplan Vs Cold- Queens of the Horn Age?- Slipknot Toothache- Fights Kill Unearth Show- AC/DC Rocks Charity- Rotten TV Bugs- Free Electric Six- Courtney Love Plans Tour- Green Day No. 1- Jacko 101- Cash Musical- Sinead: Don't Make Fun of Me- No Money For Hendrix Brother- The Cure Icon Special- Snapcase on Pause- Slayer DVD Tracks- Euro Melvins- Project 86 Theft- Offspring Greatest- Hammerfall Tracks- Metallica on Jane Pauley- Brand New Sin Deal?- McDonald Does Motown... Again- James Taylor Xmas- Franz Sell Out- Yellowcard DVD- Megadeth Top 20- Elton Honors Himself- Hung Xmas- Velvet Revolver Plot Fall Tour- Falconer Hire New Axe- The Heavils Jager Dates- Angry Frenchmen- AHC Still Touring- The Phenomenauts Announce Tour- Army of Freshmen on the Road

    Day In Rock 9/24/04 : Islamists Vs Iraqi Band- Manson Farwell?- Priest CD Delay- OutKast Legal Battle Update- New Fugees CD?- REM To Play South Africa- Snow Patrol For 05 Release- Lostprophets Extend Tour- Reggae Ban UK- Lil Kim Guard Sentenced- Elton Vs Pigs- Jacko Assistant Raided- Cat Stevens Claims 'No Ties To Terrorists'- A Perfect Lennon?- Endo Update... Sort of- Darkest Hour Tour- JEW Dates- Metallica Add West Coast Dates- Amen Lose Another- Vader Drop Tour- Enuff Z'nuff ? Perris- Traver & Appice Tour- Franz Deadbeat?- Oasis Set Date- Saliva on the Road- Tsunami Bomb DVD and new CD- Warped 10 - Liars Academy Equipment Stolen- Bullets And Octane Touring with Eagles of Death Metal- Wanna Be A Slunt?- Jackyl Live CD/DVD- Slapped: Hollywood Rehash

    Day In Rock 9/20/04 : Britney Marries Again- Pixies Reissues- Spector Legal Delay- Manson Equates Columbine & Iraq- Priest Killing Metalhead Won't Stand Trial- Soil Lose Singer- Jello & Ministry Jams- Slipknot Singer Not Dead- Kings-X Live CD Release Date- Cave In & Converge Collab- In Flames Vs Fansite- Metallica Eye 05 Release- Doherty's Monk Rock- Morrissey Illness Kills KROQ Appearance- Farm Aid West - Lost Hendrix Recording Found- Dark Tranquillity EP- Type O' Negative Cancel Tour for Medical Reasons- Exodus Axe Tour- Dan Rather AC/DC Single- BOC Queen- Madonna Boduguards Arrested in Israel- All Star Strat Concert- Dr. Fingerlickin'-Good- Fleetwood Plans Something Big- Ben Folds super d- Fuse Amplified Guide- Dry Kill Logic Tour With Skindred and Nonpoint- RM5k & Mushroomhead Join Apathy Tour- Saga Returns with Network- Unearth on Fall Tour- Busted Cingular School Invasion

    Day In Rock 8/27/04 : DMB Face Criminal Charges- Quick Korn - Record Co's Raided in Japan- Vince Neil Extreme Makeover- Nirvana Nevermind DVD- Halford Replaces Ozzy- AC/DC Want Blood - Weezer Nix Rubin Songs- Bad Religion, Rise Against Tour- The Apex Theory EP- One Man Army Surrender- Hopesfall New CD, Tour- Dio, Motorhead, Anthrax To Rock MA.- Vast Ventures- Manson Hosting Cure Tribute- RI Club Fire Auction- Aerosmith DVD- Live Aid DVD Tidbits- Radiohead Charity Single- Straylight Run Debut Run- Griz Vid Casting Call- Yellow Card on the Rise- Paul Rader Stripped Down Classic Rock Tribute- Silverspork On The Rise- Business As Usual

    Day In Rock 8/18/04 : Death At Phish Phinal Show- Alien Manson- Springsteen Boycott- Fogelberg Cancer Fight- Doherty Guilty Plea To Weapon Charge- Early Axl Uncovered- Fear Factory, Lamb of God & Children of Bodom Plot Tour- Blindside Dropped?- 2 Songs For $1, Album for $5- Camper Van Reunion Explained- Boredoms Comeback- Haste The Day Make Haste- Throwdown DVD- Nitro Tokyo- PJ, RHCP & Rancid To Play Ramones Anniversary Party- Sony BMG Cuts Begin- Maroon 5 Benefit- Prince's Paisley Park Back in Business- Punk Voter Tour- Free Franz- Brain Surgeons Ink Deal- Action Action- Tragically Hip CD and US Tour- Slapped! Motley Crue

