Lightning Once Struck Trans-Siberian Orchestra During Recording

Michael Angulia | 12-18-2020

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Lightning Once Struck Trans-Siberian Orchestra During Recording
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Brad Parmerter has published his latest Trans-Siberian Orchestra interview. This time he spoke with Georgia Napolitano about her new EP "Now I Am" and TSO's livestream that is taking place today.

During the chat she shared this fun story behind her vocal on TSO's "Time You Should be Sleeping": Wow, something spiritual happened with "Time You Should be Sleeping." I'm not sure if it was originally going to be on that EP. I was out there and Paul handed me the lyric for "Time You Should be Sleeping." I read it once and I heard the demo of it once and I got into the voice box and I recorded it and 95% percent of what you hear is the very first take. It was unbelievable. The song ended, [sings] "my whole life is, you." And then the biggest and closest lightning I've ever felt in my life hit the studio, I swear, and all the power went out. And we were all like, "What? If that was zapped we're all going to just go home right now. That has to have saved."

We opened it back up, the generators kicked in or whatever, and the computers came back on and it had saved that take. That was a message from something up in the sky, very powerful, that something happened in that moment. I had heard this song once and I knew the song as if I had known that song my whole life. I started bawling - of course I started crying. [laughs] You can tag that in after basically every comment I make, "And then she started crying." Paul looked at me and he said, "Spitfire, I think that is the one. Do you want to do it again?" I said, "Whatever you'd like me to do, I'll do." And he said, "I think that it was seriously perfect, but let's do a few more takes just because we'll have more and maybe you can get it even stronger than that, but I think that's the one." He told me after it was mixed and mastered that they used about 95% of the first take. I couldn't believe it.

She also had this to say about the TSO Livestream, "I was so grateful to be a part of something that not everyone was able to be a part of. It's a true blessing to be involved in a great group of people. It's going to be fantastic! I'm so looking forward to it on the 18th. I can't wait to see what people think. Judging by the amount of people that say they're going to this thing, a lot of people are going to be watching this. They definitely put a lot of love and a lot of thought and time into this and I know that it's going to mean a lot to all of us and I'm just grateful to be part of something and keeping this alive despite the circumstances and everything going on. It's going to be super cool and so special." Read the full interview here.

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