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The Crue. The Whole Crue. And Nothing But The Crue.
Inside Motley Crue’s Rock N’ Roll Circus.

Live Review by Chuck G

Motley Crue’s proving ground would be Cleveland’s Gund Arena on a blustery February evening, the capacity of which the bad boys of 80s hair metal haven’t sniffed in close to 11 years. A lot has transpired in that span: jail stretches, marriages gone awry, “amateur” video releases, tragic pool deaths and failed side-careers.

And that’s just Tommy Lee!

The sum of the Crue has always been greater than their parts. Tommy tried to front not one, but TWO solo projects to less than luke-warm fanfare. Vince bloated up and toured the rib cook-off circuit performing abridged sets due to bad sound, personal whim or his own vocal shortcomings. Nikki put together the respectable “Brides of Destruction” but failed with his first attempt, a band called “59” as well as his “Dragonfly” clothing line. Yes, you heard me right...Nikki Sixx has a clothing line. That elevates him to the status of Martha Stewart and Jaclyn Smith.  And Mick Mars...well, hip replacements, a crippling arthritic condition and a $10 million palimony suit have been his only headlines.

About the only thing positive to come out of a Crue member was the fat in Vince’s abdomen during his recent liposuction procedure!

But when they reunite, sparks do fly. Literally.

House lights dimmed and three video screen sparked up showing a disjointed clamaytion introduction that showcased the earth, and thus the Crue, being threatened by a large meteor. “The earth is in serious peril,” the swarthy U.S. President spoke in heavy accent! The cartoon Crue emerged with a “great” idea to play a show at the meteor’s point of impact with the collision timed to the band’s encore. It’ll be the greatest, if never remembered, rock show ever.  Thinking the better of themselves, Nikki and the boys concoct a scheme to send an extremely well-endowed women up into space (via slingshot) to smash the meteor into tiny bits...saving themselves and earth in the process. This plan fell quite flat (you have to see the animation) and the Crue then turned the event over to their Master of Ceremonies.

A large-faced clown emerged in front of the red and white striped circus tent from underneath the stage and began pumping up the crowd but didn’t have that “Alriiiiighhhhhht, Cleeeeeveeeland...” style that KISS fans the world over know and love. Eventually, music and strobe lights gave way to this clowns shrieking and the circus tents walls came down. BAM! Welcome to the Greatest Show On Earth.

Or on this night only...the Greatest Show at the Gund.

“Shout at the Devil,” the title cut from their ‘83 album blew the doors off the tent as Nikki, Vince, Mick and Tommy showcased just what made them the arena kings of the 1980s. Solid, catchy, no-frill rock with a little bit of parent-scaring satanism and hormone-induced sexuality. The capacity crowd, young and old, threw up devil horns of their own during the song’s refrains lapping up every bit of nostalgia.

Launching into the namesake of their first effort, “Too Fast For Love,” Nikki and Mick traded stage sides while Vince worked the apron giving everyone a big hello. Vince sounded great, his voice able to (but just barely) hit those higher registers and the textbook screams. Looking far lighter than even in “The Remaking of Vince Neil,” he ran back and forth and operated the songs openings and closings. After the song, he thanked Cleveland for showing up and said that the Crue had something for everybody, young and old.

These openers gave us a look at the circus theme.  Inside the big top stage were trapeze ladders and really not much more. Tommy’s set was set up on something you’d see an elephant do a handstand on and there were some well placed touches of a ramshackle carnival coming to town rather than the professional Barnum & Bailey experience. Scantily-clad performers twisted and writhed on the ladders and on lowered rings (and on one another!). 

Reaching back into the Crue archives, “Ten Seconds To Love” and “On With The Show” were dusted off. The latter was started, stopped and started again due to Mick’s condition/butterflies/lack of practice/insert your own excuse here. Never have I seen a professional band on such a large stage balk on a song in such a curious way. But the upbeat, optimistic version gave way to Tommy audibly screaming “F*CK!!!!” at the song’s conclusion and Vince making the audience aside, “Well, let’s play some songs we KNOW!”

