Guitarist Shocked By Iron Maiden Rock Hall Nomination Inclusion 2021 In Review

Keavin Wiggins | 12-08-2021

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Guitarist Shocked By Iron Maiden Rock Hall Nomination Inclusion 2021 In Review
Rock Hall induction graphic for Iron Maiden

Former Iron Maiden guitarist Dennis Stratton had a top 21 story from February 2021 after he shared that he was shocked to learn that he was included in the band's long overdue nomination for the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

Despite the band still filling stadiums across the world and influencing bands like Metallica who have already been inducted, this year marks the first year that Iron Maiden has been nominated by the Rock Hall.

Stratton was a member of Iron Maiden for a little under a year in 1979-80 and appeared on The group's acclaimed self-titled debut album. He was replaced by Adrian Smith.

Dennis was asked about his reaction to being included in the Rock Hall nomination by Total Rock. He responded, "The first reaction, I've gotta be honest with you, is that I thought 'It's not gonna include me.'

"Funny enough, I got a message on the Lionheart group message from Tristan, who does all our graphics, the artwork, and he said to me he'd looked online 'And you've been nominated with the band.'

"I've never had a lot of luck with Maiden, and certain things that have gone on over the years, like the gold discs from the first album. I never actually got what I was due. I think I got two, three gold discs, and there should have been about 20.

"And I never actually get anything, you know. It was only down to Steve Harris texting me about the re-release, which was the 40-year anniversary, that the office actually sent me a copy of the of the 40-year anniversary picture disc, so I was happy about that.
"But this was a bit of a shock, because to include me and the other two, Clive [Burr]and Paul [Di'Anno], it's quite a nice gesture, It's very, very exciting, in my point of view."

The legendary band ultimately were not inducted this year.

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