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. Roxanne Delage - The Way I Am
Roxanne Delage is a singer-songwriter from Cornwall, Ontario Canada and her latest CD, The Way I Am contains a strong set of songs that individually evoke a painters pallet of moods and collectively fuel a great hours worth of entertainment. (4 stars) - Read the full Roxanne Delage - The Way I Am review

.... MorleyView: Aerosmith<
Morley speaks to Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton about their new live DVD, 'Rock for the Rising Sun', which is a documentary about the 2011's shows in Japan that took place after the earthquake and nuclear reactor leak and how concerned the band were about their safety. - Read the full Aerosmith MorleyView

. My Ruin - The Sacred Mood
The Sacred Mood shows the band in their best light and reinforces their two best attributes, the riveting vocals/lyrics of Tairrie B Murphy and the riff-master, Mick Murphy. On this, their eighth studio record, they seem at the top of their game. (5 stars) - Read the full My Ruin - The Sacred Mood review

.... MorleyView: Don Felder<
Morley recently spoke with legendary Eagles guitarist Don Felder about his acclaimed new solo album, Road To Forever, some of the trials and tribulations of recent years, as well as his upcoming tour with Peter Frampton. - Read the full Don Felder MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Christina Kartsonakis<
Some of you will know Christina Kartsonakis as one half of the rock duo The Sugar Dames. What you might not know is that she is also a well-rounded musician / producer who also writes her own symphonic music. - Read the full Christina Kartsonakis MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Tom Keifer<
Imagine being denied the possibility of doing what you absolutely love doing, for the rest of your life. That's what faced Tom Keifer when he first started having throat problems. Today Keifer rocks on with his new solo album and Morley caught up with him to discuss the past, present and future! - Read the full Tom Keifer MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Carolyne Mas<
Carolyne Mas has a story that is as fascinating as it is tragic. Morley became an instant fan when he heard her debut album but a series of setbacks followed. Morley recently spoke with Carolyne to learn more about her past, present and hopeful future. - Read the full Carolyne Mas MorleyView

. A Brokeheart Pro - Josephine the Outlaw King and The Summer EP
A lot of artsy people have so much creative spark, they refuse to be pigeon-holed into one corner and you can count A Brokeheart Pro (aka Jeannette Kantzalis) in that category. - Read the full A Brokeheart Pro - Josephine the Outlaw King and The Summer EP review

.... MorleyView: Paul Raymond Project<
It's presumptuous to say that a record released in early January could be the Record of the Year but The Paul Raymond Project's latest release is an absolute jewel of a record. Morley caught the UFO keyboardist/guitarist between tours for a quick interview. - Read the full Paul Raymond Project MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Dick Wagner (Alice Cooper Band)<
"I Love the Dead", "Welcome to My Nightmare", "Only Women Bleed", "I Never Cry" are only some of the classics that feature guitar guru Dick Wagner. Dick recently penned his autobiography and Morley had the pleasure to speak with him to talk about the book and his many experiences in the rock and roll world. - Read the full Dick Wagner (Alice Cooper Band) MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Bunny Rugs<
Doing this job definitely doesn't suck. Why do I say that? Because for the second time in two years, I recently got to spend some phone TIME with one of the world's greatest voices, and one of my personal favorite musicians, Bunny Rugs, vocalist with reggae superstars Third World. I'm still wearing a smile. - Read the full Bunny Rugs MorleyView

. Janeen Leah - Right In Front Of Me
The beauty of the Internet is that in terms of exposure, it creates a level playing field for established artists and newcomers alike. I was perusing MySpace back in 2005 when I came across a voice and song that took my breath away. (4 stars) - Read the full Janeen Leah - Right In Front Of Me review

.... MorleyView: Def Leppard<
It used to be unheard of when rock music and Las Vegas were put in the same sentence. A few bands have taken the plunge however in the last few years and the latest to do it is Def Leppard. Morley spoke with guitarist Phil Collen recently to find out all about it. - Read the full Def Leppard MorleyView

. Rock Reads: Alice Cooper Band's Dick Wagner - Not Only Women Bleed
You know his songs, Welcome to My Nightmare, The Black Widow, I Never Cry, and of course, Only Women Bleed, as modern day classics recorded by Alice Cooper. Guitar enthusiasts will his guitar from work with Lou Reed, KISS, Aerosmith, Meat Loaf and many more. Michigan rock and rollers in the late 60s and early 70s will remember him as a cult hero as leader of the bands The Bossmen, The Frost and Ursa Major. That person would be Dick Wagner. (5 stars) - Read the full Alice Cooper Band's Dick Wagner - Not Only Women Bleed review

