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Shallow Side

Eric Boatright from Shallow Side tells us about the song "Rebel", the first single from their forthcoming debut album "One", which is set to be released on September 30th. Here is the story:

Growing up I never really fit in. It's easy to see that if you take my personality and shove it into a small town in north Alabama. Have you seen Footloose? I'm Kevin Bacon and by God my small town wasn't ready to dance when I showed up!

Where I'm from you get two choices. You finish high school and go to work at the local factory, or you go to the community college where you learn your trade for that same factory. Either way you're having children at a young age and repeating the small town spiral.

This didn't settle well with me. In fact it terrifies me to this date. No dreams? No goals? No ambitions? You don't want more than this?

These questions made me an outcast, and finding answers only solidified resentment from the same people telling me how to live. Ask me then what I wanted and I honestly couldn't tell you, but I knew I had dreams. I knew there was a goal I haven't seen yet. I oozed ambition and more was all I ever wanted.

After pushing harder and playing the lone wolf I discovered music and the people in it. They too shared the same visions as I did. This ultimately was the backbone of the song Rebel. I never wanted to be regular, it didn't feel right. I never shot for mediocre, I always fought for more. After finding RockNRoll I learned there were a lot more of my type of people.

I guess you could say...We're all Rebels.

Question everything was my motto. Do as you please was my creed.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen and watch for yourself here and learn more about the band and the album right here!


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