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Day in Rock Report for 09/29/2023

Aerosmith have announced that they have been forced to postpone their Peace Out Farewell Tour Dates due to vocal cord damage suffered by frontman Steven Tyler earlier this month.

The band shared, "To our fans: Unfortunately, Steven's vocal injury is more serious than initially thought. His doctor has confirmed that in addition to the damage to his vocal cords, he fractured his larynx which requires ongoing care." (continue)

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(hennemusic) Queen singer Freddie Mercury talks about his role directing Queen's stage show on the latest episode of the weekly series The Greatest Live.

Just as each of their voices had its place within the harmony, all four members of Queen took the stage knowing their own distinct role. While guitarist Brian May, drummer Roger Taylor and bassist John Deacon supplied the thrilling musical cut and thrust, frontman Freddie Mercury not only sang lead but stepped up as ringmaster, connecting with every audience, regardless of its size. (continue)

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(hennemusic) Van Halen is sharing a remastered version of "Crossing Over" as the latest preview to the October 6 release of "The Collection II." Originally released as the b-side to the 1995 single, "Can't Stop Loving You", as well as a bonus track on the Japanese CD version of "Balance", the tune is among eight rarities in the package, which spotlights newly-remastered music from the California band's years with Sammy Hagar. It is available for pre-order here.

Also featured is a cover of Little Feat's "A Apolitical Blues" and the instrumental "Baluchitherium," which were originally left off the vinyl versions of "OU812" and "Balance", respectively, as well as two songs the band contributed to the Twister Soundtrack - "Humans Being" and "Respect The Wind." (continue)

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Los Angeles rockers Bad Wolves have released a music video for their new track "Die About It," which is the title track to their forthcoming album that will arrive on November 3rd.

"'Die About It' is us using our music as an outlet to say f*ck you to anyone that doubts us, hates us, talks sh*t about us, or makes lies up about us," proclaims vocalist Daniel "DL" Laskiewicz. "We've put up with a lot of ridiculous bullsh*t from haters and people that want to stop us from making art that we love. If you have to question whether this song is about you, it probably is. We've all been musicians for a really long time, we've grown as artists, and we know what we want more now than ever. We want listeners to ride with us that have an open mind and are open to growth and change, as we are. For those that want to stand in the way of that, you can 'Die About It'" (continue)

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On the full moon, Friday 29 September, Peter Gabriel releases the tenth track from the album i/o. This month the song is This Is Home and the first version to be heard is the Dark-Side Mix, by Tchad Blake. Written and produced by Peter Gabriel, This Is Home is, he says, 'a love song.'

'It began with inspiration from some of the great Tamla Motown rhythm sections so we're trying to recreate that in a modern way, complete with the tambourine and handclaps. The groove I like a lot, Tony Levin does a great bass part there.' (continue)

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We are pleased to premiere Ryan Terrigno's brand new song "Supernova", which is the fourth single that he has shared from his forthcoming debut solo album, "Alive & Well," that arrives on October 27th.

"This song is representative of the internal struggle I was going through as a result of having to dedicate so much of time, heart, and soul to an endeavor that was NOT music throughout my 30s. Throughout the lyrics, I'm attempting to reconcile the time lost with the finite-nature life itself - while holding out hope that all hope is not lost". (continue)

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The Diamond Dogs have released their brand new album, "About The Hardest Nut to Crack", which contains twelve tracks, all mixed/recorded/written and arranged from scratch over just eight days at Strawberry Studios in the spring of 2023.

Since the very start, over 30 years ago, DIAMOND DOGS have passionately declared their love for the romantic adventures of Rod Stewart and The Faces in the 70's. (continue)

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Dutch metallers Within Temptation have released their brand-new single "Ritual" today. The song is the focus track of their upcoming eighth studio album Bleed Out, on October 20.

Reflecting the tumultuous state of the world, for their newest record the band have drawn inspiration from events such as the murder of Mahsa Amini in Iran and the war in Ukraine. But that isn't to say that there's no light to the heavy shade on Bleed Out. (continue)

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Buffalo quartet Until I Wake - vocalist Cody Johnson, bassist Ryan Ridley, guitarist August Geitner, and drummer Alex Curtin - have shared the video for new single "Fool's Paradise."

With "Fool's Paradise," moody verses erupt into frenetic choruses amid a flurry of riffs, a razor-sharp and epic breakdown, and alternately stung and screamed vocals. It'll instantly become your favorite horns-in-the-air rock anthem! (continue)

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Emerging rock artist Vera Bloom released her new EP, "It's Me" today (Sept 29th). To celebrate we asked her to tell us about the EP's latest single, "Eyes On You". Here is the story:

"Eyes On You" was originally a love song. When I was first writing this song, the chorus started out as "I only have eyes for you," but these words didn't fit well within the melody so I leaned into the possessiveness that can sometimes be found in a relationship and changed it to "my eyes are always on you." Over time, the lyrics started to change meaning for me; a lot of my songs end up being this way. What was once a verse talking about the mundane days of a relationship after the honeymoon phase is over, eventually became the realization that I was missing the childhood innocence that gets lost as we grow into adults. What was once the possessiveness in love became the admission that I want eyes on me as I mature and grow as a rock artist. (continue)

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