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Dude Looks Like A Liar

GNR Chinese Democracy in Aug?

Fake Poison Rapist on the Loose!

DMX Drug Bust

Slipknot's All Fans Are Gone Masks, Incubus Orchestra, Van Halen To Rock Quebec, George Clinton Plans His Supernatural, Satriani and Mountain Tour and more

Purple Pain: Prince Answers Tribute With Legal Threat

Ratt Singer Too Wasted To Sing?

Winehouse Assaults Fan

Becoming The Archetype Lose Member, Reunite With Old Member

Canada Deports Band

Alice Cooper and Sammy Hagar To Rock The Bayou

Beck Spreading Across The Web Like A Virus

Bitter:Sweet Tour

Neuraxis Preview

Plies Loves You

Cruefest Games

Johnny Flynn Invades US

Buddy Guy Album and Tour Coming

Willie Basse Announces Heavy Lineup

Daniel P Carter Stage Announced for Hard Rock Hell 2 Fest

Bumblefoot Week: Day 1 "Green"


Weiland Spitting Mad

Miley Plans Anti Boy Anthem

Go Back To School With Metallica?

Axl Has 4 Albums Worth of Guns N' Roses Songs

Ramones KISS Pearl Jam, Madonna Hiring Macca's Divorce Lawyer?, The Time Back From More Jungle Love, Idol Auditions, Cold Replay, AC/DC Get Festive and more

More NIN Details Slip Out

Kanye Has Hissy Fit and Blames Pearl Jam for Backlash

Metal Head Vs Church

Dr Zeppelin

T Pain Accused of Ripping Off Huggy Bear

Extreme Reunion CD and Tour

McCready Arrested Again

Thin Lizzy Live Album Coming

What's He Building In There? Tour

Teddy Geiger Letting Fans Pick Songs For New CD

Sheryl Crow DVD

Rock Against Diabetes Lineup

The Death Set Tour

Common AIDS Rap Winner

Killsmith Week: Day 5


Mini Me Sextape

AC/DC Set Summer Release

McGraw Gives Fan A Smackdown

Radiohead Live Rainbows

Dog Kept Axl and Slash From Reuniting

Suge Attacker Arrested

Slash Plans 'Mindblowing' Project, Weezer Writes Song With Fans, Motley Sales Projections, Cold War Kids Plans, Priest Chart High, Road Kooks and more

The Verve Love Is Noise Tracks and Preview

Metallica Cover Maiden

Be Your Own Pet Drop Off Warped Tour

Fan Arrested After Harassing Cher

Scars on Broadway Announce North American Tour

Senses Fail in October

Reggie & The Full Effect's Final Tour

Wailers Summer Tour and Album Plans

State Department Tumbles For Boy George During Press Conference

Genghis Tron Faint Tour

STS9 and Umphrey's McGee Team Up for Tour

The Very Best of Little Richard

Israeli Rockers Amaseffer Release Debut

Jordan Sweeney Hitting The Road to Recovery

Delta Spirit Ode To Touring

The Duke Spirit Plot American Tour

Camp Bisco VII Adds Third Stage

In Session at the Columbia Records 30th Street Studio

Cory Chisel Blends Americana and Delta Blues with Cabin Ghosts

Extraterrestrial Concert

33Degree Joins KHZ Release Party Along with Dave Navarro

Rev Theory Summer Tour

Highschool Musical Goes Generic Emo Pop

Killsmith Week: Day 4 "Distributed"


Axl Sics FBI On GNR Leaker

Teen Arrested For Wearing Rock T Shirt

DMX Arrested Again, Bee Gees May Reunite, Vines Set US Release, Trail of Dead Records, Smashing Gish Box, Forgotten Idol To Marry and more

