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Day in Rock Report for 04/13/2024

After teasing fans by sharing a number of teaser clips, Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth has unveiled a brand new song called "Scotch And Sofa 4", in its entirety.

Roth began sharing clips for the track earlier this week, revealing the first clip on Tuesday, followed by additional clips on Wednesday and Thursday, before he premiered the full song on Friday (April 12th). (continue)

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Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson is busy promoting his new solo release, "The Mandrake Project", but he revealed during a new interview that Iron Maiden have "top secret" plans for next year.

Dickinson made the comments while speaking to ABC Audio about the new album and how Iron Maiden's plans have allowed him to currently focus on "The Mandrake Project". (continue)

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Joanne Shaw Taylor has released a new track called "Devil In Me," the latest single from her forthcoming album, Heavy Soul, which is coming out June 7th via Journeyman Records.

Produced by the legendary Kevin Shirley, this track delves into the darker realms of soul and blues. In "Devil In Me," Taylor confronts the shadows with a narrative that speaks to personal struggles and the darker facets of human relationships. The song's raw energy and candid lyrics are emblematic of Joanne's knack for blending contemporary sounds with traditional blues elements. Following the stunning "Someone Like You" and the album's title track, "Heavy Soul," "Devil In Me" serves as a compelling continuation of the album's exploration into the depths of human emotion and Taylor's blues roots. (continue)

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Ringo Starr releases "February Sky," the first single from his upcoming EP, Crooked Boy. This will be his fourth consecutive EP, and it includes 4 original tracks. All songs were written and produced by Linda Perry for Starr to make his own, adding vocals and playing drums. The EP will be released on a limited-edition marble vinyl on Record Store Day, April 20, 2024.

After previously collaborating on two songs that appeared on earlier Ringo EPs ("Coming Undone" on Change the World and "Everyone and Everything" on EP3), Linda approached Ringo and asked if she could produce an entire EP - and Crooked Boy, consisting of "February Sky," "Gonna Need Someone," "Adeline," and "Crooked Boy" is the result. (continue)

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Devin Townsend & InsideOutMusic are pleased to announce a vinyl reissue of his 2001 solo album 'Terria' - set for release on June 14th, 2024. Specially mastered for the format, and including the bonus track 'Universal' on vinyl for the very first time, this gatefold vinyl edition also features an 8-page LP-booklet including new liner notes & archive photo material.

The new edition of 'Terria' will be available on black vinyl as well as two different coloured vinyl editions. In conjunction with InsideOutMusic, Devin relaunched his podcast series in 2023, with each episode seeing him interview some of his musical peers about their creative process. Recent guests have included Steve Vai, Tosin Abasi & Blindboy Boatclub. (continue)

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StrateJacket are thrilled to share the performance video to "Be My Drug," their dynamic new single. This video release comes alongside the announcement of the band's debut EP, StrateJacket (release date: May 10, 2024 via EDGEOUT).

Made up of Jackson Roemers (lead vocals/guitar, 24), Fabian Angel (vocals/bass, 23) and Nate Mangold (drums, 22), their debut EP features singles like the shout-at-the-heavens anthem "Bad Start" (originally featured on EA Sports' NHL24 Soundtrack in tandem with NHL24's Playlist last year) and the ultra-melodic current single "Be My Drug" which include skyscraper-high hooks, both of which overflow with dark humor and contain the sort of electric energy that has hyper-charged the Bay Area's punk and alternative scenes for decades. "I hope we're seen as a response to the overproduced music that's coming out lately," Roemers says. "We want to sound raw and stripped-down." But even with sparse arrangements, the group finds catchy new textures within pop punk. (continue)

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With their latest offering "Get Loud!" turning 5 years old this year (released on November 8, 2019), NYHC legends Agnostic Front have announced yet another European run in support of the album.

The run consisting of 24 appearances will see the band enter the stages of 10 festivals and 14 concert halls all across the continent but also share the stage with acts such as the Dropkicky Murphys, Bad Religion, and Madball at select dates under the "Urban Decay" banner. (continue)

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The Tangent recently announced the release of the new studio album 'To Follow Polaris' on May 10th, 2024. That's not necessarily a surprise, that's what the band are known for. But at the same time, it's something else too. As Andy jokes, playing on the Jaws strapline, he says "well this time it's actually no personnel". Today, a brand new track aptly titled 'The Single' has been released.

