Former Styx Frontman Dennis DeYoung Believes Rock Is Dead

Dennis DeYoung

Former Styx frontman Dennis DeYoung sat down for an interview with Classic Rock Revisited recently and the singer lamented the current state of the music business and rock music especially.

CRR's Jeb Wright made this comment to DeYoung, "It has occurred to me at times that, if I wasn't doing this website, I wouldn't know about new stuff. I know about it because the record companies send me stuff."

Dennis replied "It's awful! If the industry hasn't figured this out, they will, because fewer and fewer people are interested in becoming musicians, especially rock bands and that's a shame. I've been saying for ten years that rock is dead. It is dead if there is no format for it. It's dead. People will write in and say, 'You don't know...screw you, you stupid old...' I'm sorry. People don't know what it was like when rock was alive. You need a forum to reach the audience. You can't go door-to-door. Who are you? Avon? The Fuller Brush Music Man? No!

"Without radio and, to a lesser extent, MTV It's hard to reach an audience. I've often said it should be called the Business Music, not the Music Business because it's always business first. Before you record a note, you sign a record deal with somebody, a corporation. They will decide how much you make for each record sold. If that isn't a business, I don't know what is." Read the full interview here.

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