“Red Hot,” “Too Young To Fall In Love” and “Louder Than Hell” were next on the roster. The latter utilized full pyrotechics of multicolored flames during the songs choruses, most likely to dress up this filler from 1985’s “Theater Of Pain.”

Much speculation has been made of guitarist Mick Mars’ condition. His bone disease was initially thought to be non-conducive to a touring regimen for such an active band. But wearing a black Mad Hatter-esque chapeau and some platform boots, Mick nobly navigated his side of the stage, but in a doddering fashion. You just got the idea that he was in pain or uncomfortable performing and that this might be his swan song. If MIck makes this summer’s promised  shed dates, it’ll be a miracle.

But the outpouring from the crowd was rather touching.  During the solo for “Looks That Kill,” Mick took center stage and the audience eruption nearly drowned out his playing. He had to have been touched. It was a genuine act of kindness.

Set ender, and the Crue’s first legit hit, “Live Wire” brought down the house and brought up the big tops walls. The breakneck pace of this final gem of “early” Crue satisfied the hardcore fans and would ensure that fans of the later, more popular Motley collection would be satiated in set number 2.

After a 10-minute commercial for the movie “Disaster: The Movie” in the same claymation-opener fashion, something as simple as a motorcycle revving brought shrieks and fan’s asses back into the their seats.  Nothing post-1985 was performed in set #1, so they knew what awaited them. Motley was back and the circus tent walls fell again as Vince, Tommy and Nikki took the stage on 3 choppers straight out of “Monster Garage.” The pre-song posturing was a little campy as the boys executed their first of many costume changes the night, getting into the feel of the denim-and-leather of 1987’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” album. Title track ensued with the video screens offering a pre-made reel of, well, girls...doing what girls do...if they’re lesbians. This was more like Girls, Girls, Girls Gone Wild.

“Wild Side” from the same album started to show the chinks in the Crue armor. Vince’s voice was sounding strained at times and Mick’s guitar “chugging’ wasn’t keeping time with Tommy’s immaculate playing. In fact, his solo was completely out of time in numerous places. But in true big top fashion, the show must go on.

Stagehands as evil clowns tended to the band members and filled out the carnival scenery. One brought Vince an acoustic guitar and if you know the Crue, you knew what song was next. Playing probably the only three chords he knows, Vince looked back at Tommy (their mutual acrimony well-documented) and questioned, “Are we gonna do this or what...?” All parties convened on foot-tapper, “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away).”

House lights dim and the aforementioned sparks really started to fly. Vision Nikki, stage left, playing a very wobbly keyboard while subway steam emanated up through him and on stage right, a lady in armor plating armed with a mechanical grinder, showered sparks in the same way David Letterman’s people do it during the “Will It Float?” segment. This was Cirque De Soleil? So far, it’s been a very naughty and predictable Shriner’s Circus. This effort at performance art ended with a loud explosion and Nikki then telling the crowd that he wanted to blow himself up in a very “Get it?” way. Alright...if you say so.  Launching into “Primal Scream” from 1991’s “Decade of Decadence” was small consolation.

Next up for solo consideration was Vince who up to this point in the set was having nothing but problems with the arena’s sound. After running from side to side and invigorating the audience, he would run to the side of the stage and harshly gesticulate his downfall with the soundmen. Unfortunately, this came to a head during the medley of “Glitter/Without You.” This presentation was perfect for the single Cirque dancer twirling from a blue satin ribbon above the stage, this was what that money was going for...a little visual poetry to go along with lesser power ballads. But Vince was so vocally flat on these songs, that even he shook his head in disgust. It wasn’t his voice giving up, he simply could not hear himself.

