Singled Out: The Veer Union's Save Yourself

The Veer Union

The Veer Union are gearing up to launch their 10 Year Anniversary Tour later this month and to celebrate we asked Ryan Ramsdell to tell us about "Save Yourself" from their recently released album "Decade 2: Rock and Acoustic". Here is the story:

"You don't have to play in a band to know how people can become their own worst enemy. The longer you live, the more apparent it becomes that people, in general, get to points in their lives where they risk turning into something they never wanted be or swore they would never turn into.

Crispin initially wrote the core of "Save Yourself" over 10 years ago - but it never made it to a record until 2018. When you're younger and lack life experience, it's easier to make self-destructive choices and the fact that the song sat for a decade, makes this song mean more to us as a band now than it ever could have then. The message of "Save Yourself" is a reminder of those moments and events in one's life where your hardwired personality traits lead you to hurt yourself in one form or another. Everyone's personality comes with both strengths and weaknesses and there are many instances in our lives where the line between helping yourself and hurting yourself become blurred, causing you to become your own worst enemy.

To others looking in on the situation, the adverse and self-destructive choices are evident. But for the person who is caught in the thick of it, it can be incredibly hard to see at the time. Whether it's a bout with depression, a bad relationship, substance abuse, or unintentionally hurting someone along the way to achieving a goal, history is our greatest teacher and being wise enough to learn from our past is the only way to save yourself from becoming your own worst enemy."

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself, learn more about the album and see the upcoming tour dates right here!

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