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This Week's Top Pop Stories

Here are the top stories from this past week's Day in Pop report
Miley Cyrus Faces Possible Jail Time For Twerking Incident
( Miley Cyrus possibly faces a fine and even potential jail time for an instance at a concert in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, wherein a dancer touched her butt with a Mexican flag.

Well, not exactly her butt - as you can see in video obtained by TMZ, Miley was adorned with a massive quasi-butt apparatus. One of her shirtless dancers holds the flag around his neck, and briefly swipes her rear end with it.

The government of Nuevo Leon wasn't as excited by the booty extravaganza as the wildly cheering crowd; Mexico is very protective of its flag, and that state government is reportedly attempting to prosecute her, USA Today reports. She could potentially face a $1,200 fine and up to 36 hours of jail time.

Read more here.

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Chris Brown Humbled By Jail Experience
(Extra) "Extra's" Mario Lopez sat down with a very candid Chris Brown to talk about his new album, "X." No topic was off limits. Chris opened up about his three-month stint in a Los Angeles jail earlier this year on a probation violation, calling it "a humbling experience." "It was definitely one of the things I'll never forget… I think for me it's now about what's the purpose and what's the goal that Chris Brown as a person and Chris Brown as an artist is trying to portray."

Mario asked what Chris learned about himself, "For me I just learned that nobody's invincible, everybody's equal, at the same time no amount of celebrity status, no amount of how many fans love you, no amount of anything can deter you away from the real if you make a mistake and nobody's excusable… I think for me it was a humbling experience for me to become a man and mature."

Chris is still working on himself and his anger, saying he really believes in therapy. "I see my therapist twice a week, it's amazing and I was at first adamant about it, like, 'I don't want to go to therapy, I'm not going to talk to anybody,' but as I went through it and kept talking, it's actually very therapeutic."

He added, "For me it was more of an opportunity for me to understand my feelings and understand what I was dealing with in my own life… at a time I didn't know how to put those feelings out there, I didn't know how to say it, I didn't know how to express myself without it being anger or aggression because I felt a certain way, but now it's more of me being able to control it and understand it."

Read more here.

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Kanye West Went Into The Studio With Lorde?
( Kanye West has just returned from touring Australia. Did his time in Oceania inspire him to collaborate with New Zealander Lorde? Page Six reports that Mr. West's first destination after his time down under is the studio, where he'll make music with Lorde.

If it's truly in the works, the collaboration makes more sense than you might initially assume: though they make very different kinds of music, both Lorde and Yeezy have an affinity for mixing dark, electronic textures with big pop hooks. Lorde has often praised the rapper and covered "Flashing Lights" and "Hold My Liquor" on tour.

West, meanwhile, has expressed his appreciation of Lorde's music. The popstar told Rolling Stone that when she met Mr. West backstage at Later…With Jools Holland, he told her that "he liked the messages [in my songs], which was cool."

Find out who else Kanye might be working with here.

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Grand Ole Opry Star George Hamilton IV Dead at 77
( After suffering a heart attack on Sept. 13, Grand Ole Opry star George Hamilton IV has passed away. He died on Wednesday (Sept. 17) at St. Thomas Midtown Hospital in Nashville, with his family in attendance. He was 77.

Hamilton had been a member of the Opry since 1960, though his music career dates back further and crosses genre lines. Before focusing on country music, had a smash hit with the teen-pop ditty "A Rose and a Baby Ruth," a million-selling song (written by John D. Loudermilk) that reached the top 10 on Billboard's Hot 100 in 1956.

However, during a trip to the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville to watch the Grand Ole Opry in 1960, he decided to switch from pop to country. He's considered to be the first artist to have made that transition (Conway Twitty made a similar move from pop to country, but his first true country record wasn't released until 1965).

Hamilton's early country hits included "Before This Day Ends," "Three Steps to the Phone" and "If You Don't Know, I Ain't Gonna Tell You." But it's his 1963 single "Abilene" that gained the biggest response, earning him his first No. 1 country hit. Read more here.