These two quickies dovetailed nicely into the epic that is “Home Sweet Home.” Tommy played a piano right by his drums and the crowd took over vocal duties from Vince (and he may have been happy about that). But this was the cause celebré...the song that MTV had to retire from the daily countdown because it simply would not go away from the number one slot. Crue fans were as impassioned about this soaring song now as they were then. In a very “Year 2005” twist, lighters have given way to the lighted LCD screens of camera phones...the blue glow emanating from the arena bowl.

A staple of any Motley Crue event is the Tommy Lee drum solo. He’s played at a 90-degree angle (Theater of Pain), to going fully 360 (Girls, Girls, Girls) to finally being suspended high above the arena floor in a flying drumset that reached the back rafters (Dr.  Feelgood). Having been around the world and back, this year’s solo piece would disappoint. Starting out playing a slowly-syncopated rhythm, video screens ablaze showing psychedelic trip-images, and the sound-system blaring the words “F*CK!” and “Dirty” over and over...Tommy made love to the audience with his drumming. Then, unpleased came out from behind the gigantic bass drum and greeting the audience in a flurry of F-bombs and obscenity in a way only a Crue fan could love. From here, he flew up to the rafters (with the help of a gaffer’s line) and split time between two percussive settings, flying to and fro in a very Peter Pan way. The first environment was ala “Stomp” with lots of glass, metal and plastic taking the place of a wood, brass and sheepskin drumset. The 2nd was electronica and was played with Tommy’s body...kicking and screaming the entire way into a Nine Inch Nails stupor. Neither was awesome. 

With that thankfully over, the balance of the band came out to drop “Dr. Feelgood” on a very bored audience. Concluding that song, Tommy came out again and he and Nikki lamented the lack of seeing any women’s breasts thus far into the evening. So, Tommy grabbed a handheld camcorder from a stagehand and began goading the locals into peddling some flesh.  Many obliged and it was all up on the big screen for proof. Nikki told the audience the reason they do that is because people (who, I don’t know) told them not to. From here, he espoused the Motley creed of thumbing your nose at authority, rearing back and biting the hand that feeds...Shouting at the devil, if you will. Everything they do is because people said they couldn’t and they weren’t shy about giving them a collective “F*ck You!”

This post-solo moment set the tone for the final collaborative moments: Another costume change, “Same Old Situation,” new songs “If I Die Tomorrow” (which actually sounds better live than recorded) and the horrible...HORRIBLE...”Sick Love Song.” Set-ender “Kickstart My Heart” was a welcome reprieve from the misguided tedium of the Crue pushing new product.

House lights dim. Band exits stage to the resounding shouts of “Crue! Crue! Crue!” And (gasp!) the hackneyed plot line of the forced encore begins anew.  This time all the village idiots come careening out juggling pins, breathing fire and slinking around in suspended hoops...all to the strains of the Beatles “Helter Skelter” done Crue-style. The final act of the carnival was on, which was good...because Vince’s voice was giving out stage left and right. He was reduced to singing the end of the lines instead of full lyrics. It was a valiant effort though. Wearing the jumpsuits of those left to clean up after the circus elephants, Vince, Tommy, Mick and Nikki finished aptly with the lyrics “...f*cking destroy” from the Sex Pistol’s, “Anarchy in the U.K.”

Destroy, they did. Not their reputations, though as many thought they might this late into their career.

The curtain was raised on the Rock N’ Roll circus and there was plenty of clean-up to be done. And though this spectacle was not without the occasional sputter, what remained is Motley Crue’s distinction as hard rock road dogs and an audience-pleasing live act...for one night only.

With the Crue, nothing else is guaranteed.

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Fan Speak:

Posted by 4crue dudes:
I think motley crue is the most awesome band aroud and they were my first concert

Posted by motlyecrue fan:
so whats up vince neil i love your music hey this is one of your fans blake young. I love how you have your voice can sound like that to. i love you guys you are my favrite band member.well i have to go see you.oh i saw ya'll in houston march 24 that was kick ass no wait that was ****in bad ass.