    Day In Rock 8/17/04 : Love Drug Trial Set- Kinks Star Paralyzed- Offspring Hits- Cantrell & Ozzy?- Motley Reunion- Cobain Auction- Ozzy Dog Show Theme- Inland Invasion All Star Line-Up- Avril Back To School- Navarro Pens Tell-All- Green Day Record Breaking Hit- Billy Talent Punk Canada- Solo P.O.D.- Coheed and Underoath- Strapping New DVD- Durst Preaches Forgiveness- The Thrills Joined by Peter Buck on New CD- Muse Will Play Fests- Macca US Tour 05- Depeche Mode Remix CD- Gov't Mule Extends Tour- Skynyrd Add Solo Dates- Phinal Phish Phlooded- Final Cash Recording- Silly News: Jesus Protests Manson- 3 Inches of Blood RR Debut- Further Seems Forever Preview- New Twist on Classic Songs- Madison Paige Get Sludged- Warped Wednesday

    Day In Rock 8/12/04 : Xtina Sued For Assault- Studio Fire Sparked By Black Eyed Peas?- Manson Fans Attack- Blackie Lawless Hospitalized- Andre Best Dressed- Breeder Tanya Donelly Plans New CD- Stapp Breaks His Silence- Hot Hot Heat Prep WB Debut- Aretha Records- Social D's 'Sex, Love and Rock and Roll'- WWIII Reunite For Sludge- Dave Grohl Trouble- Entombed Plan Tour- Time In Malta Lose Frontman?- U2 Picture Book- Bayside Lose Two- Dark Order New Guitarist- Children of Bodom EP- Paul Rodgers Working On New Solo CD- Mellencamp Hits- Darkness Sign Dead Dog- Garbage's Rough Sailing- New York Dolls Play On- Beasties Expand Tour- Interpol Club Tour- No Stone Roses Reunion - Blue Nile Return- Velvet Underground's John Cale New CD- ISC 2004- Quiksand a UK Hit

    Day In Rock 8/11/04 : Amy Lee Vs. Britney- Van Halen Cancer Was Worst Than Reported- Soundtrack To War- Sparta Injury- Anti-Flag Go Major?- Walkmen Walk Away From UK Fests- Doherty Pulls A Courtney- Headbangers Ball Tour- Nightwish Miss Gigs Over Visa Issue- Robin Black Raising The Bar For Rock?- Donnas Go For The Gold- Cobain Movie- Tony Mottola RIP- Kirk Hammet: 'Movie Went Too Far'- Dio Toys- Idlewild Wrap Recording- Pearl Jam Winter- Supergrass Decade- Fogerty New CD- Body of Missing Ash Fan Found- Ramones Biopic Premiere- Davies Recovering- Nintendo Fusion Tour - Unearth Headline - Manson Hits- Taking Back Fuse- Kiss Expo Raid Cont.- Green Day Club Gigs- New York Dolls Tribute

    Day In Rock 8/9 : Nick Carter Denies Paris Hilton Abuse- Sean McGrath Benefit Delay- 65 Arrests At Korn Show- A Perfect Package- Black Crowes Reunion?- Megadeth Megalawsuits- Manson's Jesus- Page Plant DVD- Mars Volta Go Mute For New CD- Underoath Drop Tour- iTunes Sales Up, Way Up- KSE Add Dates- Helmet: Initial Dates- New Hendrix Doll- COC Recording- Evergrey Live DVD- From Zero & Ditchwater Split- Ray Charles Tribute- Country Star OxyContin Bust- Rick James Death Mystery- Brian Wilson Double Release- Telsa Carry On- Missing Ash Fan Hunt- Rumor File: GNR Song Titles- Brazil Tour - Joyfest