Winehouse Has A Big Mouth Dad, Not Emphysema

Coldplay Viva La Hit

Singer Denies Joining Velvet Revolver

Fans Rejecting Madonna Bilking

More Info on Ex Korn Head's Solo CD

Staind CD To Be in Malls Soon

Limp Solo Release

King of Bling Going to the Clink

Sevendust Tour Lineup Expands

Phantom Planet Map Out Summer Plans

The Ataris Working on New Music, Announce More Dates

Horse The Band Buck Their Record Deal

Bryan Adams Plans Tours With Foreigner and Rod Stewart

Seven Weeks of Tristan Prettyman

A Band of People Who Played With Fu Manchu, The Cult, Ozzy, Mick Jagger, Elton John, Eels and More

Free Knifeman From The Bronx

Kate Nash, Herbie Hancock, and Rascal Flatts Live From Abbey Road

Kulick On Not Being Asked To Rejoin KISS

Black Label Speed Talking

Drudgery Preview Debut Online

Grand Magus Return with an Iron Will

The Gates Of Slumber Plan to Conquer

Dennis Rodman Sentenced for Spousal Battery

Arrest Made in NFL Assault Case

Officer Shaq Carries On As A Bi-Coastal Crime Fighter

Killsmith Week: Day 3 "Beware of the Dog"


Singer Stabbed To Death After Show

Nate Dogg a Terrorist?

Axl's Chinese Democracy Tirade

George Carlin RIP

Megadeth is Megamad, Verve Set Release, Jam With Bumblefoot for a good cause, Simple Minds add gig, Carl Barat Out of Hospital, Atheist Frontman Returns and more

U.S. Rejects Boy George

Beatles Video Game Coming?

Kings of Leon CD and Tour Coming

Boybander Attacks Taxi Driver

Weezer Playing Games

Shaq Vs Kobe

The Revolting Cocks To Deliver Sex-O Olympic-O in Rocktober

Year Long Disaster For The Foo Fighters

Aimee Mann Tour Part 2

VMAs Return to LA

Juliana Hatfield To Publish Memoir

Helloween Lineup Changes

VH1 Rock Honors The Who Weekend

Another Idol Loser Dropped Like A Pauly Shore Sitcom

Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival Lineup

Hollow Corp Set US Release

CCA Promise Something Not Different, But Not The Same

Bedtime With the Beatles 2

ThanksUSA Benefit Concert

Lou Reed's Berlin Screening

George Jones Duets

Stos Debut Coming to CD At Long Last

Killsmith Week: Day 2 "Sexual Savior"


Celine Butchers AC/DC

T.I. Murder Charges

When Surfers Attack

Drugs Severely Damaged Winehouse

Phish Reunion, Springsteen Adds Dates, Jay-Z Ridiculous, The Shins Turn Selfish, Fiddy Throws A Fit, Late Night With Motley Crue and more

Nine Inch Nails Limit Themselves

Slash To Get His Shot At Justice

David Gilmour Live In Gdansk Details

Legendary Guitarist Books First U.S. Shows In Over 3 Decades

New Order DVD Preview

Britney The Vegas Years

The Orchard Now The Proud Owners of TVT Records

Local Live On The Drive

Fiddy Restrained By Ex, But Sues Her for Defamation

Wine And Pickles From Mike Keneally

Bumblefoot Abnormal Release Fast Approaching

Take A Mono Ride With Jan & Dean

Ephel Duath Dog Eyes Details

Sister Hazel Named One of the Most Influential Independent Performers of the last 15 years

Gojira Discuss Their New Album

Mandragora Scream's Again

Not To Be Undimensional Conscious Again

Killsmith Week: Day 1 "Leave Me Alone"

Fists Fly Over Britney at LAX


Rage Against The Presidential Conventions

50 Cent To Become 79 Cent For Taco Bell?

Game Afraid of Miley, Get Staind This Summer, Motley TV, Chart Coldplay, Rush Officially Hollywood Stars, Oasis Big Brother Deal, Early Graves for Apiary and more