.... MorleyView: Philly Moves' Rockwell<
Philly Moves keeps on making huge strides for indie dudes. A few months back Morley spoke with the lyrically astute Tragic and now it's time to catch up with the multi-talented Rockwell. - Read the full Philly Moves' Rockwell MorleyView

. Best of 2012: KISS - Monster
Its strange to say considering my initial reticence but this could quite possibly be the best KISS record of all time. What? Am I crazy? I can just hear the comments that statement would elicit. (5 stars) - Read the full Best of 2012: KISS - Monster review

.... MorleyView: Kim Fowley (Part Two)<
Music industry legend Kim Fowley shared so many amazing stories with Morley that we had to split up the interview into two parts. Today we present part two and if you read only one interview this year, this is the one to read! - Read the full Kim Fowley (Part Two) MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Kim Fowley (Part One)<
When I asked to interview Kim Fowley, I knew it would be extremely interesting. What I was unprepared for, was the absolute volume of stories that come pouring out. This guy has done and seen it all. Mention a name and you'll get a story --- a good one. - Read the full Kim Fowley (Part One) MorleyView

.... MorleyView: John Lawton (Former Uriah Heep Vocalist)<
In a world that is becoming increasingly dark with events like the tragedy in Connecticut, it's becoming more important to focus on positive messages. Music has always led the way in times like this and that's what makes 'The Power of Mind', the new record by John Lawton and Diana Express, so relevant. - Read the full John Lawton (Former Uriah Heep Vocalist) MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Sully Erna<
Morley is loving the live DVD and box set of Godsmack frontman Sully Erna's solo album 'Avalon' (he says the record is great but the new DVD is even greater) and he recently had a chance to talk with Sully about it. - Read the full Sully Erna MorleyView

. Bunny Rugs - Time
With winter looming large, especially here in Canada, its hard to keep thoughts of sunny skies and warm climes front and centre. However Ive found a great solution to help trick the mind. (5 stars) - Read the full Bunny Rugs - Time review

. The Agonist - Prisoners
Ive been chomping at the bit for Prisoners, the new record by The Agonist. And several months ago, there it was. I slapped it into my system and waited for its magic to wash over me... and then nothing. (3.5 stars) - Read the full The Agonist - Prisoners review

.... MorleyView: Philly Moves (Part 1 with MC Tragic)<
Morley spoke to Philly Moves' MC Tragic on the night before Philly Moves were going to take on Los Angeles. This would be their first foray into the American arena but something tells Morley it won't be their last. Find out why with this exclusive interview! - Read the full Philly Moves (Part 1 with MC Tragic) MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Michael Des Barres<
After 20+ years of movies and television, Michael Des Barres has heeded the call to get back to his rock & roll roots. Morley spoke with Michael for what he calls one of the most enjoyable interviews he's had the pleasure of doing. - Read the full Michael Des Barres MorleyView

.... MorleyView: My Ruin<
It often seems like no other band has experienced more turbulence in their career than My Ruin. Morley speaks to Tairrie B Murphy and Mick Murphy to get all the details in this new exclusive interview! - Read the full My Ruin MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Ephel Duath<
Ephel Duath have returned with a new EP, On Death and Cosmos, and feature Karyn Crisis .Morley spoke with Karyn band founder Davide Tiso recently about the new EP and other developments with the band. - Read the full Ephel Duath MorleyView

. Philly Moves - How To Drink Yourself Famous
Philly Moves are the real deal and just beginning to realize their considerable potential. As Tragic becomes even more comfortable behind the mic and varies his flows, his words will strike even harder. (4.5 stars) - Read the full Philly Moves - How To Drink Yourself Famous review

.... MorleyView: Chuck Negron (Ex-Three Dog Night)<
The word legendary gets thrown around a lot when talking about bands or musicians. It's not a stretch, however, that Three Dog Night definitely deserves that adjective. Check out Morley's in-depth interview with former vocalist Chuck Negron. - Read the full Chuck Negron (Ex-Three Dog Night) MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Darin Bennett & The Requiem<
In this age of American Idol, The Voice, et al, it's harder and harder to find a musician with their own voice --- a true original. Well look no further cuz one of the most original and fiercely independent artists out there has just released a new record. Morley spoke with Darin to learn all about it! - Read the full Darin Bennett & The Requiem MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Styx<
Morley had the pleasure to speak with Lawrence (But you can call me Larry) Gowan of Styx about the band's recently released "The Grand Illusion / Pieces of Eight LIVE" collection and much more! - Read the full Styx MorleyView

.... MorleyView: eric13 (Sex Slaves)<
When you're in a band and a creative guy with ideas flowing non-stop, sometimes you need another outlet and that's what happened to eric13 of NYC's best kept secret, Sex Slaves. Morley spoke with him recently about his first solo record. - Read the full eric13 (Sex Slaves) MorleyView