Posted by motley man:
motley crue is one of my favorite and butch no one really likes u here so y dont u go and beat off to some three days grace videos.

Posted by katirgrl:
also vince and tommy lee are yummy- butch you wouldn't get as many girls as they have had if you lived ten life times

Posted by katirgrl:
motley is one of the greatest bands of all time-they kick ass and there is something about their music that makes women want to dance on poles! the concert was great and butch can kiss my ass

Posted by motleyfan81:
Tommy lee will kick anyones ass that messes with him or anyone in the crue if they dont do it first.....nikki sixx would make a great president, and with tommy as vice president the u.s would never be the same!....what a ride.

Posted by Cheesiyi(again):
If you hate MoTlEY CRuE then Tommy Lee will kick your ass

Posted by Cheesiyi(again):
NiKkI SixX for president
TomMY LEe for vice president

Posted by Cheesiyi:
Motley Crue rocked in glasgow SECC in June 2005. I hope they come back very soon

Posted by motley fan:
some say they don't sellout arenas well in reading pa at the sovereign center the place was sold out 2 month in advance hows that for crue fans in pa.

Posted by motleyfan81:
butch, if you think motley crue is such a terrible band, then why do they sell out concerts, and have over 40 million albums sold, and have a bigger fan base than any gay band you listen to....can you answer that or are you too busy peeking on your mom?

Posted by Dr.Feelgood:

Posted by nadz:
like the concert on tv

Posted by motley worshiper:
I have been a motley worshiper for 21years.I went to the feelgood concert in sydney australia 1991 & all my dreams came true that night, the 4guys i looked up to in my life were right in front of me.(no words could explain how i felt)& now i am 29 i have the chance to see them again .(LONG LIVE MOTLEY CRUE)from the #1 most loyal fan Michael Bourke

Posted by bodaddy:
that was the best concert! And butch can suck our COXS

Posted by Motley LOVER!:
I think the concert sounds fun I WAS going to go untill I heard there was like gurlz running around in their under-wear i was going to go with my dad but oh-well : (

Posted by Sixx:
Butch is scared that Vince is gonna steal his girlfriend... that's if he's not a fag!

Posted by Nick:
I saw The Crue at Manchester Arena in England on June 15th. I've been to loads of gigs and NO ONE will top that stage show! The d*ck who posted that should be hung out to dry by Sixx and Lee for dissing them! THE CRUE RULE!!! CRUE! CRUE! CRUE!

Posted by KLee:
Just saw the Motley Crue Show. It so ROCKED! Just ignore the debris that is making negative comments. He only wants attention, if you stop giving it to him he may blow away

Posted by Terror:
Butch, Exercise your interests in humanity by allowing others their opinions.

Posted by Shutthehellup:
Wow... If you don't like this band, then why the hell do you have the most comments here? What else can I say...

Posted by Steff:

Cant wait for the oz tour in Dec 05!!!

Posted by CrueFan:
motley crue kick ass and theyre one of the greatest bands ever/ cant wait to see them in august!

Posted by Slag:
Can't wait for Vancouver...July 29...For nostalgia's sake the show will definitely kick some Canadian ass

Posted by paul:
cant remember the glasgow gig i was wheeled out but evey other gig in england was amazing!

Posted by vicki:
motley crue rocked in england every gig was boss!

Posted by Dr. Feelgood:
Motley Crue Rock Butch = Faggot

Posted by BUTCH:
last word--

Posted by Dude, Lame:
the mighty butch ey what a sad life you must lead broseph. arent we the tough one "who is next i can take anyone" dude you do realise its simply a website im sure you must celebrate your victory over internet posters by torturing a small animal. Well i guess that means im next. Deadset you are a complete f**khead ey, you think you are the toughest cynt around but guess what bud your just a sad loser. Motley crue are a f**kin awesome band, and i dont think fans or let alone anyone could really give two sh*ts about what some nerdy inbred hillbilly who lives in his mothers basement thinks. So why dont you go away and sit in your basement praying that blink 182 joins back together so you can once again beat off over their tunes ya geylord

Posted by butchslayer:
you're a ignorant kunt butch, you"re just jeleous cause you're An untalented cocksucker that could make music if you had a c.d. player. MC are one of the worlds greatest bands thats why they can still sell tickets to there concerts and you're sitting at home wanking off. dickhead

Posted by BUTCH:
hmm, yeah, but yer both still kunts. --so what is yer point?