Another Baby Spears is Born To An Unsuspecting World

Stone Temple Pixie

U2 Reissues Details

Taproot Take The Long Road Home

Weiland WannaBes

Albert Hammond Jr. Record Release Shows

Alejandro Escovedo TV and Vinyl Bonuses

Anberlin to Surrender in September

Umphrey's McGee Releasing Double Live Album

Buffalo Killers Let Their Psychedelic Blues Ride On Their New CD

Chumps Ok for Walk of Fame but Chimps Are Not

Girl in a Coma Join Tegan and Sara Tour

The Study Band Tour

The Black Ghosts Are Coming

Artistic Counting Crows Fans Needed

Hercules And Love Affair Announce US Tour

Dear Life Preview

Egress DIY Tour

Americana Special Coming to PBS

Another Let's Use Useless Punctuation In Our Name Band Sets Debut

Imperanon Reissue

Kill Kill Kill Plan 12 Albums in 12 Months

Buzznet is Warped

Paper Rival Week: Day 5 "The Kettle Black"


GNR Leak Plugged (updated)

Kid Rock Vs iTunes

Poison Claim EMI Ripped Them Off

Aerosmith Singer Out of Rehab and Onto The Court

Young Jeezy Busted

Reason 764,231 Why Tom Waits is One Cool Mofo

Just When You Thought VH1's Celebretardity Couldn't Get Any Worse

Nine Inch Nails, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, and Coldplay for Pemberton Festival

Portugal. The Man Tour Plans

John Mayer Live Releases Set

The Funeral Pyre and Antagonist Team Up For Tour

Santogold Supporting Coldplay in North America

Talking Chaos

Video Trapt Online

Marie Digby Joins Gavin DeGraw Tour

Rotation Is What They Aim For

Small Places Tour

Wanna Play The Projekt Revolution Tour?

Bruce Kulick Roasted By Maul Stanley

Los Lonely Boys and Los Lobos Team Up For The Brotherhood Tour

Band Against MS Awards Research Scholarship

The Dex Romweber Duo

Stigma to Tour Europe With Trigger The Bloodshed

A Coastline Ending Lineup CD and Tour

Sweet Taste of Summer

Paper Rival Week: Day 4 "Swimmer King"


Thugs Abduct NFL Star

Drummer Dies on Tour

Rolling Stone Trash Pete Wentz And Show How Behind The Times They Are

Winehouse Still Hospitalized

Big Success for Lil Wayne, Grab Your Chain Saw and Rock, Free Futurheads Show, Fresh Meat Plans Spoiled, Canada Blacklists Blacklisted, Lollapalooza and More

Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten Coming To DVD

Eminem Emerges For Remix

Unearth Plot Next Album for Rocktober Release

Fear Factory Plan Comeback CD and Tour

Heaven and Hell Recording New Studio Album

Major Deals on Digital Albums, Not Obscure Crap Either, Try Coldplay for 2 Bucks

Cancer Conspiracy In Serious Accident

Everlast Returns

Darker My Love Turn 2 and Line Up Dandy Tour

Spock's Beard DVD

Warrant Make Other Plans

Robyn Joins Madonna Tour

RockCorps Hitting LA On Friday

Burn In Silence Cancel Farewell Show

More Hard Rocker KISS My Ankh

More Accurate Sales Tracking of Overpriced Song Clips

Tokyo Police Club Plan US Invasion This Fall

Get In The Moog For The Vortex Music Fest

Freshly Dipped Tour

CD For Sic F*cks

Karma To Burn Again

Evidence One Reissue

Janie Fricke at the Opry

Paper Rival Week: Day 3 "Bluebird"


Coldplay Deny Song Theft, American Idol Sued, Release Date Game, F**ked Up Deal, They Say Scars on Broadway, Driving While Britney Ok, Testament Honored and more

Linkin Park Singer Denies Velvet Revolver Rumors

Live Nation's Latest Scheme To Get Your Money

Rock Band for Pixies

Iggy Pops Up on New Boss Martians Album

The 88 Set Release

Vadar Lose Member

Vegas Jacko For Neverland Cash?