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Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea Unleash Booty Video
( One of the most anticipated music videos of the year has arrived in the form of Jennifer Lopez's remix collaboration with Iggy Azalea, "Booty" which was released on Thursday.

The pair have forged what appears to be a strong working relationship, having already teamed up on the tune, "Acting Like That," found on Lopez's most recent full-length, A.K.A.

"Booty" also appears on A.K.A., but with Pitbull as the featured guest. This steamy video for the Iggy Azalea remix was directed by Hype Williams, famous for his pioneering clips in the '90s for such rappers as Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott. He captures Lopez and Azalea in what could be the sexiest clip either has ever filmed.

Watch all of the red-hot action in the video here.

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Aretha Franklin's New Album Coming This Month
( While much has been speculated about Aretha Franklin's upcoming album, the record has now been given a release date. According to Billboard, a rep for Clive Davis said Franklin's album will be released on Sept. 30.

According to previous reports, Franklin's album will include tracks produced by Andre 3000 and possible covers by Adele, Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer.

Meanwhile, Showbiz 411 recently confirmed that the album will include a "sensational Adele cover" of "Rolling in the Deep." Franklin has allegedly finished her vocals and has worked with Babyface for the release.

The record will pay tribute to 10 different women as Franklin reinterprets their songs, Showbiz 411 adds. More details here.

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Avicii Releases New Song 'The Nights' for FIFA 2015
( Whether it has been MVP Baseball, Madden NFL or NBA Live, the soundtracks that EA Sports curates for their sporting video games is often a close second when it comes to anticipation of their latest titles. Okay, maybe not a "close" second, but they have really music worthy of the accolades.

So, it is not a complete surprise that an artist of the caliber of Avicii would choose to release a new single via FIFA 2015. Still, it is a really score for the giant soccer video game franchise. Making the pairing even more perfect is the fact that the song has a similar anthemic, Americana vibe to his previous hits including "Wake Me Up" and "Hey Brother," making it easily reminiscent of the atmosphere of European football games (not to mention ready to hit radio playlists).

Fatboy Slim, Madeon and A-Trak will also be contributing to the video game soundtrack. All the better for an impromptu dance party when not pounding your cleats into your helpless enemy, errr, opponent while playing the game.

Take a listen to "The Nights" here.

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Dr. Dre Rethinks Detox
( Dr. Dre's Detox may never come. At least not with that title. The album rap fans have been waiting for nearly since we entered into this millennium may now be going by a new name.

As for what that is, maybe we'll find out if and when the former-album-known-as-Detox gets a release date. But considering people close to the project have started to talk about it again, that might happen after all. In an interview with Shots Fired, producer Dawaun Parker revealed that the album has undergone a title change.

"He scrapped Detox a couple of years ago and came up with another title," he said. "I won't say what the title is, 'cause I haven't seen that online or anything yet."

Parker's revelation is consistent with another statement from songwriter Marsha Ambrosius, who told Rap-Up at the beginning of the year that "Detox was a title that was thrown around so many years ago. There's so many other things in the works for you to not be concerned about anyone detoxing. It sounds like a fitness center now. No, you'll see something else."

Read more here.

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Prince Releases New Song Funknroll
( Prince is getting ready to release his first solo album in four years, ART OFFICIAL AGE - along with the full-length debut album by his band 3rdEyeGirl, PLECTRUMELECTRUM - and today brings another look at it.

After teasing "Clouds" when his bandmates announced his new two albums on Good Morning America, Prince has followed it up with "Funknroll." The track, which you can grab right now on Amazon, is exactly what you'd expect from a Prince track of that title. It's a swinging funk rock party track with lines like "Let's funk / Let's roll / Get it turned up, get it out of control / Get into the rhythm, it's good for the soul."

The studio version of the song is currently not available in a streaming capacity, but if you want to see how it translates live, revisit Prince's performance of it from earlier this year on The Arsenio Hall Show here.

