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Day in Rock Report for 01/09/2019

Tool Complete Recording Of Long Awaited New Album

Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan started off the new year by sharing the big news that the band has completed recording their long awaited new studio album.

The new effort has been years in the making and will follow up the band's 2006 album "10,000 Days". While various members revealed updates on the new album during 2018, Keenan took to social media last week to let fans know that the recording is done and the effort is now being mixed.

He wrote, "Update- Final vocals tracked MONTHS ago. Then U.S.-UK-Euro run w #APC. If Tool all inst are tracked, long process of Mixing now. Meanwhile write/film/track w @puscifer for #puscifer2020 & troll the band FBs with wine posts. #funnysh*t #whileyouwerewhiningiwasworking".

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High On Fire Cancel Tour Over Medical Emergency

High On Fire have been forced to cancel another tour due to a medical emergency with singer and guitarist Matt Pike, who is at risk of losing his big toe.

As a result of the medical issue, the band pulled the plug on their Electric Messiah Tour. Late last year they were forced to cancel their Speed Of The Wizard tour when Pike underwent a partial amputation of his toe.

He broke the news of the latest cancelation with this statement, "To my brothers, my crew, and anyone else this affects. I do apologize for the inconvenience of this cancelation. I feel as though I'm explaining lightning striking twice. I wanted nothing more in the world to play these songs live, nor ever cancel something I say I'm gonna do.

"I am a warrior for our art, and have endured some painful things to what we do. The timing and repeating nature of this is my nightmare and almost impossible. Nevertheless, to save yet another toe, my big one, I have been grounded by circumstances out of my control. I will have more of a medical report to come but right now I'm at great risk of losing it, and/or a bigger portion of my foot due to Diabetes. Which I have been managing very well.

"It just shows how this disease can affect our lives. Please forgive me, and if you know anything about me, you know this is not like me. We will be back!"

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Van Halen In The Studio For 1984 Anniversary

The 35th anniversary of Van Halen's blockbuster album, "1984", is celebrated in the latest episode of the syndicated radio show In The Studio With Redbeard: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands. The show put out the following details:

Says Redbeard: "To truly comprehend just how massively popular this album was, it helps if you actually write it out numerically: 12,000,000 copies of Van Halen's sixth album, 1984 , were sold in the US alone in the three decades since it was released. Propelled by Van Halen's very first #1 hit "Jump", three million of those were sold in America in the first ninety days! Already America's most popular hard rock band prior to its release, 1984 propelled the Pasadena quartet of innovative guitar whiz Eddie Van Halen, drummer brother Alex, bass player and unmistakable harmony singer Michael Anthony, and showman extraordinaire David Lee Roth into the stratosphere of rock's elite with additional songs "Panama", "I'll Wait", "Drop Dead Legs"," Top Jimmy", and the video which made even MTV blush, "Hot For Teacher".

"But as any high-flying throttle jockey can attest, the view from the top is exhilarating, but the dizzying height is disorienting and there's no air up there to breathe. Like water on pavement, celebrity seeks out every crack and crevice in a relationship, and when relations turn chilly, the cracks can quickly expand into chasms. The 1984 album and subsequent sold-out tour closed that chapter on the original band, with the Van Halen story becoming a never-ending soap opera that has been constantly controversial ever since.

"While the facts contained in this interview remain true and accurate over time, the opinions expressed here by Eddie, Alex, and Michael clearly are a snapshot of just one of the many chapters in this saga, at a time before David Lee Roth was invited back into Van Halen, as well as before Michael Anthony was dismissed." Stream the special here.

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Queen's Brian May Streams NASA Inspired Solo Single

(hennemusic) Queen guitarist Brian May is streaming a video for "New Horizons", in sync with the NASA mission of the same name as it made history on New Year's Day 2019.

The tune - which marks May's first solo single in 20 years - is the rocker's personal tribute to the on-going NASA New Horizons mission, which achieved the most distant spacecraft flyby in history on January 1 in an encounter with a remote Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) named Ultima Thule, far out beyond Pluto on the edges of the solar system.

May, who has a doctorate in astrophysics, and is a New Horizons science collaborator, was present at the New Horizons Maryland, Washington County, base of operations on New Year's Day to witness the historic final approach as it happened; he was also present for New Horizon's triumphal Pluto flyby in 2015, and delivered the world's first stereoscopic image of Pluto, from the ground-breaking data that the NH probe delivered

Brian's "New Horizons" track (Ultima Thule mix) celebrates the whole 12-year Journey of New Horizons probe and includes a message from Stephen Hawking congratulating the team on their successful rendezvous with Pluto three years ago. In a broader sense, the song is an anthem to Mankind's spirit of exploration, reaching ever further out into the Universe.

"This project has energized me in a new way," says May. "For me, it's been an exciting challenge to bring two sides of my life together - Astronomy and Music. It was Alan Stern, the Project Instigator of this amazing NASA Mission, who threw down the glove last May. He asked if I could come up with a theme for Ultima Thule which could be played as the NH probe reached this new destination.