Posted by The Reviewer:
Yeah, he's "butch"ering the English langauge...

Posted by CrueHead:
Always have to get in the last misspelled word, eh Butch?

Posted by BUTCH:

Posted by The Reviewer:
Good, And don't go away mad, just go away.

Posted by BUTCH:
i rest my case.

Posted by frog:
I have seen them twice and I bet this concert will be just as entertaining!

Posted by The Reviewer:
Amen, Frog... I'm not going THAT far, but I called it as I saw it. They put on a great rock n' roll show. I have no idea why "Butch" chimes in with negativity...frustrations of a pre-teen mall rat, I suppose. You'll enjoy yourself at that show, I have no doubt.

Posted by Frog:
I have long been a crue head, and they will be in my town on March 29th, and I just have to say, "even a bad performance by the crue is still f**king good!!!

Posted by Rawker1:
It looks to me like Butch resorts to name calling and profanity instead of solid arguments...he's lashing out because of frustration...small penis?

Posted by BUTCH:
NOW! who's really next?

Posted by BUTCH:
please, all mighty fukkwit, spare me the effort...what does "dispatched" mean? cuz it looks to me like you're up. go crank "red, white and crue" and play yer sisters bloody clit. sh!thead.

Posted by Cruehead:
Butch, Don't think you dispatched of me. I grew bored of your diatribe...hence, the yawn. Your paragraph of unfunny comments left me wanting a more educated and able foe. Please feel free to look up any of these words that you don't understand in your Spelling 099 class at Tri-County Vocational School.

Posted by BUTCH:
who's next?

Posted by BUTCH :
now you're talkin'

Posted by Cruehead:

Posted by BUTCH:
hey, fukko, i wasn't done.

Posted by BUTCH:
yes it is steve. its the principality of the matter. bad music is an afront to all humanity. if someone doesn't point this out then it will spread. for the kids. im doing it for the kids. my efforts are purely humanitarian.

Posted by BUTCH :
or gargle with glass. or slit yer wrists and lay in the bathtube. all warm and sticky. or park the car in the garage, shut the doors, leave the engine running, and listen to home sweet home 'till the lights go out.---but first lets have another sing-a-long from the motley poo catalog. more from girls girls girls "trick or treat-sweet to eat/on halloween and new year's eve/yankee girls ya just can't beat/but they're the best when they're off their feet/..crazy horse, paris, france/forget the names, remember romance/i got the photos, a menage a trois/musta broke those frenchies laws with those/girls girls girls/body shop marble arch/ blah blah blah/tropicana's where i lost my heart." you can't DESPUTE the banality of that, Herr C0cksucker. (singalong continues.) heres a verse i made up for girls girls girls. they'll be using it on the tour "mick mars' bones are brittle/vince's wang is little/nikki's got fishsinted panties on/tommy beat up another woman/bores bores bores/this band is such a bore/whores whores whores/if you like 45 year old whores with syphillis we got bus full of 'em for you" catchy is it not. --here's a new catch line for the poo-"motley crue: helping the spread of herpes for over 20 years (and counting)"---now, should i reconsider community college or should i drop out? make up yer mind, a$$cheese. but thanks for the thought--'til we meet again.

Posted by Steve:
Relax, Butch. It's just a review of a worthless, washed-up band hobbling around on stage weakly for one last time before they're tossed once and for all back out on the trash heap of history. Not worth picking fights over.