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Kacey Musgraves Gearing Up For New Album
( Kacey Musgraves has had a whirlwind of a year since she released her GRAMMY-winning debut album Same Trailer Different Park last year. Now, she's gearing up for the next record.

According to The Tennessean, Musgraves will co-produce and write the album with Luke Laird and Shane McAnally. "I've written a little," Musgraves said.

"I almost feel like I'm in a bubble sometimes, and every day is different. It's very hard. But I've written some songs that I'm very excited about so far, but nothing has taken shape yet."

Read more here.

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Rich Homie Quan Releases New Song This Moment
( Rich Homie Quan doesn't have a solo release planned at the moment (that we know about), but as you wait for his appearance on the upcoming Rich Gang mixtape, the rising Atlanta-based rapper has shared a new solo track that is strong enough to stand alone.

"This Moment" basks in exactly what the title suggests: now. Rich Homie Quan seems to love "now." And it makes sense, as he is one of the most talked about up-and-coming figures in rap. Though there are a few scattered tags courtesy of DJ Murph (who shared the track on his Soundcloud), "This Moment" combines a fluid beat (courtesy of DJ Spinz) with Quan's silky flow to create a song worth dealing with a few tags to check out.

Rich Gang's anticipated mixtape, Tha Tour Part 1, will be out on September 29 and features Quan along with Young Thug and Birdman. No word if this song will be on it.

Listen to the track here.

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Controversial Aaliyah Biopic Coming This Fall
( A controversial biopic about the late R&B singer Aaliyah has now been given a date for its premiere on the Lifetime channel. The biopic, Aaliyah: Princess of R&B, will air on the network on Saturday, Nov. 15.

"She was the princess of R&B and now her story is being told", reads a Lifetime tweet announcing the release date. Telling her story hasn't been easy, though. The script, based off Christopher Farley's biography Aaliyah: More Than a Woman, was originally going to feature Glee actress (and Big Sean ex) Zendaya Coleman, but she dropped out after a series of production issues. Not least of these was that Lifetime faced difficulties procuring the rights to Aaliyah's music.

However, these issues were sorted out and Nickelodeon actress Alexandra Shipp replaced Zendaya. Not everyone wants the made-for-TV movie to grace the screen. Read more here.

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Ryan Adams Shares His Point Of View With My Wrecking Ball Video
( To call Ryan Adams' new self-title album nostalgic would be exactly on point. He taps into something beyond nostalgic and more like a portrait of sense-memory for late Gen X in his latest video for the track "My Wrecking Ball."

For the video, the director shows us Adams from the neck up with his face filling much of the screen. The intention is to create a sense of intimacy but also to give the viewer the impression that what we are seeing projected on top of and behind him are things like memories.

But these memories are not his own; rather, they are the visuals an entire generation would have experienced: images of soldiers roaming a battlefield with guns at the ready, a fire truck driving slowly through a small town and giant closeups of his own face that give you that serious sense of being inside his head, seeing himself as he does.

That thought is punctuated with shots of the road and him playing guitar, alluding to some idea of his life as a musician. It's another attempt to get inside of Ryan Adams from a promotional campaign that has utilized his humor, his nostalgia and his point of view in multiple ways.

Watch it here.

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Selling Mansion For $11 Million
( If you're an obsessive Kanye West and Kim Kardashian memorabilia collector with $11 million to spare, this could be your chance to collect the biggest item on the market: the couple's former Bel Air mansion.

West and Kardashian bought the mansion in January of 2013, and spent the year renovating the five-bedroom, 9,000-square-foot property. They tore down walls, changed the backyard, and altered the plans, according to Forbes.

After a year and a half they finally gave up the renovation project halfway through, and bought a new house close to Kardashian's mother Kris Jenner, in Hidden Hills - for a cool $20 million, if you were wondering.

Read more here.