. My Ruin - A Southern Revelation
A Southern Revelation is a lethal combination of art, revenge, and catharsis. Absolutely stinking of hatred, the record can only be considered more of an exercise in psychotherapy than music for the sake of creativity. (5 stars) - Read the full My Ruin - A Southern Revelation review

.... MorleyView: Ana Kefr<
Ana Kefr is a metal band that is not for everybody. Their music is dense, a real journey of the ears and the mind and you have to be prepared to dig deep to get the real rewards out of it. Morley spoke to vocalist and lyricist Rhiis D. Lopez recently to talk about their sophomore record The Burial Tree. - Read the full Ana Kefr MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Jon Anderson<
After nearly 40 years of listening, it was a tremendous honor to get to talk to Jon by phone recently to discuss the new record. This interview is dedicated to my friend Dave who helped open the gates and start me on my way with this kind of music. - Read the full Jon Anderson MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Julie Christmas<
A special father-daughter edition of MorleyView as Morley and his daughter Kaylie team up to talk to one of their favorite artists, Julie Christmas, about her new solo album The Bad Wife. - Read the full Julie Christmas MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Avenged Sevenfold's M. Shadows<
Avenged Sevenfold was asked by the creators of Call of Duty: Black Ops to come up with a song for an expansion map for the latest installment. The band jumped at the chance, particularly vocalist M. Shadows who is an avid gamer. We spoke to him recently to find out all about how the new song "Not Ready to Die." - Read the full Avenged Sevenfold's M. Shadows MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Joe Bouchard Part Three: Blue Oyster Cult<
In this, the final installment of this three-part interview, Joe looks back at the band that started it all off for him, Blue Oyster Cult. - Read the full Joe Bouchard Part Three: Blue Oyster Cult MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Joe Bouchard Part Two: Solo Record<
Did you know Joe Bouchard put out a solo record in 2009? I didn't. It only came to Morley's attention a few months back and he says it would be a massive shame if more people didn't hear about it as it is his favorite record of late. He talks to Joe all about it. - Read the full Joe Bouchard Part Two: Solo Record MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Joe Bouchard Part One - Blue Coupe<
Today Morley kicks off his three part conversation with Blue Oyster Cult legend Joe Bouchard to discuss his new album with his brother and fellow Blue Oyster Cultist Albert and original Alice Cooper bassist Dennis Dunaway for their group Blue Coupe. - Read the full Joe Bouchard Part One - Blue Coupe MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Lez Zeppelin<
Lez Zeppelin, the all-female band from New York City, has recently released their second record, a go at their heroes' eponymous debut in its entirety. Morley caught up with guitarist Steph Paynes to talk about the record. - Read the full Lez Zeppelin MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Johnette Napolitano<
Without a doubt, one of the most consistently great songwriters, whether it be with Concrete Blonde or her own solo endeavors, her songs never fail to resonate with feeling. It's been a while since we spoke last to Johnette so we connected recently via get an update. - Read the full Johnette Napolitano MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Hellcome<
Hellcome is a band from Portugal that is starting to make waves in their scene. They play thrash metal which contains a definite melodic bent, making for some hard-hitting songs that get your neck snapping in short order. - Read the full Hellcome MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Third World's Bunny Rugs<
Third World has an excellent new record out called 'Patriots' and Bunny Rugs has a solo record called 'Time' coming out later this year. It was an absolute thrill for Morley to speak with someone that he has waited 29 years to talk to: Bunny Rugs. - Read the full Third World's Bunny Rugs MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Whitesnake's David Coverdale<
Morley speaks with David Coverdale about the new record Whitesnake album, Forevermore. His pride in the new record was obvious and even a month and half of phone interviews had not dampened his enthusiasm. - Read the full Whitesnake's David Coverdale MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Nemhain<
Fans of the band Nemhain can look forward to their second full-length record to be released later this year. In the meantime, it's been a while since we caught up with them. Morley changes that with this in-depth interview with vocalist Amber Erlandsson. - Read the full Nemhain MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Black Country Communion (Glenn Hughes)<
In a time of recycled riffs and American Idol blandness, BCC recalls a time where hard rock ruled. Morley I had the great pleasure of speaking with Glenn a few weeks back. Glenn was engaging, humble and completely stoked about his new band. - Read the full Black Country Communion (Glenn Hughes) MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Hinder<
Morley spoke with Hinder lead singer Austin Winkler and drummer Cody Hanson to find out all about their brand new album, All American Nightmare, which hit stores this week. - Read the full Hinder MorleyView

. Inside Track: My Ruin - Ghosts and Good Stories
We conclude My Ruin week and our look at their new record Ghosts and Good Stories. Today vocalist Tairrie B and multi-instrumentalist Mick Murphy break down the record track by track, giving us the lyrical ideas behind each song as well as a verbal x-ray of its construction. - Read the full Inside Track: My Ruin - Ghosts and Good Stories

