Vinnie Vincent Comeback Singer On Why Shows Where Canceled

Vinnie Vincent

KISS fans were disappointed when former guitarist Vinnie Vincent pulled out of his comeback shows and a singer who was supposed to be involved has shared his views on what the plug was pulled.

Jim Crean (Hair Nation, Appice Brothers) spoke with The Metal Voice about the ill-fated shows and was also asked about why Vinnie pulled out of the shows and he shared his views on the reasoning, "I can't speak on Vinnie Vincent's behalf, I never met him but I have my ideas and I have my suspicions and so does Carmine and Tony.

"There's a lot of heavy shredding that went into Vinnie's songs, when I sat down learning those songs I dissected every part of these songs even with the guitar. I would sit down and work out to make sure that everything's gonna be super tight and we're gonna come out and really do a great job for him.

"When Vinnie did that KISS cruise and I seen some video footage of that and he didn't really play any leads or anything like that, he just kind of came out and he looked a little nervous, like he was kind of unsure. Tony, Carmine and I have never taken a break from the music scene, we've been doing it for years we've all been doing this for a very long time actively, consistently touring.

"Derrick Christopher, Vinnie's agent, said to me, 'I think Vinnie's gonna be a little standoffish at first but then once he sees and he hears you guys and you guys get in the same room together he is gonna be so into it'. I think that would have happened, I really think that Vinnie would have come out and it would have really been a good career move for him, but I do think that maybe he had a little doubt.

"Sometimes when you write songs 30 years ago and you make them so difficult to play you don't think of what's gonna happen in 30 years. I think maybe he just was a little worried. I just want to make it clear that me Tony and Carmine we're gonna come out and really be super tight and deliver it for Vinnie.

"I know there was some rumors floating around that we couldn't make the practice, there was gonna be no practice, no rehearsal - that's not true. We spent a lot of time talking back and forth to how the songs the keys arrangements and I spent a lot of time learning those songs to the point where I was very confident that I would have went out and did a very good job for him.

"Again, if Vinnie would have went through with these shows I think it would have been a very good move for him because the fans would have loved it and I think the fans would have really accepted however it sounded.

"If Vinnie came out and he wasn't exactly like he was 30 years ago I think the fans would have still accepted him for just coming out on stage, I truly do think that because his fans are very loyal to him and they just want to see him play."

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