"I was inspired by the idea that this is the furthest that the Hand of Man has ever reached - it will be by far the most distant object we have ever seen at close quarters, through the images which the spacecraft will beam back to Earth. To me, it epitomizes the human spirit's unceasing desire to understand the Universe we inhabit. Everyone who has devoted so much energy to this mission since its launch in January 2006 will be feeling they are actually INSIDE that small but intrepid vehicle - only about the size of a grand piano - as it pulls off another spectacular close encounter. And through the vehicle's 'eyes' we will begin to learn, for the very first time, what a Kuiper Belt Object is made of. And pick up precious clues about how our solar system was born."

May's "New Horizons" had its worldwide premiere from NASA control headquarters Maryland USA on New Year's Day in sync with the moment when the historic Ultima Thule encounter was confirmed. Watch the video here.

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Pink Floyd Stream Rare Video Of 1968 TV Performance

(hennemusic) Pink Floyd are streaming rare video of a 1968 UK TV performance of 'Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun', a track from their second album, 'A Saucerful Of Secrets.'

Featuring new addition David Gilmour on guitar � in place of band co-founder Syd Barrett, who had recently been dismissed from the lineup � the band filmed the song in late March of 1968 for inclusion in the BBC documentary, 'All My Loving.'

Directed by Tony Palmer, the project presented a look at the pop music scene of the day and included music and interviews with The Beatles, The Who, Frank Zappa, Cream and Eric Burdon, among others.

The group's transitional record from the original Barrett-led era to the Gilmour years reached No. 9 on the UK charts, with drummer Nick Mason later declaring it his favorite Pink Floyd album. Watch the video and read more here.

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Metallica Share Videos For Ride The Lightning Classics

(hennemusic) Metallica are streaming a pair of official live videos from a series of fall 2018 US performances of tracks from their 1984 album, "Ride The Lightning."

The iconic metal outfit delivered "For Whom The Bell Tolls" during the opening night of the fall North American leg at the Kohl Center in Madison, WI on September 2, and "Fade To Black" at the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, NE on September 6

Metallica's second record, "Ride The Lightning" peaked at No. 48 on the Billboard 200 on its way to US sales of more than 6 million copies. Watch the videos here.

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Megadeth Expand Album Reissue Series

(hennemusic) Megadeth will expand their ongoing reissue series next month with a pair of albums from the early 2000s. The band's ninth record, 2001's "The World Needs A Hero", and its follow-up, 2004's "The System Has Failed", will each include bonus material when they are released on February 15.

"The World Needs A Hero" was notable for being the band's last album with original bassist David Ellefson until his 2010 return to the lineup, while also marking the last of two records to feature drummer Jimmy DeGrasso and the only one to feature Al Pitrelli on lead guitar.

The set - which peaked at No. 16 on the US Billboard 200 while failing to achieve gold status in the country - has been newly-remastered by Ted Jensen (Guns N" Roses, Mastodon) and includes the rare live bonus track, "Coming Home", on the CD and digital versions

2004's "The System Has Failed" saw Dave Mustaine record the project with a series of session players - including former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland on lead guitar - while debuting and peaking at No. 18 on the Billboard 200.

Also newly-remastered by Ted Jensen, the reissue includes the rare live bonus tracks, "Time/Use The Man" and "Conjuring", on the CD and digital versions. Read more here.

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Foreigner Revisit Classic Hit For Shriners

(hennemusic) Foreigner are donating all proceeds from a newly-recorded version of their 1984 hit, "I Want To Know What Love Is", to Shriners Hospitals For Children.

The song and new streaming video for the tune - featuring patients from the organization - will be included in the February 15 release of a new album, "Foreigner Live In Concert."

The lead single from "Agent Provocateur", "I Want To Know What Love Is" reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and in at least 6 other countries upon its original release.

"There is a spiritual undertone to 'I Want To Know What Love Is,'" explains songwriter and guitarist Mick Jones, "and when you apply the lyrics to a cause like Shriners Hospitals for Children, it brings a whole new meaning to the song."

"Foreigner has been involved with Shriners Hospitals for ten years, and we've been looking for a way to make a more meaningful impact," adds singer Kelly Hansen. "The lyrics of this song really speak to the qualities we've observed in the children here at Shriners Hospitals. The kids show this amazing resilience and happiness that really makes one think how powerful love is."

"It's hard to put a dollar amount on the value of this gift, but this is truly a monumental donation in our mind," says Shriners Hospitals for Children Executive Vice-President John McCabe. "Participating in the music video will be an invaluable experience for our patients. The fact that sales proceeds from the download of this song will go to Shriners Hospitals for Children is a wonderful bonus." Watch the video here.

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Greta Van Fleet To Rock Saturday Night Live

(hennemusic) Greta Van Fleet will perform on the first 2019 episode of Saturday Night Live. Currently on the road across North America in support of their 2018 album debut, 'Anthem Of The Peaceful Army', which debuted at No. 5 on the US Billboard 200 last fall, the Michigan rockers will follow the SNL appearance with a pair of shows in Japan before kicking off a tour of Australia and New Zealand.