Posted by MotFan:
What a tremendous blew your load in your opening comments, Butchie.

Posted by BUTCH:
might be time to put the shotgun in yer mouth?

Posted by Cruehead:
Yeah, this 14-year old dork can't even spell "dispute." Might be time to reconsider Community College and pick-up a trade, Butchie.

Posted by Cruehead:
Yeah, this 14-year old dork can't even spell "dispute." Might be time to drop out of Community College.

Posted by MotFan:
Pure drivel and lashing out because somebody named their kid, 'Butch!"

Posted by BUTCH:
(rolls up sleeves) ok, now are you just "the reviewer" or are you chuck. i'd like to know before i lay into you?--i will never contest the statement that i am "close-minded" when it comes to bad music (which motley crue is.) because i am. motley crue doesn't do sin and debuachery justice. and if you really want to go toe to toe and despute this band of twits worth then allow me to remind you that your words will forever be used against you in the court of musical integrity. hey, its you're deal, but if this crap actualy sounds "good" to you then i'm wasting my time.--motley crue is the kuntwart of music. BARF SPIT PUKE

Posted by Anuj:
Let the battle begin....

Posted by The Reviewer:
Butch, you're a close-minded punk...who's living a tormented life with the name, "Butch."

Posted by BUTCH:
WARNING: anyone who posts anything positive about this band is my sworn mortal enemy and will be made fun of until they cry. let the fun begin...

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Dierks Bentley Drunk On A Plane Leads To Puke On The Stage (top story)

Tyler, the Creator Reveals 'Random Song' (top story)

Lorde Explains Criticism Diplo's Taylor Swift Tweet (top story)

Mary J. Blige Discusses Her Fashion Evolution (top story)

Latest B-Sides News

AC/DC's Dirty Deeds Boosted By Phil Rudd's Arrest (top story)

Fugazi Streaming Their Entire First Demo Online (top story)

Judas Priest 'Already Piling Up' Riffs For Next Album (top story)

The Who Release Virtual Reality App (top story)

AFI Offshoot XTRMST Release First Video (top story)

Robert Plant BBC Radio 6 Interview Goes Online (top story)

Jethro Tull Streaming Ward Child Reissue Track (top story)

Steven Tyler Performs Aerosmith's Amazing At Rehab (top story)

The Safety Fire Unplug For New Wide Hands Video (top story)

New Arcade Messiah Song Streaming Online (top story)

Peckham Cowboys Release Bromley Girls Video (top story)

Metallica Hit The Lights On Late Night TV (top story)

Jimmy Page Explains Title Of Led Zeppelin IV (top story)

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Become U2 On The Tonight Show (top story)

Joe Walsh Jams With The Foo Fighters (top story)

AC/DC Praise Fans In New Behind The Scenes Video (top story)

Prince Releases Funknroll Clip (top story)

Billy Corgan Covers Joy Division Song with Peter Hook (top story)

Radiohead's Philip Selway Releases Around Again Video (top story)

BTBAM's Thomas Giles Releases Siphon The Bad Blood Video (top story)

Former Iron Maiden Singer Hated By Fans? (top story)

Nothing Release Chloroform Video (top story)

AC/DC Release New Song Rock Or Bust (top story)

Ice-T Gives 'Turn Down for What' A Metal Makeover (top story)

Foo Fighters Cover Jane's Addiction With Perry Farrell and Joe Walsh (top story)

Billy Idol Previews TV Special (top story)

The Smashing Pumpkins Release New Song Tiberius (top story)

Wayne Coyne Relives Armed Robbery In Animated Clip (top story)

The Defiled Tribute Fans and Lost Loved Ones In New Video (top story)

Nightingale Streaming New Song On Stolen Wings (top story)

Osada Vida Release Sky Full Of Dreams Video (top story)

Sammy Hagar Guest Judge On TV Series On The Menu (top story)

Scott Ian Reacts To Former Anthrax Singer's Criticism (top story)

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