Edgar Winter Shares Visualizer For All-Star Rendition Of 'Stranger'

Keavin Wiggins | 05-31-2022

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Edgar Winter Album art
Album art

Edgar Winter has released a visualizer video for the song "Stranger", which is the latest single from "Brother Johnny", his all-star tribute album to his legendary brother Johnny Winter.

The song features Michael McDonald (vocals), Joe Walsh (lead guitar), and Ringo Starr (drums) who join Edgar (on piano, mellotron, and synth), Tim Pierce (electric and acoustic guitar), Bob Glaub (bass) and Kenny Aronoff (on percussion).

Edgar said of the song, "I absolutely love this ballad, partly because it is so uncharacteristic of Johnny's style and image. It is on the soft side, very melodic, and sensitive, displaying a vulnerability Johnny does not often reveal."

He said of the visualizer, "at first I couldn't see any way of doing something meaningful with this song-that is, until I hit upon the idea of making my beautiful wife (Monique) the 'pretty stranger'. Then the whole thing just seemed to fall miraculously into place.

"I should explain-I've always felt a sense of deep personal connection with this song. From the first time I heard the opening line 'Hello pretty stranger', something clicked in my mind that made me immediately think of my first meeting with Monique. She was so much the tantalizingly exotic stranger I thought I'd never have the chance to meet. Absolutely gorgeous, sophisticated, mysterious, and unattainable-in short, totally out of my class.

"But here's the main thing. At the end of the song, the lyrics never actually say if these two newly met lovers are saying goodbye forever (making this only a one night affair) or if this might be just the start of something much more.

"This point has always been a great part of the beauty and mystery of the whole song for me. The fact is-that we never know if the next perfect stranger we seemingly just happen to meet is entirely by chance, or rather might end up being that one special person we're destined to spend the rest of our lives with. The latter is the story I choose to tell.

"This has always been my own secret and preferred interpretation. It makes the piece a beautiful love song, and just as possibly Monique's and my own story as well. It transforms the song into something intimately personal, and so much more meaningful to me, to us both, and I think-for us all. Because it's Johnny's song featuring the guitar, and our being family (close as we all were) that makes him the obvious and perfect person to fill the guitar role, becoming the other main character in this visualizer.

"It never ceases to amaze me how many things have magically fallen into place during the course of this album and are still continuing to do so. And here is yet another example of that wondrous theme at work. So, sit back, open your heart, take a deep breath, and enjoy the touching and mysterious 'Stranger'." Watch the video below:

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