Rediscover the Original Idol Next Week

KISS Blame Fans For Industry Woes

Sex Pistols, Patti Smith and more for Traffic Fest

Commodores Eye Reunion

Light This City Burns Out and Fades Away

Maiden Silenced at Madison Square Garden

Sound and Fury Release 18 Video Online

Britney's Full Time b*****

Blue Mountain Double Coming

Celtic Frost in a Coma

Lothloryen Finish New Album

The Grascals Set Release

First Denny's Band Winner

Defiance Reissue

Winehouse Collapsed

Paper Rival Week: Day 2 "Weak Sister"


Kid Rock Hospitalized

Metallica Mystery Solved

The Sh*t Hits The Band, Waters Hasn't Ruled out Pink Floyd Reunion, Gene Rules Out Full KISS Reunion, Coldplay Tops, Macca Knocks Out Ukraine Girls and more

Band Yanked Off Stage At Music Festival

Guns N' Roses Home For Auction on eBay

Pearl Jam Thrills and Kayne Pisses Crowd Off

Live From Abbey Road Season Two

Drowning Pool Making Enemies on the Road

Jon McLaughlin Goes Soph in Aug

Grip Weeds Release Show

Philly Walk of Fame Honors for Maze

Did You Know That Jim Morrison & Michael Hutchence Were Brothers?

Bonham Hoping for Led Zeppelin Tour

R. Kelly Jurors Explain Verdict

R. Kelly Not Guilty, Be Your Own Pet Slam Warped, Lil Wayne Selling Huge Numbers, Winehouse Replaced?

Stone Temple Pilots Respond To Lawsuit

Paper Rival Week: Day 1 "Dialog"


Stone Temple Pilots Vs Atlantic

Bloody Murder Video Pulled

You Won't Believe This Stupidity

R. Kelly Fate With Jury Now, Discover What MTV Considers Music These Days, Shinedown Returns, Jacko Rags?, Five Finger Death Punch Rockline and more

Bonnaroo Now Rightly Lonnaroo

Real Rock Cults

Beck Announces New CD Details

Candlebox Mapping Out US Tour

Paramore To Play Central Park

Marky Mark Not Funky Enough For Reunion

R.E.M. Signed Guitar To Be Auctioned To Benefit Music and Arts Education

Cinderella Injury Forces Tour Cancellation

Gene Simmons Gets Roasted

Iron Maiden Offspring Lauren Harris Releases Debut Album

Cheap Leppard Tour

Canada Eyes Fascist Copyright Law

Bolt Thrower Throw Out New Album Plans

Neal Morse Sola Scriptura & Beyond DVD

The Faint Set CD Release and New Tour

Iced Earth Tour

Bolero and Nocturnity Members Join Mastery

George Jones To Reunite With His Long Lost Love

Valencia Kick Off Warped Warm Up Tour

J*DaVeY EP Coming

Artillery Fear of Tomorrow Again

Shadowside Book Benefit Gig Prior To Devastating the Theatre Tour Kick Off

Metallica Say Censorship Was Management Error

Don't Give Drugs To The Rockstar

Sister Hazel Week: Day 5 "World Inside My Head"


Another Emo Suicide

Lil Wayne Bigger Than Kanye

Motley Sue Management Again

Winehouse's Husband Offers Cash To Beat Up Pete Doherty

Free Pearl Jams, New Guitar Hero Coming, Maroon 5 Deluxe, Plant and Krauss, Bands Sue Label, Harp Mag Resurrected, M.I.A. Tour Goes M.I.A., RIAA Drop Suit and more

Slash Working on Solo CD

George Michael Retiring

Idol Airport Gun Bust

Blink Star Talks About Emo Suicide Claims

R. Kelly Trial Deals With Sex Tape Minutiae, Possible Mistrial?

Slayer's Unholy Alliance Tour To Invade Europe

Does Lars Think He's Trent Reznor with Metallica Mystery Postings?

