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David Gilmour Reflects On The End Of Pink Floyd
(hennemusic) David Gilmour is sharing his thoughts on the end of Pink Floyd as the group prepares to release its final album, "The Endless River", on November 10 (Nov 11 in North America).

The project features material recorded by Gilmour, Rick Wright and Nick Mason during sessions for 1994's "The Division Bell", and serves as the band's tribute to Wright, who died from cancer in 2008 at the age of 65.

"As we went through this process, our minds focused on the fact that Rick isn't coming back," Gilmour tells Rolling Stone. "We'll never get another chance to play with him. This is his last recorded moment with Pink Floyd. It's so sad."

The guitarist confirms "The Endless River" is Pink Floyd's final album. "I don't see how it could be otherwise," explains Gilmour. "We've been through all of that stuff now. Anything of value is on there. Trying to do it again would mean using second best stuff. That's not good enough for me. So I think I can confidently say that is not going to happen. Obviously, going with that, there will be no more Pink Floyd shows. Without Rick, that's obviously impossible."

Read more here.

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Foo Fighters Preview New Song Congregation
(hennemusic) The Foo Fighters are previewing "Congregation", another new track from their forthcoming album, "Sonic Highways." The tune will featured in episode three of the companion HBO series of the same name, set to air Friday night at 11 PM ET.

The episode will include guest appearances by Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood, and Zac Brown, among others . The Foos are unveiling new tunes each week in sync with their 8-part HBO series of the same name, which premiered October 17.

"Sonic Highways" was recorded in eight American cities - Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

Check out the new song and the preview video of the new episode here.

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Machine Head Preview New Album
(TeamRock Radio) Machine Head have released a trailer teasing their upcoming new album. The metal icons release Bloodstone & Diamonds on November 10 via Nuclear Blast. And in the trailer, they discuss the inspiration for the record.

Frontman Robb Flynn recently told Metal Hammer that the album artwork "is meant to be like an alchemy book from the 1800s." He added: "So much of that symbolism, in alchemy, Masonic stuff and in the Tarot, there's a duality to it.

"There's a face value image, but when you look deeper you realise that it means something totally different. I love that in lyrics too." Check out the new trailer here.

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Jimmy Pages Says Fortune Teller Predicted Led Zeppelin Success
(Classic Rock) Jimmy Page has recalled the moment a fortune teller predicted the massive success of Led Zeppelin - just before their formation. He visited a palm-reader in Los Angeles while touring with the Yardbirds in 1968, and tour manager Richard Cole, who went on to work with Zep, accompanied him.

Page tells Rolling Stone: "It was on Sunset Boulevard, not far from the hotel. Richard was with me so I've got a witness. The key phrase was, 'Your'e going to make a decision in a very short period of time that's going to change your life.'

"Within 48 hours the other Yardbirds said they didn't want to continue. I was disappointed - what we had going I was willing to do with them, whatever it was. I can understand how disillusioned they were, but I could see the trajectory. FM radio was happening. I knew what that meant to underground bands. I wanted an underground band, but one that would come through and make a difference."

Read more here.

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Sixx A.M. Release Let's Go Lyric Video
(Classic Rock) Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx's other band Sixx A.M. have released a new lyric video for the track "Let's Go," which is taken from the band's third album, Modern Vintage.

Modern Vintage is the sequel to 2011's This Is Gonna Hurt, and was released earlier this month via Eleven Seven Music. "Like our favorite bands from the 1970s, Sixx:A.M. is rooted in songwriting, musicianship and lyrics - three core elements that helped to define that era", says Nikki Sixx.

"Sixx:A.M. has taken even more pages from this book on Modern Vintage, having hopefully created a record that demands to be discovered again and again."

Check out the video here.

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Yes Preview New Live Package
(hennemusic) Yes have released a new preview of "Like It Is - Yes at the Bristol Hippodrome", the band's first live set featuring current lead vocalist Jon Davison.

Due December 5 in Europe (Dec 9 in North America) and available on two-CD/DVD, Blu-ray and digital formats, the package includes tracks from 1971's "The Yes Album" and 1977's "Going For The One."

"These are two bodies of music that many of the most devout Yes fans wanted to hear in their entirety," says keyboardist Geoff Downes. "I believe our performance at the Bristol Hippodrome was among the most compelling of the entire tour."

Yes have been touring in support of "Heaven & Earth", their first record with Davison, who joined the lineup in 2012. The band return to the road for shows starting November 10 in New Zealand, before playing dates in Australia and Japan.

Check out the preview here.

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Epica Release Victims Of Contingency Video
(TeamRock Radio) Symphonic metallers Epica have just released their new music video for the track "Victims Of Contingency" which comes from sixth album The Quantum Enigma.