Andy comments of the track: "'The Single' was originally recorded by my previous band Po90 some 25 years ago now, on an album called 'The Time Capsule'. In the spirit of that time capsule, I opened it a quarter of a century later and recorded this updated version of it with new lyrics added to the older version. The old Po90 version was the track that in a way defined what the Tangent would be and giving it the Tangent treatment was a great pleasure. It's a song about the documenting of history and the new ways this is going to happen, both good and bad..." (continue)

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On Thursday night (April 11th) post-hardcore legends Thursday debuted their first new song since 2011, "Application For Release From The Dream" at an intimate show in Albany, NY moments before the song was released on all DSPs (coincidentally coinciding with the 13th anniversary of their last album No Devolucion).

In the years since their last release the band's enduring influence has grown exponentially, with their fearless approach to creative evolution and their unwavering principled stance in the face of music business adversity providing a roadmap to the generation of bands that have followed in their wake. (continue)

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Nothing More have released their track "House On Sand" featuring I Prevail vocalist Eric Vanlerberghe. The track comes from their forthcoming album, "Carnal", which will arrive on June 28th.

"Sometimes you lose sight of your purpose in life and wander off of the path you were on," says frontman Jonny Hawkins on "House On Sand". "Years later you find yourself in a life that does not match the vision you once had for yourself. Trapped, you are left with a choice...betray your inner voice, or trust it; continue on and play it safe, or turn back and start again... I'm starting again." (continue)

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Wage War have released a music video for their new single "NAIL5". The track comes from their just announced new studio album, "STIGMA", which will be released digitally on June 21sts, followed by physical release on September 6th.

Atom Splitter sent over these details: The song comes in hot with subtle synths, cool and unexpected vocal tricks, chunky, industrial-inspired riffs, and undeniable ferocity. "NAIL5" is erected on a groove that will have you nodding your head. Wage War continue to experiment with their sound, and fans and new listeners will be happy to ride sidecar as the band takes thrilling and unpredictable sonic twists and turns. (continue)

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New York grunge rock band The Suicide Disease have released their latest single, "Descent" via Zodhiac Records. Following their previous single, "Constellations," a love letter to loved ones lost, the new track provides a similar sense of comfort that the group is known to provide their listeners.

Knowing first hand the affects of their namesake, the chronic pain disorder disease Trigeminal Neuralgia, The Suicide Disease make melodic metal music that offers solace to people dealing with loss. "Descent" is a motivational track that emphasizes the importance of remaining hopeful in the face of hardships. (continue)

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Two-time Oscar-winning composers Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have share Challengers [Mixed], a special mix featuring music from their forthcoming score to Director Luca Guadagnino's Challengers, newly reworked by renowned DJ and producer Boys Noize.

The release includes 9 tracks from the film's propulsive, electronic score, each deconstructed and subsequently reimagined with additional production by BOYS NOIZE, who was hand-selected by the duo to create a continuous DJ set. (continue)

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Sponge frontman Vin Dombroski has teamed up with esteemed drummer Jason Hartless and his record label, Sound City Music Group, to deliver an unprecedented release for this year's Record Store Day, happening on April 20th.

The highly anticipated release will be pressed on limited clear red vinyl and promises fans an extraordinary musical experience and will only be limited to 1,200 units worldwide. (continue)

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alltheprettythings are set to join friends Alesana as special guests, alongside Limbs, Vampires Everywhere and openers, Half-Heard voices, on their highly anticipated Trilogy Tour - Part III: Confessions.

Comprised of seasoned musicians from various renowned bands, alltheprettythings promises to deliver an unforgettable musical experience that defies expectations on their first-ever tour together. This exciting announcement comes upon the release of the band's brand new single, "Carousel." (continue)

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Luke Francis, the Seattle-based indie singer-songwriter from Fretland just released his solo indie-folk single, "Go Home," and to celebrate we asked him to tell us about the track. Here is the story:

Go Home was written about a day I spent in Palm Springs two winters ago. I was visiting for the first time and I had just had a fight over the phone with my partner at the time. I was realizing that the relationship may not be sustainable anymore and feeling really sad, so I put my headphones in and took a walk, which is when I stumbled onto the giant Marilyn Monroe statue downtown and about fifty tourists gathered around underneath her to look up her statue dress. The whole scene felt so absurd, this weird desert enclave with a bunch of retired people in party mode all around me and this Marilyn spectacle, and the fear I felt about going home slowly surrendering to the feeling of "I have got to get out of there." (continue)

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