Janet Jackson Cancels Tour and Blames Label

Matt Pryor Solo Tour

Deep Purple Legend Roger Glover's Mother Passes

What Happened To Blink

Peter Gabriel Catches Dengue Fever

Cro-Mags Biography

James McMurtry Dominates Americana Honors & Awards Nominations

Boy George Announces Free Shows for NYC Sanitation Workers

Patti Smith Film Set for Release

The Alarm Return with Guerilla Tactics

Chimaira Double Dipping For Fan Cash With Resurrection "Deluxe"

Musical Dimebag For Sale

Concord Launches The Collector's Corner

Synastry Expand Tour Plans

Little Big Town Ride For A Cure Successful

Order of Ennead Earache

KUDU is Back for More

Sister Hazel Week: Day 4 "Shame"


Metallica Now Magnetica?

Nine Inch Nails TV Show Planned

Coolio Busted in the Gansta Paradise

Guns N' Celeb Rehab

More Music Biz Stupidity, Diddy Smash Up, Streaming Priest, Willie, Wynton, and Jay, BRMC Lose Member, As I Lay Dying Pull Out, Guys Has Lots of Buddies and more

Coldplay Tour Delay

Best Fake Bands

Wishbone Ash Announce AshFest

104,000 People Journey To Wal*Mart For Music

Sigur Ros Time Warp Pisses Off Fans

Alexisonfire's Dallas Green Releasing Acoustic Previews of City And Colour CD

The Veronicas In Wireless Stores

Joshua Radin and Vanessa Carlton Tour

Guy That Sang for AC/DC for about Five Minutes Releasing New Album

F**ked Up Plans

Dear Life Added To The Acacia Strain Tour

Martha and the Muffins Revisited

Alice Cooper's Killer Concept Album Details

Marillion Somewhere on DVD

Fiddy Not Allowed To Sell Burnt Crib

Eddy Grant Gonna Rock Down To Electric Ave on Tour and with new Hits CD

Back Door Slam Digital EP

First Authorized Heart Book Coming Out Sometime This Month

Air Supply For Kids

Morgan Heritage Tour

Timmy Curran Surfing for Fans

Innerpartysystem Debut Coming in Sept

Asia Featuring The Guy That Took The Place Of The Guy That Sang All The Hits USO Show

Dutch Stadium Folkers Hospital Bombers Returning To US

Brimstone Debut Reissue

Sister Hazel Week: Day 3 "Champagne High"


Page Ready for Zeppelin Reunion

Tool Surgery

Winehouse Denies Being A Racist

R. Kelly Defense Rests

Paul Stanley Defends KISS Idol TV Plans

Janet Jackson Blames Label For CD Failure

Metallica Management Refuse To Comment on Censoring Critics

From Autumn To Ashes To Dust As Band Splits

Warren G Off The Hook

Miley In Trouble For Slutting Online

The Late Game

Happy Birthday Les Paul

Talkin With Dokken

Apples in Stereo Tour

Foos Crowing About Wembley Gigs

Live Stuff

Idol Winner David Cook Lines Up Appearances

Matchbox Twenty Solo CD

Marching Band Set Release

Curved Air Reunion Kicks Off This Friday

Get Afflicted Again

Impulse Manslaughter Reissues

Sister Hazel Week: Day 2 "Happy"


Foo Zeppelin Jam

Warren G Drug Bust

Metallica Censoring Critics

McCartney Retirement Tour, AC/DC New CD Only in Wal*Marts, Nas Preview, More Rock Band Tunes, Judas Priest Gig Moved, Gnarls Barkley Apple Show and more

The Final Police Show

Injured Fan Sues Korn, Mudvayne, Radio Station and Live Nation

New York Dolls Plan New CD

Megadeth Singer Walks Off Stage During Gig

Bleeding Through Pissed at CareerKill Records

Def Leppard Slams Fakes Motley Crue and Poison

Warped Additions

Hawthorne Heights Drop Lawsuit Against Victory

KISS To Carry On With Reality Show Members

Hunter S.Thompson Movie Coming

Alabama Battle Over Cash

Toto Split Up

Osbourne Quits Talent Show

Layne Staley Tribute And Benefit Concert Details

Underground Thrash Legends Laaz Rockit Set Release

Four Out of Five Accursed Members Jump Ship

The Music That Influenced Bob Dylan

zebrahead Set Release

Banjo Rock from Oneside Coming

Paper Bag Go Digital

Sister Hazel Week: Day 1 "Your Winter"


Aerosmith Singer Out of Rehab

U2 Filling Reissues with Extras

A Rose Connection To Velvet Revolver's New Singer?