The follow-up to 2012's Requiem For The Indifferent was released back in May via Nuclear Blast and the first to feature new bassist Rob van der Loo, who replaced Yves Huts.

Epica are coming to London for a co-headline show with Dragonforce on 6th December at The Forum in London. Check out the "Victims Of Contingency" video here.

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Slash Looks Back At His School Days
(Classic Rock) Slash says he didn't fit in at school because he was on a "different planet" to everybody else. And while his mum was keen for him to get a good education, he says once he picked up the guitar, he stopped caring about his schoolwork.

The guitarist tells Rolling Stone: "I had issues in school because I was on a different planet from everybody else. If I liked the teacher and found things to be interesting I could really excel. If I thought the teacher or the subject was full of sh*t then I wouldn't make an effort.

"I definitely walked to the beat of my own drum throughout school. I went to a lot of different schools so I never really adapted - I never really fit in. My mum tried to keep me in school, but when the guitar appeared, it made her job that much more difficult because I stopped caring about fitting in with anything and just became that much more insular."

Read more here.

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Brian Eno Streams Songs From Upcoming Expanded Reissues
(Prog) Brian Eno has made two tracks from his upcoming reissues bundle available to stream. Expanded versions of his 1990's albums Nerve Net, The Shutov Assembly, Neroli and The Drop will be available via All Saints Records from December 1.

He has now made Fractal Zoom - the lead track from Nerve Net - and the previously unreleased Prague available to stream. Prague is one of the bonus tracks on the reissue of The Shutov Assembly.

Each of the four albums will be reissued as a 2CD set containing the original album as well as an additional disc of unreleased and rare Eno work specific to each record.

Three of the albums are also being made available in gatefold double vinyl containing the original audio only, but accompanied by a download card and printed inner sleeves with the content from the CD booklets.

Check out the streams here.

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Singled Out: WVM's Pale Horse
Today we celebrate Halloween with a Singled Out! from electro-rocker WVM who tells us about his new single "Pale Horse" from his forthcoming album "Waves Of Nothing". Here is the story:

"Pale Horse" came to me as I was walking through the streets of LA. A lot of music comes to me when I walk, as my mind makes up rhythms and melodies to my footsteps. It started with the main synth in combination with what turned out to be the vocal melody for verse one in my mind. I hummed it into my iPhone voice recorder and worked on it when I got home. I had just bought an MS 20 mini synth a couple of days before, the MS 20 has a very signature and vintage sound and feel to it and I started making bass sounds. The bass and kick drum in "Pale Horse" start with a techno pattern in the beginning but then the song dives into more of a new wave feel. The chorus in particular was very inspired by New Order. I love the sound of the mellotron in "Blue Monday" and I knew I needed to have it in this song. I fleshed out the foundation and recorded a quick version of it on my laptop then imported it into my phone. A couple of days later I was walking on the beach and had the song on repeat. I wasn't consciously thinking of finding a melody but after a while the melody for the rest of the song came to me, which included the synth part in the long breakdown. When I listen to my tracks I usually find myself in a bit of a trance. I was singing as I walked down the pathway of a crowded beach, nothing existed except the sounds I was hearing in my head.

I came up with the title "Pale Horse" before I wrote the lyrics. Although I don't believe in tarot, I somehow came across the concept of a pale horse and how it is often misunderstood. It usually means a new beginning, a transition or a change. I liked the imagery and incorporated a lot of horse galloping rhythms into the song. If you listen, there are subtle references to horses within the music itself. For example, in the beginning there is a puff sound I made on my Tempest drum machine that sounds like a horse breathing out, and at the end of chorus one there is a sound I made on a synth that doubles the snare roll and sounds a bit like a horse vocalizing as it runs. The rhythm of the long break section is meant to imitate a horse galloping. I didn't want to go overboard with these references but I did want to suggest them throughout the song, things a lot of people wouldn't hear unless I point them out.

The lyrics are very personal but I tend to write about things people can identify with. I don't like talking about what my lyrics are about as I would rather the listener interpret as they wish.

I recorded the vocals over at Sean Beavan's Blue Room studio. Working with Sean is a lot of fun, there is something to the way he has everything set up that makes recording a breeze. I don't know what it is about his mic but but it picks up my voice incredibly well. He told me the mic is a very rare Nuemann mic called Mohave, one of only two prototypes in the world. A version of the mic Georg Neumann experimented on and never mass produced.

"Pale Horse" is inspired by a lot of synth music from the 80s but I didn't want it to sound like music from that era. I find that a lot of my music is internalized, which is why I don't think I fit any particular mold. My inspiration from those songs in the 80s comes more from the spirit of experimentation from those bands. They were creating unique sounds, as opposed to a lot of stuff released today that seems to follow certain rules and guidelines. F*** rules.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about the album right here!

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