Singled Out: Krantz' Until We Meet Again


Retro rockers Krantz just released their brand new single "Until We Meet Again" and to celebrate we asked Jeffrey Krantz to tell us the story behind the new track:

I was at work, playing my basic 4 hour gig on a Thursday night when I locked eyes with a gorgeous girl from across the room. I flirted with her from on stage, pointing out how tough she looked smoking her cig and sipping on a Budweiser, while I was sipping on a vodka soda. She came up and danced in front of me and we definitely had a connection. She wrote her number down on a gum wrapper and gave it to me as she told me she had to leave to pick a friend up at the airport. I hit her up after my gig and found out she was from New Jersey and was just in town for the weekend. The next day I met up with her and her friends, and we immediately hit it off. We spent pretty much the next 2 days in each others arms. It was a magical bittersweet feeling having found each other and clicking so fast, but knowing that she was gonna be heading back to her life in New Jersey on Monday.

I felt very inspired to write about the experience, knowing I had to express the feelings I had for her, and the memories that I would never forget. The song shot out of me, singing about how magical the weekend was, and I'll be just sitting around remembering the time we had until we meet again.

I wrote it as I write most songs, on my 70's Yamaha acoustic guitar. Not really sure how it would feel with the band, we jammed on it in several different styles. I liked the reggae vibe for this song, but it just didn't sound right for our style, being more of a pop rock band. Then our keys player started messing around with his effects pedals through his Wurlitzer, and came up with this sound that almost sounds like kettle drums, but with a trippy delay. It made the song click, and it just shot out. We added some strings (cuz I love strings) and made a sound that I've never heard before, which is very satisfying.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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