Sammy Hagar Explains What The 'Space Between' Means

The Circle

The Circle's frontman Sammy Hagar explained the meaning and inspiration behind the title of the band's recently released debut album "Space Between".

The band was formed in 2014 by Hagar and his former Van Halen bandmate Michael Anthony, Led Zeppelin legend John Bonham's son Jason, and Vic Johnson and they released their first album last month.

Sammy explained the "Space Between" to Classic Rock. He revealed, "It's about the division between good and bad.

"All these big corporate guys that are billionaires to begin with ripping off their employees, people bombing churches, the right hating the left, the left hating the right, the blacks hating the whites.

"It used to be that you could go to hell, the devil was somewhere else. But the devil is at sea level now. The solution lies in the space between us - that handshake in the middle."

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