More on Kanye West - Kanye West Music, DVDs, Books and more - Kanye West Tour Dates/Tickets - Kanye West CDs, vinyl and rarities Launches ill i. Optics Eyewear Line
( For a man best known as a member of the Black Eyed Peas, going into eye wear seems like such a logical venture, it's surprising that it took this long to happen. Now all he needs to do is change his name to Get it?

In a venture with designer George Gorrow, has decided to launch a line of eyeglasses called -wait for it- ill.i Optics. Apparently, the BEP rapper has "always had the passion to create frames" (via XXL), and this new endeavor will err on the side of uniqueness, while their hand craftsmanship in Italy will ensure the highest industry standards.

"Style is how you flaunt," says in the commercial for the new products. "I see a hole in eye wear, as a glass connoisseur, as a person that looks for things… rare things, unique things. This is my installment of what I thought was missing in eye wear."

Watch the commercial here.

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Migos Returns To Atlanta Roots In New Track
( Migos have a come a long way from their initial stratospheric post-"Versace" rise - all the way to a song with Justin Bieber. But they haven't never forgotten their Atlanta roots, if this new song with Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Jose Guapo and Peewee Longway is any indication.

"Trap Dab (Freestyle)" is a free-for-all of local talent. All six MCs come through with slick, punchline-heavy verses, not least of all the incredibly named Hoodrich Pablo Juan; we can't wait to see more from him.

Migos steal the show, though. Their triplet flow has proved an important backbone for the scene, and they deploy it effectively on memorable lines like "So many b***hes they callin' me gigolo / Got a fox on my back, not talkin' Vivica."

Atlanta stalwart TM88 handles production, providing a spooky, synth-stab heavy soundtrack for what sounds a talented group of friends goofing around in the studio.

Listen here.

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Portland, Maine Offers To Help Tim McGraw Find The City
( On Tim McGraw's new album, Sundown Heaven Town (out now), he has a song called "Portland, Maine," where he laments about a lost love who left him for Portland. But the mayor of Portland wants McGraw to know, his place of jurisdiction isn't just a place ex-lovers go to get away.

On the track, McGraw sings "Portland, Maine, I don't know where that is," adding "I don't want to know." Jessica Grondin, a spokeswoman for the city, disagrees though. According to Billboard, Grondin joked that the one who broke McGraw's heart "made a good choice in coming to Portland."

Grondin also said that the mayor of Portland, Maine would like to give McGraw a tour of Maine's largest city, let him see what Portland's got to offer.

Read more here.

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Cam'ron Taps 2 Chainz For New Song Snapped
( As if you needed excuse to get hyped about the new Cam'ron release, 1st of the Month, Vol. 4 EP, the first single from the collection has dropped and it has a famous friend along for the ride.

Following recent collaborations with Nicki Minaj and Jim Jones, Cam'ron taps 2 Chainz for "Snapped," a new song with a repeated sample of what can best described as sounding like a baby crying. Because everyone loves the sound of crying infants! In order to balance the effect, the track also opens with the female subject of Cam'ron's verse sobbing. It all makes sense in the context of the song.

The song is just the pair of rappers exchanging single verses, but it doesn't seem slight in the least. The beat veers toward a classic soul approach, and if the song accomplishes anything, it is to gain the audiences attention for what else this new EP has to offer.

Check out the song here.

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Iggy Azalea Sues Ex-Boyfriend Over Leaked Music
( With the recent iCloud hack that resulted in nude photos of many celebrities getting exposed, the culprit(s) behind these leaks are getting no love in the media, but it appears little can be done in retaliation. In the case of Iggy Azalea, however, the owner of an alleged sex tape and leaker of previously unreleased music isn't some anonymous internet specter, but an ex-boyfriend that she (obviously) knows intimately.