    Day In Rock 8/4 : Love Vs. Manson- Cantrell Heart Jam- 50 Cent Down With Simpsons- Boomtown Hits- Kravitz Maps Out Tour- Stapp Solo debut- Twisted Sister Electrified with AC/DC Frontman- Chimaira Explain Musical Drummers- Thrice Vocal Solo- Nick Cave Double CD- Queers, Gamits Tour Kickoff- Van Halen Glitch Explained- Fates Warning Return With New CD- Cinderella Goes Solo- Anthrax Skateboards- Serj, Homme, Perry Shortlist- Atreyu, Bleeding Through Team for Rocktober Tour- Traffic Reunion Halted By Illness- Billy Idol Return- Waters' Wall Protest- Rise Against Preview- KGB Band- Ex-Creed Tour- Rollins To Rock The Troops- Jimmy Eat World MP3-EP- The Beta Band Disband- Warped Wednesday- Blackfield Debut- Charlie Watts Jazzes Up Solo Effort- The Used Set Date, Single

    Day In Rock 6/8 : Lars Illness Update- Punk Pioneer Dies- Satanic Killings By Metal Band- Tool CD Update- Butthole Surfer- Manson Settles- Courtney Love Animated- Behind The Guns (N' Roses)- Slipknot & Slayer Take UK- Less Than Revolution- KMFDM- Eminem "bum" Rap Not To Air- Ace Quits Biz?- more

    Day In Rock 6/3 : Sharon Osb New Idol Judge- Durst Denied Nookie- Cobain Memorial- Shadows Fall- Slipknot No 2- Pearl Jam- Society 1 Pulls a Manson-Helmet- Ward Is Back Sabbath- Primus- McCartney Admits Heroin Use- Brand New- Ozzy Olympics- Avril's Walmart Hit- MC5- Blur- Motorhead- Queensrÿche- more

    Day In Rock 5/19 : Guitarist Killed In Car Crash- Plastic Axl- Libertines Suicide Watch- Avril & Manson- AC/DC Fest- RIAA's Fuzzy Math- Kreator- Off-fest Dates- 6 Red Hot Solo CDs?- Good Charlotte Death- Andre- The Wallflowers- Evanescence- Mayer Plays The Prom- Ozzy Ice Cream- Eminem Vs. Apple- more

    Day In Rock 5/14 : KISS Anger Muslims- Korn Rap- Franz & D12 Brawl- March of the Maggots- Audioslave's 2nd- Jet- Manson Sues- Green Day's 'American Idiot'- Sir Paul Too Loud- Henry Rollins USO- Ministry- Eagles of Death Metal- Tommy DVD- The Living End- Another Courtney Plea- more

    Day In Rock 5/07 : Death at Bowie Show- Manson To Play Jesus?- Solo Creed- MTV MP3s- Nickeldork Remix- Spector Didn't Fire Gun?- Face To Face- QOTSA Recording- Hives- Jacko Flick- The Rembrandts- NIN- Filter Q & A- Spider Rock 2- Strokes Pissed in Nashville- New REM- Darkness Mutt- The Vines- more

    Day In Rock 4/14 : Jackson Molested Another?- Britney Reality Show?- TBM Bus Crash- Muse Singer Injured-Interpol- Courtney Robbed- Scorpions- Satriani- Lamb of God- Damageplan and Drowning Pool- Fear Factory- Alice Cooper- Wes Borland- Danzig- Manson- Jet- Maroon 5- Electric Six- Otep- more

    Day In Rock 4/08 : QOTSA Bar Brawl- ID Thief Guitarist- Bon Jovi Lampoon- Manson Wedding- SJR Drops Deicide?- Dio- Judas Priest Sign- Beck- Forget Midtown- Record Slump- Beatles Vs. Apple Trial- Vince Neil Dismissed - Beastie Boys- Jonny Santos- Big Bird Norah- more

    Day In Rock 4/01 : Bizkit Snub Africa- Darkness Sue AC/DC- P2P Legal- Vines Bomb in Chicago- 3DD Member Acquitted- Ozzy- Priest- Black Crowes- Sonic Youth- John Kerry Loves Rap, Hates Metal- TSOL Free- Amen- Velvet Underground- A Postponed Circle- Manson- Boy Hits Car Dropped- Corgan- more

    Day In Rock 3/4 : OutKast Goes Postal- Reznor & Manson Thieves- Van Hagar New Deal- Free Slipknot- Local H- More Fun With Sebastian Bach- System of a Benefit- Skinlab- Dylan- Mellowdrone- No EFF for RIAA- White Stripes Shuffle- Jurassic Rock- Peter Criss Pissed- Kelly O DVD- Metal's Nu Wave- New Megadeth Music- more