'It is an honor to announce that we will join Saturday Night Live's esteemed legacy on January 19!,' says the band. 'The brilliant Rachel Brosnahan will host the special broadcast, their first of the year.'

The group launched their album debut with the lead single, 'When The Curtain Falls.' Greta Van Fleet lead the rock community with four nominations for the 61st Grammy Awards next month. Read more here.

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Alice In Chains' Jerry Cantrell 2002 Solo Album To See Vinyl Debut

(hennemusic) Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell will release the vinyl debut of his 2002 solo project, "Degradation Trip Volumes 1 & 2", on February 8th.

The rocker's second studio set presents his original, double-album vision of the "Degradation Trip" record, of which a condensed version was originally issued six months earlier.

Co-produced by Cantrell and Jeff Tomei, the guitarist recorded the project during an extended, years-long hiatus by the Seattle band as lead singer Layne Staley battled with drug addiction issues.

The guitarist teamed up with Ozzy Osbourne/Black Label Society bassist - and future Metallica member - Robert Trujillo, and Faith No More drummer Mike Bordin on the record, which was released two months after Staley's passing from an overdose on the same day as Nirvana's Kurt Cobain committed suicide. Read more here.

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Swallow The Sun Stream New Song 'Upon The Water'

Swallow The Sun have released an online stream of their new track "Upon The Water". The song comes from their forthcoming album "When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light", which will hit stores on January 25th.

Juha Raivio had the following to say, "Every word and note I wrote, I wrote for Aleah. And about my own battle since she passed. The album title, When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light, comes from Aleah's own words, 'When a shadow is forced into the light.' That was exactly what I needed to do. To push myself out from the shadows.

"I've been pretty much a hermit in the woods for two and a half years. Gathering my life to write this album. That's also why the subject is very personal and therefore hard for me to talk about. I'd rather leave it all to the music and words on When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light to tell the story. It's all there." Listen to the song here.

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Farewell To Fear Release 'Your Cure' Video

Ahead of their upcoming U.S. winter tour with Flaw, Farewell To Fear have released a brand new music video for their latest single, "Your Cure."

The band had this to say, The meaning behind the name: fear impedes all areas of our lives', it holds us back from fostering fruitful relationships, financial freedom or simply risking it all to live out the life of your dreams.

"The day you say 'Farewell to Fear' is the day you realize that you are free from any obstacle holding you back from living the life you were meant to live." Watch the video here.

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Singled Out: Head Honchos' Not For Me

Rocco Calipari Sr, guitarist and vocalist of Valparaiso, IN rockers Head Honchos tells us about the song "Not For Me" from their debut album "Bring It On Home". Here is the story:

Head Honchos was formed 11 years ago by my son Rocco Jr and I. I'm also a long-time member of Chicago blues staples Howard & The White Boys. The song I chose for Singled Out is titled Not For Me off of our debut CD Bring It On Home on Grooveyard records. This song was sort of a life time in making. I grew up in Detroit City in a blue collar very musical family. The music bug got me at an early age with my Father always playing Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis records. Detroit also had some great home-grown music like John Lee Hooker, Motown, Bob Seger Mitch Ryder and many more.

Detroit is known as the motor city because of the booming auto industry. Many men and women in my family worked at Ford Motor Company. It was a great job to have where you could make a good living. Starting a family young at 21 years old it looked like I was destined to be a factory worker also. I got an opportunity to go through an apprenticeship in Indiana to become a welder. I finished school and wound up working at the Ford Motor Co Stamping Plant in Chicago Heights Illinois. Although I never stopped practicing and learning there was not much time to be in a band. Working long hours and overtime for your take home pay but it's the foreman, managers , area managers and other higher ups that are making the big money, which I understand but want I really wanted to do was play music. One day a coworker gave me a copy of the Illinois Entertainer. I read that Howard and The White Boys were looking for a new lead guitarist. I had heard of them because they were regulars at Buddy Guys Legends and had also toured with Buddy. I thought I'd give it a shot and I called for an audition. I did my homework and showed up very prepared. I walked out confident that I had played well.

After they had auditioned 30 other guitarist I got the call that I was selected. I was very excited but wondered how I would make it all work. I started by using vacation time and sick days to make all of the gigs. I also had a friend in labor relations that loved the blues and the band so he helped me out a lot. The day finally came when he called me into his office and said I would have to choose between work and play. I chose to play. Some people thought I may have made the wrong decision but 46 states and 15 countries later it was the best decision of my life. Fast forward to Head Honchos. while writing original music for Honchos I had a strong guitar riff that needed a strong vocal melody and lyrics. Not For Me is that song.

The chorus goes like this:
I don't want to work to make you rich no more
Because my back is broken and my feet feel sore
while you spend your money on luxury
well I'm really sorry but it's Not For Me

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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