On Wednesday (Sept. 17), Azalea has slapped a lawsuit on said ex, Maurice Williams (AKA rapper Jefe Wine), claiming "the music derived from her unreleased masters constitutes violations of her copyright, trademark, name and likeness. She's also alleging conversion of stolen information from her computer." (via The Hollywood Reporter)

The back story here is that when Azalea arrived in Texas at the age of 17, Williams set her up with a place to live while pretending to be an oil millionaire and single (he was married with a family).

Williams followed her to Atlanta, where they lived together and he allegedly downloaded all the contents of her computer, including master recordings of her music.

Read more here.

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Patti LaBelle Accused Of Ordering Bodyguard To Beat Cadet
( Patti LaBelle did not really punch Aretha Franklin earlier this year, but new reports of LaBelle ordering her bodyguard to beat up a West Point cadet may actually be true.

According to the Associated Press (via Billboard), a lawyer for the now ex-cadet Richard King alleges that LaBelle's bodyguard beat him up outside the Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston in March 2011 as he waited for a ride home from his family.

The beating, the lawyer told the court yesterday (Sept. 16), resulted in a brain injury that forced King to drop out of the military academy. King is now suing LaBelle; LaBelle's manager and son, Zuri Edwards, her bodyguard, Efrem Holmes, and LaBelle's hairdresser, Norma Harris in relation to the incident.

King says he had just arrived in his hometown of Houston while on spring break from West Point when LaBelle's bodyguard and two others attacked him. King's lawyer told the court his client was minding his own business outside the airport terminal when "he was attacked without provocation" by the 400-pound Holmes, as well as by Edwards and Harris. King says he suffered a traumatic brain injury after hitting his head on a concrete pillar during the attack.

But LaBelle's attorneys told the court that King was actually the aggressor, throwing the first punch at Edwards. Read more here.

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Garth Brooks Adds Halloween Show to Comeback Tour
( Kentucky has had a Garth Brooks drought for 16 years now, but that's all about to change. The country singer just announced he will return to Lexington, Ky., for two shows during his Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood beginning on Oct. 31.

The two scheduled shows on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Rupp Arena. Tickets for the show will go on sale on Sept. 26 via Ticketmaster, 1-800-745-3000 or Ticketmaster Express 1-866-448-7849. Tickets will cost $69 after taxes and fees.

While Brooks announced his first Chicago show during a press conference in July, he's been adding a slew of additional dates periodically, most recently extending his tour dates in Atlanta and adding two shows in Florida.

Read more here.

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Beyonce and Jay-Z Making Album Together?
( After a fairly successful collaborative tour, are Beyonce and Jay Z looking to continue the magic with a new album? Nothing's confirmed, but the rumor is certainly starting to pop up.

According to DJ Skee on his radio program, the high profile couple will combine for a joint album sometime in the near future. "This secret would top all of them," he said.

He was referring in part to the duo's solo albums of 2013, which were released in timeframes ranging from fairly to incredibly suddenly. "Even that new U2 album."

He added that he's talked to a "couple sources" who confirmed the news, though no sources have been named. Read more here.

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Nick Jonas' Girlfriend Stars In His New 'Jealous' Video
( Nick Jonas isn't afraid to admit it, yes, he gets jealous. And for the new video for his latest single, "Jealous," he's showing the lengths he'll go to keep his girl.

In the Jo Bro's new clip it's not too hard for him to act infatuated being that his "girlfriend" in the video is actually his real life girlfriend Olivia Culpo, who was also Miss USA 2012.

To keep her close, Jonas rides his motorcycle as he sings about "puffing his chest" to look tough. He also plays basketball about a guy who's at least a foot taller than him and looks on as Culpo poses all sexy as muscle-bound men pump some iron.

"I wish you didn't post it all," he sings. "I wish you saved a little bit just for me." But as he later admits, it's not Culpo's fault that everyone finds her attractive. That being said, he can't help it if he still gets jealous.

Watch the video here.