.... MorleyView: My Ruin Week Part II: Mick Murphy Interview<
My Ruin week continues with Morley's interview of guitarist Mick Murphy. He's not called called "Rock's best kept secret" by Guitar Player for nothing. On Ghosts, Mick sludges, spirals and blasts through 13 tracks of guitar frenzy showcasing his skills as one of the most gifted six-string operators out there! - Read the full My Ruin Week Part II: Mick Murphy Interview MorleyView

.... MorleyView: My Ruin Week: Tairrie B Murphy Interview<
Morley kicks off his special My Ruin week with an exclusive interview with Tairrie. In the coming days, you can look forward to the interview with Mick and a third part with the pair breaking down their new album Ghosts and Good Stories track by track. - Read the full My Ruin Week: Tairrie B Murphy Interview MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Hawkwind<
Droning sounds coupled with marathon jams and interesting left turns all come together to create a career that has lasted since 1969. Morley speaks with Hawkwind founder Dave Brock to discuss the band's newest release Blood of the Earth. - Read the full Hawkwind MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Herman Rarebell (Ex-Scorpions)<
Former Scorpions hitmaker Herma Rarebell has his own outfit, under the moniker of Herman ze German and he's just released a new record called 'Take It As It Comes'. Morley spoke with Herman when he was on a recent press trip to the U.S. - Read the full Herman Rarebell (Ex-Scorpions) MorleyView

. Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting 20th Anniversary Edition
Not just a moment in time, this record sounds fresh and exciting today. As always, the strength is in the songs and the delivery by one of rocks most under-rated units: Concrete Blonde! (5 stars) - Read the full Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting 20th Anniversary Edition review

.... MorleyView: The Lovecrave<
The LoveCrave's new record contains all the elements that made their debut a success; strong songs that are lyrically interesting and bulls-eye perfect musically, diversity in material culminating in a well-rounded package. - Read the full The Lovecrave MorleyView

.... MorleyView: The Murder Of My Sweet<
I played this record the first time and thought it was pretty good. The second time, I thought it was great. Now I can't stop playing it. I had a chance to interview Daniel and Angelica recently. Here's what they had to say. - Read the full The Murder Of My Sweet MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Shroud Eater<
Shroud Eater recently put out an interesting EP of stoner rock and hope to have their debut CD out later this summer. Jean took some time out to answer a few questions about the band and what they're all about - Read the full Shroud Eater MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Sex Slaves (Del Cheetah)<
Collins dictionary states that a "crime" is "usually considered an evil act". Morley feels an additional definition should include the fact that Sex Slaves are not a household name by this point. To Find out why, check out Morley's exclusive interview with Sex Slaves' Del Cheetah. - Read the full Sex Slaves (Del Cheetah) MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Dilana<
If you watched Rock Star Supernova, the TV series that was on in 2006, you'd remember the name Dilana who has a new record out. Read ahead to find out the strange story behind its release. - Read the full Dilana MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Swollen Members (Prevail)<
My boys Swollen Members have shown what they're made of with their strong return and excellent new record 'Armed to the Teeth'. This is the 2nd part of a two-part interview with the band. - Read the full Swollen Members (Prevail) MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Swollen Members (Mad Child)<
As a soldier in the Battleaxe Warriors army since the beginning, it was a real pleasure to spend some phone time with my boys recently. In the first instalment, here's an interview with Mad Child. - Read the full Swollen Members (Mad Child) MorleyView

.... MorleyView: The Agonist<
The Agonist has flown slightly under the radar since the release of their debut Once Only Imagined in 2007 is a complete and utter mystery to me. Obviously Britney fans won't get this but if you call yourself a metal fan, this is absolute nirvana - Read the full The Agonist MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Lita Ford & Jim Gillette<
Morley Seaver delivers another can't miss interview! This time with hard rocker Lita Ford and her partner in crime Jim Gillette as they discuss Lita's comeback album and more! It's a fun interview you'll want to check out. - Read the full Lita Ford & Jim Gillette MorleyView

.... MorleyView: Chad Smith (Bombastic Meatbats- Red Hot Chili Peppers and Chickenfoot)<
Most people know The Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer is part of the supergroup Chickenfoot. In addition to that, Smith has started a new band called Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats, Morley spoke with Chad about how the Meatbats came to be. - Read the full Chad Smith (Bombastic Meatbats- Red Hot Chili Peppers and Chickenfoot) MorleyView

MorleyView: Sex Slaves

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A Vulgar Display Of Power Pt 2

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Led Zeppelin Streaming Alternate Stairway To Heaven

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