Avenged Sevenfold Frontman Addresses Album Backlash

Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold frontman M Shadows addressed the backlash the band faced for their surprise album "The Stage" and believes the tide has changed with people's feelings about the record.

He spoke with here for their latest issue and they revealed part of the conversation online. He said of the effort, "I think it will stand the test of time in terms of Avenged's legacy and I think that at some point it will be a lot of people's favorite record.

"I just think that when you're in the middle of the process of writing a record and you know that things are going to be a little complex or a little over people's heads, then you've got to know that a backlash is coming. And it did. But you know that going into it. I just wish that we didn't do so many crazy things at once."

He added: "I feel that all of the initial backlashes that we've had, people have grown into it. They try it on and see how it fits. The backlash to City Of Evil was insane - and then the next one was insane because it wasn't City Of Evil. The next one was actually fine because Jimmy had died. We didn't get much of a backlash because I think that people felt bad for us. But then when Hail To The King came out, there was a huge backlash.

"The different thing on the backlash with The Stage, though, was it was the first time that we had a great critical response and more of a fan backlash."

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