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Nicole Scherzinger Releasing New Album Big Fat Lie Next Month
( It's been three years since Nicole Scherzinger released her first solo album, Killer Love, in March 2011. The years since have seen the former Pussycat Doll leader still in the spotlight but not as big a presence on American radio as she was in the 2000s.
All that may change with her sophomore album, which has just been announced. The album will be entitled Big Fat Lie and will be released this October, Rap-Up reports.

With executive producer credits from Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, Big Fat Lie will total 11 songs, plus three additional tracks on its deluxe edition. Singles "Your Love" and "On the Rocks," which were premiered earlier in the summer, make the tracklist, as does "Electric Blue," the album's only song with a featured credit - in this case, T.I.

More details including the tracklisting here.

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Lady Antebellum Release Funky New Song Freestyle
( If "Bartender" is any indication, Lady Antebellum are going for the fun vibe on their upcoming fifth album 747. This can be seen on another new track off the album, "Freestyle."

Showcasing their funky side, the country trio go "wild and freestyle" on the new song. The track begins with gritty electric guitar, name dropping Macklemore, creek banks, blue jeans and skinny dipping. "Hey, there ain't nothing wrong/ Just making it up as we go along," Lady Antebellum sing on the chorus.

In an interview with earlier this year, Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott told that the band's previous upbeat single "Compass" helped point Lady Antebellum in a new direction.

"We could tell our fans - and I believe country radio - were just wanting uptempo from us, and wanting energy," she told "Not wanting another mid-tempo [song] or ballad. They wanted to see a different side of us."

Check out the song here.

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Interpol Release 'Twice As Hard' Video
( Interpol make a sharp left stylistically for their new video "Twice As Hard." While the New York City trio has, to date, cultivated a black & white, elegant look for the materials supporting their latest album, El Pintor, this video is another beast entirely.

The group's singer, Paul Banks, directed the clip. In it, several boxers take to the ring to practice their craft. There is no storyline, but the piece is a study in light and motion. It is an intellectual exercise wrapped in the colors of something much simpler than it is and, thus, of the Interpol aesthetic.

It's a good work around for a song whose lyrics could easily prompt a visual that is too on the nose. A film noir of a disasterous romance would have been too obvious. At times the rapid-fire punching paired with the lyrics, "Twice as hard / I give it right back to you," can feel overt but the alternative makes it clear this was a smart choice.

Watch the video here.

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Dolly Parton Corn Maze Announced
( Dolly Parton and Florida Georgia Line have much more in common than one would think. In fact, both country artists have recently been celebrated in the form of a corn maze.

According to the McMinn County Imagination Library, Parton will be honored for her help in raising awareness for the 10th anniversary of the Imagination Library. Mayfield Farm in Athens, Tenn., will honor Parton's cause, which fosters a love of reading among pre-school children in East Tennessee.

Founded by Parton in 1995, the Imagination Library's mission is to mail families an age-appropriate book each month to those in her home county. Since it's launch, Imagination Library has expanded to over 1,600 local communities which have provided over 60,000,000 books to families in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

On Sept. 27, Parton's eight-acre corn maze will open to the public with a pumpkin patch and haunted trail. The anniversary celebration of Parton's Imagination Library will be held this weekend, on Sept. 20 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Read more here.

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Kendrick Lamar Releasing New Song
( Initially there were merely rumors of a new Kendrick Lamar song next week, but it's looking like a new single is becoming more and more possible. Lamar's label has sent out the cover for what appears to be the rapper's new single, "i." The song is rumored to be coming out next Tuesday, September 23rd.

The cover for the song, which some have reported may be called, in full, "I (Love Myself)," is simple, featuring two people making heart signs with their hands flanking the lowercase letter "i," "by Kendrick Lamar" beneath it.

Whether the song comes next week or next month, it'll mark Lamar's first single of new material from his upcoming album, which does not yet have a release date. Read more and see the cover art here.

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Bono and Liam Neeson Writing Screenplay
( Bono is having a big 2014. Just a week after U2's surprise album magically appeared everyone's iTunes accounts comes news that the singer is attempting to bring his artistic vision to the big screen with Liam Neeson.