    Day In Rock 3/1 : Idol Judge Vs. Sharon Osbourne- Manson Wants Avril's Toes- Jacko Hold Up- $2 Vines- Mars Volta- Brand New- Ryan Adams- GNR Digi Hits- Dimmu Grammy- Voivod- Kill H.I.M.- Trust Part Co.- Grip Inc- Dio- Interpol- SJR, Slipknot, God Forbid for Off-Fest- Sparta- Alice in Motley Cult- more

    Day In Rock 2/18 : GNR Fans Protest- OutKast Outrage- Durst Loses Gigs- Numetal Dead- Linkin Avril- Manson Settles- Courtney Dismissed- RIAA Sues Again- Oliveri Didn't Quit QOTSA- In Stores- Jager Driver- Machine Head Rerun- Punk Politics- Living End Blink- Timbaland Disses Hip-Hop- Superjoint Confirm- more

    Day In Rock 2/4 : MTV Got Punk'd- Axl's Pony- Beatles Rap- Manson's Teaching Gig- Pixies Tour- Mudvayne- Ziggy Tourdust- Mo Kweller- Crossfade- Silvertide- Damageplan- Stone Temple Explanation- Anthrax- Black Metal Prosecution- P2P Appeal- Grammy Delay- 40 Grit Quit- More

    Day In Rock 1/27 : Marilyn Manson School Teacher?- Kazaa To Sue RIAA- FBI MP3 Warning- Rock TV- The Darkness Censored- Yeah Yeah Tour- Newsted Goes To Hell- Ozzfest On For Ozzy- In Stores- Temple of the Dog- The Muffs- Billy Corgan- Entombed- Dimmu Borgir plus lots more

    Day In Rock 1/8 : Durst, Davis, Manson Fight Club- RIAA Bogus Claims- Cheap Trick & Aerosmith Tour- Dope Bassist Finds Love Quits Music- A Perfect Spring- New Green Day- GNR Bio- Web CD Sales Under Fire- plus The Ramones - Baby Robinson- Rare Beatles DVD- Bon Jovi- Puddle of Acoustic- More Warped Bands- more

    Day In Rock 12/19 : CDs For $1- Phil Vs. Dimebag & Vinnie- Jane’s Manson Tour Off- More of The Clash- Puddle of Metallica New Years- Coldplay Pretenders- Wall-Tunes- Pearl Jams 2 Nominations- Alice Cooper Radio- Opeth Dates- Pennywise + Stretch Arm Strong- Anthrax Doesn’t Die- Unearth Signed

    Day In Rock 12/16 : Jack White in Bar Brawl- 8 Forbidden Words- Manson Ok With Swiss- Ozzy Breaths- Offspring

    Day In Rock 12/03 : Spike Lee Denounces Rap- Motley Controversy- Marilyn Manson A Criminal?- ACLU Vs. RIAA- Bizkit Cancel Over Security Issues- Alice Cooper Gets His Star- Avril’s Hair Wins- Brides Destruct In March- New Deftones- plus Elvis- Bono- Killswitch Engaged- Chevelle- more

    Day In Rock 11/10 : Tommy Lee Underwear- Avril “Growing” As A Songwriter- Walmart MP3’s?- Disturbing Fuzzy End- Hooba-Linkin P.O.D. Story- New Slayer in 04- Royal Gilmour- Pink Salutes Joplin- Iron Maiden- Pearl Jam- Kittie De-Clawed- Riot Vocalist Dies- Black Label- Manson Plays Games- more

    Day In Rock 10/20 : Blink Only Worth $1- Metallica Scratch World Tour- MTV Clones iTunes- Limp Bizkit’s Behind- Manson Exorcised- Godsmack Literate- DMB Live CD/DVD- Korn Preview- Fozzy Get Real- Rockin’ TV- Snider For Halloween- Avenged Sevenfold Drop Vans Tour

    Day In Rock 10/15 : Punkers Riot In Canada- Ozzy Cancels Again- Wanna Be Manson?- Incubus Poetry?- Lotta No Doubt- Korn

    Day In Rock 9/5 : MP3 Amnesty- AFI- Grunge Supergroup- Zeppelin, Doors, Cream’s School Of Rock- Strokes and Kings of Leon- Slipknot- Marilyn Manson- Hustler Wants to Rock- Sharon TV- Jane’s Addiction- Morbid Angel, Danzig and Superjoint Ritual- Singles Return, RIAA Still Clueless- Duran Duran- Ben Lee- Dee Snider.

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