Van Halen Reunion Pays Off

Boston Missing More Than A Singer

Concert Slump or are Fans Avoiding Ticket Surcharges?

AC/DC lane Fire, Weezer To Jam With Fans, Times Square To Be Virgin Free, Layne Staley Fund Headliners, Idol Kid Deal, Dillinger Escape Plan Tour and more

Korn Headcase Releasing Solo Debut

Sabbath, Marillion and Jethro Tull Members To Buyout Radio Station

(Hed)p.e Kick Off DIY Tour

Seether Tap Sick Puppies for Support

Punk Murder Documentary Hitting Theaters

T.I. Inks Film Deal

SSS Tour and CD Update

Miranda Cosgrove Books Instores and TV Shows

Mario Frasca Returns with Evince

Theresa Andersson Sets Release For CD Recorded in Her Kitchen

Song for Ne'er Do Wells

Swervedriver And Handsome Furs Members Cover Each Other

Father of Bluegrass Music DVD

Does Teddy Thompson Have What You Need?

Acid Drinkers Boxset

Nine Inch Nails Lineup Change

Ozzy's Big Payday

Bangkok Five Week: Day 5 "Outlines Of Us"


Johnny Rotten Beat Up Female Employee?

Jack White Pearl Jam?

Girl Wasn't on R. Kelly Sex Tape?, Lemmy Now God of the Silver Screen, Avril Exported To China, MTV Potty Mouths Fined, My Morning Preview and more

Snoop The Cartoon

YES Say No To 40th Anniversary Tour

Melvins Nude With Boots Tour

Wanna Sing with Aimee Mann?

Porcupine Tree Vinyl Lightbulb

Guitarist Death Ruled Overdose

Southern Comfort Festival

Feral Children Offer Free EP

36 Crazyfists Find Biggest Success Post Roadrunner

Supergrass Is Back! We Didn't Know They Left

Liars Freak Out

Terror on the American Road

Computer Vs. Banjo

Hannah Montana Rascal Appearance

Bulletboys To Smooth Up Rocklahoma

Animo Promise Real Punk On New CD

A Folk Song Called Mr. Rock & Roll

Puddle Of Mudd Big at Proms

More Athfest Details

The Modey Lemon CD and Tour

Railroad Earth Coming Next Week

Pemberton Festival B Stage

Eric Solomon Interview

Bangkok Five Week: Day 4 "This One's For The Haters"


Linkin Park Tour Bustad

Hannah Montana Film Accident

Metallica The Game, Green Day UK, Digital Radiohead, Def Exec, Linkin Park, Randy Castillo Song Surfaces,

Reality Show Singer Joins L.A. Guns

Cult Of Luna Go Mental On New CD

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Get A Little Furry Help On New CD

Slash A Cokehead, Not A Pepper

Steve Vai To Play Hank Williams in New Film

Lost Chicago Album Coming Out This Month

Earth To The Dandy Warhols

Uriah Heep Tour Nixed

Edgar Winter Rockline

Beach Boys 16 Disc Boxset

Delta Spirit Debut in Stores This August

Maria Taylor and Johnathan Rice Team Up for Tour

Ray LaMontagne Sets Release

Gabe Dixon Band Set August Release

Adam Marsland's Greatest Hits

Warped Guitar

Sister Hazel Blow Open Hard Rock Park

For Frankie Valli Reissues Is The Word

George Jones Offering Rockers For Adoption Hope

Miss Derringer Tapped For On The Doll Premiere

The Spill Canvas Bowling For AIDS

TMT Fest Postponed As Sebastian Bach Cancels

Thin Lizzy Christmas

Jagger, Plant and Slash Tribute Bo Diddley

Bangkok Five Week: Day 3 "Straight Fell Off"