The pair have reportedly been writing a film together for the past six years, according to an interview Neeson gave The Independent. The Oscar winner (for his role in the 1993 film Schindler's List) revealed about his fellow Irishman, "We chat, or with him a lot of the time I just listen. He's a wonderful man. He's got an idea for a script which we've been working on for the past six years."

What kind of film would Bono and Neeson make? One that will spotlighting their homeland's "showband phenomenon of the Seventies," apparently. Read more here.

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Chris Brown Freestyles Over Schoolboy Q's 'Studio'
( Chris Brown celebrated the release of his new album, X, by dropping a freestyle live over the radio airwaves. According to Brown his freestyle over Schoolboy Q's track "Studio" off Oxymoron "is all facts."

On it the raunchy freestyle he spits about not letting the booty go to waste, not working for the kitty and bragging about what he's got going on in his pants.

"She want to lock a brother down on the regular / Talking crazy to me, like she own it," Brown raps. "I don't trust her as far as I can throw her." Read more here.

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Darius Rucker Talks New Album Homegrown Honey
( Darius Rucker may still be putting the final touches on his fourth country solo album, but that doesn't mean he can't give us some clues on what to expect. While in New York earlier this month, Rucker sat down with to share some stories behind the songs on the release and fill us in on his forthcoming Christmas album, due out this October.

"Homegrown Honey" is the lead single and title of his fourth solo album, which Rucker opened up about writing with Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley.

"I was playing golf with Charles Kelley one day," he told "Charles is probably my best friend in the business, we get along really well. He said, 'Man, we've been in Nashville seven years and have never written a song.' I hadn't really thought about it, but he was right. We had never written a song together. When I got to the session he had this great idea he had started with the opening line, 'Sitting in a bar in New York City everyone here looking New York pretty.'"

Rucker explained that Kelley had the idea to write about a girl who lives in New York and is from the South and is different from everybody else. Nathan Chapman also had a hand in writing the track and is someone Rucker credits as "a genius with melodies."

"[When] we finished it, we were sitting around and I said, 'This is my single.' There was no doubt in my mind that that was my first single."

The song is a departure from Rucker's previous singles, as it's a party song. As a result, Rucker said that the song brings out a cool, fun side for him. "This song was so much fun. It's a guy I'm not anymore, but we can sing about it anyway." Read more and listen to the song here.

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Jessie Ware and Miguel Team Up On New Track
( We've already heard Jessie Ware's collaboration with Blood Orange's Dev Hynes as well as a song co-written by Ed Sheeran for her upcoming sophomore album, Tough Love, so why not hear another team-effort with a major star?

On "Kind Of…Sometimes…Maybe," Ware doesn't sound as unsure of herself as the title suggests. Instead, what we get is a swinging rhythm and a lusty melody co-written by R&B showboat Miguel.

Ware's new album is due on October 21 via PMR/Island Records, and at the rate she is sharing music (we've already heard five songs, including the title track and the live version of "Champagne Kisses"), the whole thing might be available before the announced release date. And this isn't the last of the album's collaborations, as we have yet to hear "Share It All," co-written by The xx's Remy Croft. Share it all, indeed.

Listen to it here.

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Video of Bill Murray Dancing to 'Turn Down for What' Goes Online
( Bill Murray has a recent history of showing up at parties where he doesn't appear to fit in, in some cases crashing them and just hanging around because, well, he's Bill Murray.

That didn't exactly happen last weekend, when he showed up at a Charleston, S.C., birthday party (according to a Facebook post, he was invited, so the "Bill Murray just sorta walked in" narrative is regrettably thrown out here), but that doesn't stop the subsequent video footage from being pretty amusing, in the way that watching people dance to "Turn Down to What" tends to be.

The comedian and actor can be found in one video, uploaded to YouTube, in the corner of the clip, clapping, dancing and laughing along to the DJ Snake and Lil Jon track that was nearly inescapable for a minute there in the summer. It's toward the end where he particularly turns up, throwing in some devastating moves and hand motions as the video, unfortunately, cuts out right before the drop.

