Donnie Vie Releases Video For Cover Of John Lennon Classic

Donnie Vie

Former Enuff Z'nuff frontman Donnie Vie has released a video for his take on the John Lennon classic "Instant Karma" to celebrate the announcement of his new solo album.

Donnie had this to say about the clip, "When everyone gave so much to make this video ['Instant Karma'] out of love, I decided that I would pay it forward and dedicate it to a needy cause. The effects of bullying are astounding. I know because I was a victim of it. Lennon campaigned for peace and love and that's what his song shall be used for." Watch the video here.

Vie will be releasing his latest solo album, entitled "Beautiful Things" on June 7th and the effort features guest appearances from Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Jellyfish) and Mike LePond (Symphony X).

The first single from the effort will be called "I Could Save The World" and is scheduled to be released this Friday, May 24th. Donnie offered these comments about the record, "This is my first record in 4 years. I had to make sure it was great.

"The songs started coming, starting with 'I Could Save the World,' which opened the door for the rest. I got great artists to play on it like Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), Roger Manning (Jellyfish), Matt Walker (Garbage/Morrissey) and many other killers.

"The record exceeded my hopes and expectations. It's like an ice cream sundae made out of sounds & colors, with more hooks than a tackle box. And of course my pipes, stronger than ever! The song 'Beautiful Things' felt like a great album title, so I expanded on that.

"It hits hard from start to finish. I'm proud to be a big part of it, it's my best work yet, and that's saying something after nearly 25 great records with Enuff Z' Nuff and my solo stuff combined. If you like cool aggressive pop, you will love this. I sure do. Share the love, stop the hate, and lets save the world."

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