Dillinger Trash Disturbed Plan

Music Traders Arrested

StoneD Temple Pilot Tour Off To Rocky Start

Diddy Harassing Website

Metallica Delay, Weezer Take Over MTV, Black Eyed Peas China, Coldplay, King's X, Ashlee Nixes Tour, Imagine Yoko Losing, Seether Challenge and more

Tori Amos Drops Epic

The Raconteurs Add New Tour Leg

Albert Hammond, Jr. Preview

Great White Slams Poison

MTV Returning to Music Programming?

Mars Volta Add US Dates

R. Kelly Prosecutors Rest

Phish's Mike Gordon Announces New CD

Bon Jovi Song To Become Official New Jersey Anthem?

Sister Hazel Live Acoustic CD Out Later This Month

Alice Cooper Announces "Killer" Concept Album

Martha Wainwright Teaming Up With KT Tunstall For Tour

Less Than Jake Preview

Loudon Wainwright III Set For Recovery

It's A Clay Aiken Jr

T-Pain Launches Indie Label

Collective Soul Drummer's New Day Gig

Carcass DualDisc Reissue

Jam Cruise Expands

Willie Nile Remembers Bo Diddley

Bangkok Five Week: Day 2 "Party Machine"


Bangkok Five Week: Day 1 "We Love What Kills Us"

Kurt Cobain's Ashes Stolen?

Pete Wentz = b*****

KISS Idol Coming?

Howie Mandel Disturbed?, Angels and Airwaves DVD, Daughtry Still Sellin, Morrissey Plots New CD, Sweet Radio, Macca Live Video, Rock Star Supernova and more

Emo Protest Response

Korn Plan New Studio CD

GNR Contender For Official Soccer Song

Relient K Plans LP Length EP

Fiddy Planning Rap Idol TV Show

Deep Purple Reunion

John Mayer A Guitar God?

Why Celebs Are Junkies

Machine Head Chop Song for Video

Danger Delayed

O.A.R. Sign Up For Virtual Gig

Grind Over East Coast Tour

Violator Get Euro Release

U.S. A KISS Nation?

Kurt Cobain Shoe Coming

Follow Ups and Mailbag: Scars is No Sideband, MySpace Heads Off AntiAnthem, Minus the Coverage, and Mission: Metallica Will Cost You

06/30: Dude Looks Like A Liar- GNR Chinese Democracy in Aug?- Fake Poison Rapist on the Loose!- DMX Drug Bust- Slipknot's All Fans Are Gone Masks, Incubus Orchestra - more

Axl Sics FBI On GNR Leaker- Teen Arrested For Rock T Shirt- Mini Me Sextape- AC/DC Set Release- McGraw Gives Fan A Smackdown- and more top stories from this week

Singer Stabbed To Death- Celine Butchers AC/DC- Axl's Chinese Democracy Tirade- Drugs Severely Damaged Winehouse- Phish Reunion and more top stories from this week

06/27: Weiland Spitting Mad- Miley Plans Anti Boy Anthem- Go Back To School With Metallica?- Axl Has 4 Albums Worth of GNR Songs- Ramones KISS Pearl Jam- more

06/26: Mini Me Sextape- AC/DC Set Summer Release- McGraw Gives Fan A Smackdown- Radiohead Live Rainbows- Dog Kept Axl and Slash From Reuniting- more

06/25: Axl Sics FBI On GNR Leaker- Teen Arrested For Wearing Rock T Shirt- DMX Arrested Again, Bee Gees May Reunite, Vines Set US Release, Trail of Dead- more

06/24: Singer Stabbed To Death After Show- Nate Dogg a Terrorist?- Axl's Chinese Democracy Tirade- George Carlin RIP- Megadeth Megamad, Verve Set Release- more