But wait, there's more! A separate Facebook video of the event found Murray air guitaring along to Tommy Tutone's "8675309," because it is 1981.

Watch the video here.

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Imagine Dragons Release New Song In League of Legends Game
( Imagine Dragons have released a new track, "Warriors," recorded specifically for Riot Games' phenomenally popular League of Legends video game.

According to a tweet from the band, the Las Vegas foursome took a break from their forthcoming album to record the song for their favorite game. The song is currently available as a free download on the League of Legends' website.

The backdrop for the new song is an animated action video built around scenes from the online battle arena game. The premise? "The battle begins, and sixteen teams across the globe are fighting towards one goal - to win the League of Legends World Championship," explains the game's official site.

Read more here.

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Demi Lovato Talks Keeping Her Show Fresh and More
( Growing up on camera puts a lot of pressure on anyone. No one has been more open about the challenges, pressures and excitement of coming through the other side from child star to adult than Demi Lovato. She's come a long way since her days on the set of Barney as a Disney princess to become a true pop star in who speaks her mind unabashedly.

Lovato has just resumed her Neon Lights World Tour and is traveling across the U.S. She stopped for a moment to gives a quick update on how it's going and what she's up to.

How do you keep the tour fresh for yourself and your fans? Every night is different because I'm in a new city and performing in front of a new crowd. Compared to my Neon Lights Tour, which wrapped earlier this year, fans can expect a few more surprises during my World Tour as well as special guests Christina Perri, MKTO and Becky G.

I've been fortunate enough to have an amazing crowd at every show. The energy definitely affects my performances in a positive way - there's no better feeling than performing in front of an audience and seeing my fans singing my songs with me.

What are your top three favorite Demi Lovato songs? Do they change depending on whether you are performing currently? They do change. Right now I am enjoying "Really Don't Care" because it's such a fun song to perform. I also love "Nightingale" and "Neon Lights."

What is going through your head as you perform? For me, it's about connecting with my audience, focusing on the music and putting on a great show for my fans.

Read the rest of the interview here.

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Jamie Foxx Releases New Song With 2 Chainz
( Jamie Foxx knows how to make an entrance. The comedian-turned-actor-turned-singer is back at music with "Party Ain't a Party" and, fittingly, his return is one big party.

"Party Ain't a Party" features Foxx sing-rapping and crooning alongside 2 Chainz at his most acrobatic. The DJ Mustard-produced track, which kicks off with a deep bass intro, is one big twerkfest Miley Cyrus would get behind.

On it, Foxx gives the command "Gone 'head girl, twerk it all on me," echoed by the hook "Turn around girl, let me see you do it," while 2 Chainz cracks jokes about straightening girls' hair and finding a girl who can cook eggs and twerk at the same (damn) time.

Read More here.

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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Have Lip Sync Battle Jimmy Fallon
( Sure, Blake Shelton can judge, but can he lip-sync? The Voice judge hit the The Tonight Show stage Wednesday night (Sept. 17) to show off his lip-sync skills for an epic battle against Voice newbie Gwen Stefani and host Jimmy Fallon.

For his first song, Shelton took on Taco's "Puttin' On The Ritz" adding a little bit of class to the battle. Handing his glass of champagne over to Fallon, he ended with a little soft shoe.

While a hard act to follow, Fallon attempted to do so with Ellie Goulding's "Burn," complete with his own spinning dance moves. And Gwen Stefani took us back to 2012 with her rendition of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe."

In the final round, Shelton showed off with a little Starship "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now," Fallon went really old school hiccuping through comedian Spike Jones' song "Cocktails for Two."

But it was Gwen who brought it all home with "Endless Love" by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. Gwen took on Lionel's part while Blake made a cameo as Ms. Ross.

So, who won? You'll have to watch the video to find out here.

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