06/23: Celine Butchers AC/DC- T.I. Murder Charges- The Orchard Now The Proud Owners of TVT Records- Mike Keneally- Bumblefoot- Jan & Dean- Ephel Duath- more

Thugs Abduct NFL Star- GNR Leak Plugged- Drummer Dies on Tour- Kid Rock Vs iTunes and more top stories from this week

Linkin Park Singer Velvet Revolver Rumors- Kid Rock Hospitalized- Metallica Mystery Solved- Coldplay Deny Song Theft and more top stories from this week

06/20: Rage Against The Presidential Conventions- Weiland WannaBes - Anberlin to Surrender in September- Umphrey's McGee Releasing Double Live Album- more

06/19: GNR Plug Leak- Poison Claim EMI Ripped Them Off- Nine Inch Nails, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, and Coldplay for Pemberton Fest- more

06/18: Thugs Abduct NFL Star- Drummer Dies on Tour- Big Success for Lil Wayne, Free Futureheads Show, Fresh Meat Plans Spoiled, Blacklisted, Lollapalooza- more

06/17: Coldplay Deny Song Theft, American Idol Sued, Release Date Game, F**ked Up Deal, They Say Scars on Broadway, Driving While Britney Ok, Testament Honored- more

06/16: Kid Rock Hospitalized- Metallica Mystery Solved- Drowning- Jon McLaughlin- Grip Weeds- Maze- RBe Your Own Pet Slam Warped, Lil Wayne Selling Huge- more

Guns N' Celeb Rehab- Metallica Now Magnetica? Nine Inch Nails TV Show- Don't Give Drugs To The Rockstar- Slash Working on Solo CD and more top stories from this week

Page Ready for Zeppelin Reunion- McCartney Retirement Tour- Warren G Drug Bust- Winehouse Denies Being A Racist- and more top stories from this week

06/13: Stone Temple Pilots Vs Atlantic- Bloody Murder Video Pulled- Bonnaroo Now Rightly Lonnaroo- Real Rock Cults- Canada Eyes Fascist Copyright Law- more

06/12: Another Emo Suicide- Lil Wayne Bigger Than Kanye- Matt Pryor Solo Tour- Deep Purple- What Happened To Blink- Cro-Mags Biography- James McMurtry- more

06/11: Metallica Now Magnetica? - Nine Inch Nails TV Show Planned- 104,000 People Journey To Wal*Mart- The Veronicas- Fiddy Not Allowed To Sell Burnt Crib- more

06/10: Page Ready for Zeppelin Reunion- Tool Surgery- Warren G Off The Hook- The Late Game- Happy Birthday Les Paul- Apples in Stereo Tour- Curved Air - more

06/09: Foo Zeppelin Jam- Warren G Drug Bust- The Final Police Show- Hunter S.Thompson Movie Coming- Alabama Battle Over Cash- Toto Split Up- more

06/06: Aerosmith Singer Out of Rehab- U2 Filling Reissues with Extras- Seether Tap Sick Puppies for Support- SSS- Song for Ne'er Do Wells- Swervedriver- more

06/05: Johnny Rotten Beat Up Female Employee- Jack White Pearl Jam?- Wanna Sing with Aimee Mann- Porcupine Tree Vinyl Lightbulb- Southern Comfort Fest- more

06/04: Linkin Park Tour Bustad- Hannah Montana Film Accident- Uriah Heep Tour Nixed- Edgar Winter Rockline- Delta Spirit- Warped Guitar- Sister Hazel- more

06/03: Dillinger Trash Disturbed Plan- Music Traders Arrested- Sister Hazel Live Acoustic CD Out Later This Month- Martha Wainwright- It's A Clay Aiken Jr- more

06/02: Kurt Cobain's Ashes Stolen?- Pete Wentz = b*****- John Mayer A Guitar God?- Machine Head Chop Song for Video- Danger Delayed- O.A.R.Virtual Gig- more

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